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【Healing spot in Osaka】Let’s get negative ions at Minoh-Otaki(waterfall)


“All people are using Osaka dialects in Osaka! And the towns are crowded! ”

However, there are some healing spots that are not crowded in Osaka! Midosuji Avenue running north and south in Osaka is a south-bound one way. You can get to the Minoh City if you head north to Midosuji Avenue and further north to New Midosuji Avenue. Minoh City is located in the northern part of Osaka, a quiet residential area with beautiful natural scenery. The station in the center of the city is Minoh Station of Hankyu Railway Minoh Line. It takes about 26 minutes from Umeda station. When you get off the Minoh station, there is the tower with a motif of “Minoh Otaki(The symbol of Minoh City) which is called “Carillon Tower” in the middle of the roundabout.

We will introduce you to the healing spot in Osaka “Minoh-Otaki(Minoh Waterfall)”.

The forest located in the north of Minoh station of Hankyu Line is Meiji-No-Mori-Minoh-National Park. In 1967, in commemoration of “Meiji 100 Years”, it was designated as a National Park together with Mt. Takao in Tokyo. The park in low mountainous areas in Minoh City, the elevation of which is up to 600m, have a total space of 963ha together with Minoh Park under Osaka prefectural management and its surrounding forests. Among them, Minoh Park has been famous for autumn leaves and Minoh-Otaki of 33 meters hight, which is a healing spot in Osaka.

Although being near the city center of Osaka, about 1100 plants and about 3000 kinds of insects inhabit that area, and so many people visit enjoying nature observation and hiking as “The rich repository of nature”.

minohfalls2Above is the map of “Taki-Michi” which id the direction from Minoh station of Hankyu Line to the waterfall.

1.Minoh station of Hankyu Line

minohfalls3Let’s walk about 2.7 km Taki-Michi from Minoh Station of Hankyu Line to Minoh-Otaki, about 40 minutes’ walk!

2.The Maple Tempra (Deep-fried maple leaves in a light batter)

minohfalls4Just a short walk from Minoh station will take you to the souvenir shops and eateries on both sides of the road. You might say “You can buy souvenirs on the way back.” but we recommend you buy “Maple Tempura” while hiking. This is delicious!
minohfalls5The Tempura is not a dish, but a slightly sweet snack. They are the leaves of maple salted for one year, batter coated with the flour adding white sesame and sugar and fried with rapeseed oil.
minohfalls61300 years ago, the practitioner of austerities who had been practicing at Minoh Mountain praised the beauty of the leaves on the waterfall and made tempura with transparent oils. If the Tempura of Maple leaves fried and preserved in advance, the flavors will be spoiled. So, they are fried every time they are on sale and lined in the shop. Hiking after having fresh fried Maple Tempura is the best way to enjoy Minoh Mountain.

3.Ichinohashi Hashimoto-tei

minohfalls7After passing the souvenir shops, you can see the Mino river babbling gently. The bridge over the Mino river is called Ichinohashi.
minohfalls8There was a building called “Hashimoto-tei” which renovated the old building under the bridge. The inn which was built in 1911 had been closed, but in November 2004 it opened as a town development base. It had been closed for a long time due to the landslide disaster in the mountain behind in May 2016, but it was demolished due to the decision of the steep slope area collapse countermeasure project in Osaka Prefecture.However, after the demolition work is finished, it seems that the discussion will be advanced for the reconstruction of “Hashimoto-tei” in order to lead to the creation and development of prosperity of Minoh waterfall road.


minohfalls9 This Minoh-Mountain area has many old and historical temples which had been the head temples of the Shingon sect for the mountain worship since ancient times. One of the temples named “Saikou-Temple” was opened as a place to practice Buddhism by the practitioner of austerities in 658 of the Asuka period. In this temple, “Kesou-fumi (the love letter)” is dedicated. It is said to be a letter or love letter to tell the people in love how they feel at that time. And the “Kesou-fumi” that are now sold inside the premises are the bills, but it is said that you will be blessed with good match if you take it home.

Address:2-5-27 Minoh, Minoh-shi, Osaka
Opening time:9:00~17:00


5.Taki-michi and Autumn leaves

minohfalls10Taki-michi is properly paved.
minohfalls11On November 18, 2017, autumn leaves are reaching the peak. Maples and gingkins colored red and yellow were very beautiful.
minohfalls12Taki-michi has some stores in places. It is fun to go with some short breaks.

6.Minoh Park Insect Museum

minohfalls13The Minoh Park insect Musium under Osaka prefectural management will be seen around the middle of Taki-michi. Minoh-Forest is known as the rich repository of insects. They introduce the basic knowledge of insects that live there and the insects. you can see the ecology of insects by touching, sounds and smells, and the exhibition rooms introducing for each theme of the insects. There is the butterfly garden where butterflies are flying all the year round. The butterflies came to the head and back of visitors and stay, so you will be surprised that they are friendly with people. Not only children but also adults can enjoy it!

Mino Park Insect Museum
Address:2-5-27 Minoh, Minoh-shi, Osaka
Opening time:10:00~17:00(Admission ends at 16:30)
Regular holidays:Tuesdays(The following weekday in case of a national holiday),New Year holidays
Admission fee:High school students and older:270 yen per person
Junior high school students and younger:Free
Groups in parentheses:190 yen(Admission for 30 or more paying visitors)
Persons with disabilities and their caregivers are free of charge


7.Minoh-Mountain Ryu-An-Ji-Temple

minohfalls15As you go through Taki-michi, you will see the gateway of the shrine. It is ” Minoh-Mountain Ryu-An-Ji-Temple”. It is said that the practitioner of austerities in 650 of the Asuka period built the temple, and now as the head temples of the Shingon sect for mountain asceticism and the mountain worship, a lot of Buddhist priests gather there from all over the country. Benzaiten enshrined in the main hall is said to be the oldest in Japan. It is also known as the birth place of the lotto(lottery).

Minoh-Mountain Ryu-An-Ji-Temple
Address:2−23 Minoh Park, Minoh-shi, Osaka
Opening time:9:00~17:00


8.The statue of Hideyo Noguchi

minohfalls16At Taki-michi, there is the statue of the person wearing a beard on the face and raising his right hand. It is a bronze statue of Mr. Hideyo Noguchi who is famous for the research on infectious diseases such as yellow fever. What kind of relation does Noguchi Hideyo have to Minoh? Hideyo Noguchi returned Japan from the United States for studying abroad for 15 years, dropped by Minoh with his mother who was waiting and solaced her. The appearance of his devoting to his mother moved the person at the seat of a welcome party held at a restaurant “Koto-No-Ie” in Taki-michi. Money was collected by the staffs and the people in Minoh who were struck by heart. The statue was built in 1995, in honor of his great achievement and his sublime personality.
minohfalls17You can find the statue when you climb the stairs which are made by the side of Taki-michi. Do not miss it!


minohfalls18There are two big rocks in the way of Taki-michi when approaching Minoh-Otaki. It is said that in the days when China was called “Tang”, when they heard the reputation of Mino-Otaki, the errand visited in the palanquin, and came to this giant rock, but fearing the ruggedness of the mountain road so much that they returned. Ever since, it is said that this rock was named as Toujin-Modori-Iwa. You will be amazed by the size of the rock when you see it really close. This legend, it may not be a lie.


minohfalls19When you pass the Toujin-Modori-Iwa, the sound of the waterfall will be heard faintly. You have arrived at Minoh-Otaki which is also selected as one of the 100 waterfalls in Japan.
minohfalls20The height is 33 meters, and the way water falls in a flash is very dynamic.
It is said that Minoh-Otaki waterfall looks like a “Mino(winnow)” of agricultural tools, so that it is called “Mino”, and the origin of the place name. Around the waterfalls, you can enjoy the nature. It is famous in each 4 seasons. In spring, the fresh green maple, in summer, a cool spot, in the fall, autumn leaves like burning, and in winter, the waterfall clothed in its winter garb of snow. Natural scenery of every season shows off Minoh-Otaki.
minohfalls21On sunny days, you can see the waterfall with rainbow. Please be relaxed by the plenty of negative ions and forest power.

11.The footbath of Momiji at Minoh Station

minohfalls22And when you come back to Minoh station, let’s get rid of the tiredness of your feet. There is a Footbath of Momiji at the station.
minohfalls23From Hankyu Minoh station to Minoh-Otaki, it takes about 40 minutes to walking normally. But it takes about a half day to walk by looking at many spots along Taki-michi. If you make a round trip enjoying the scenery of the nature, you will spend a whole day. There are many hot-spring resort and accommodation facilities around Minoh. After having enjoyed squalid Osaka, please go to Minoh-Otaki and be relaxed.
Please enjoy the two places in Osaka. We are sure you will miss Osaka again!

12.Minoh-Otaki (Osaka Prefectual Minoh Park ) Access Map

Minoh Park Management Office
Address:Minoh Park 1-18,Minoh-city,Osaka 562-0002
Customer service time:9:00~17:30


The Information Office of Minoh City Tourist Association
Address:1-1-1 Minoh,Minoh-City,Osaka 562-0001
Opening Hours:10:00-16:00
■Sat,Sun,Holiday,Throughout November:9:00~17:00
Regular holidays:Thursday(Friday if the Thursday is a holiday,Open throughout November),New Year’s Holiday


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