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【Thai Traditional Massage SORA Osaka Umeda】the finest relaxation in a completely private room


Everyone,Have you ever heard of Thai Traditional massage?

It is called “the most comfortable massage in the world” and boasts such a high level of perfection that it has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Once you experience it, it feels so good that you become addicted to it!

The store where such “Thai massage” can be received opened in Osaka Umeda on October 1, 2023!
The name is 【SORA】.
A very popular salon in Kanto region has finally come to Osaka!

Please read to the end and check out what kind of relaxation you can enjoy!

1.What kind of store is Thai Relaxation Salon SORA?

Thai Traditional Massage” has been loved in Thailand for a long time as a traditional preventive medicine.
SORA’s original style was established to fit such historical Thai massage to modern people!

Hawaiian Traditional Oil Massage is the best part of Thai Massage.
“Hawaiian Lomi Lomi” is also combined, and the synergistic effect of tropical relaxation and healing will make you feel light and comfortable in body and mind!

The combination of yoga, bodywork, relaxation, and stretching will support you in making your body less tired.
You will feel as if you are floating in the sky!

タイ古式マッサージSORAThai Relaxation Salon SORA was born under the theme of “Empty your stress.
The salon is a place where you can experience the feeling of having your mind and body in perfect condition with the techniques and space that we have been pursuing for healing.

【Thai Relaxation Salon SORA】Points of particular interest!

Excellent access! Conveniently located 1 minute walk from Osaka Umeda Station.
Private space with a focus on completely private rooms.
5 rooms with different wallpapers inspired by Japan and Thailand for even more relaxation!
Resonates with the senses through background music, scents, lighting, materials, etc.
You can spend a relaxing time in an extraordinary space.

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You must be very curious about what kind of rooms we have available. Here is a video to show you!

2.Thai Relaxation Salon SORA’s Specialties

There are many relaxation salons in Umeda, but we especially recommend SORA’s treatment,

This is what’s great about SORA!

You can forget the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in a private space in a completely private room.
Deep Tissue Oil Massage to eliminate even the deepest accumulated fatigue.
Choose from 5 courses according to your body condition and preferences.
The therapist in charge of the course can suggest and leave the course to you based on the condition of your body.
The most comfortable massage in the world & the most healing” Relax your body and mind with the synergistic effect of tropical traditional relaxation massage from Thailand and Hawaii.

3.I experienced a superb Thai massage!

タイ古式マッサージSORAI came to Thai Relaxation Salon SORA!
I am in my 20’s and I have headaches, stiff neck and shoulders, back pain, and various other physical problems.
I have been interested in Thai massage for a long time, but I was hesitant to go to the salon because I did not know what they do.
This time, I would like to experience Thai massage for the first time, so please refer to this page.

I hope the video can convey how good this feels!
At the conclusion of my first Thai massage, I can say that it felt great!
I was able to relax so much with the slow stretching that was done in accordance with my deep breathing.

タイ古式マッサージSORASORA Thai Relax” is a combination of yoga, bodywork, loosening, and stretching that approaches stiffened muscles throughout the body, and also supports the creation of a body that is less prone to stiffness. After the treatment, you will feel lighter!

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4.Thai oil/scapular oil peeling

We are pleased to provide you with a video of our Thai oil massage.

Maybe it’s because I work at a desk a lot, using a PC or a smartphone, my shoulder blades are also stiff.
If the movement of the shoulder blades is bad, the neck and shoulders are also stiff, right?
I was surprised to see how much my shoulder blades came out after having the oil work on the stiff muscles deep inside!
After the treatment, my neck and shoulders moved smoothly and the range of motion of my arms was expanded!

タイ古式マッサージSORAI was gently massaged with oil and felt so comfortable that I was out of breath.

5.Eye strain therapy

タイ古式マッサージSORATired eyes also lead to headaches and stiff shoulders.
Relax your tired eyes with a steam hot eye mask. Then, while warming up your face, we pressed pressure points on your face and massaged your stiff scalp with our original beauty essence.
I completely fell asleep…

6.Foot Reflexology

タイ古式マッサージSORAI usually work a lot on the computer, and in the evening my feet become swollen and cold.
The soles of the feet are known as the “second heart,” and since they are located farthest from the heart, blood and waste products tend to stagnate in them, making them swell easily!

When I had the oil press the pressure points on my feet, it was painful!
Then, I had the blood and lymph flow through my legs while the massage smoothed out the muscles.
By the time I left, I was able to walk with a light step.

7.After the treatment, take a breather in the open powder room.

タイ古式マッサージSORAAfter the treatment, you can relax with an after-drink in the powder room overlooking the city of Umeda.
There is also a seat with a large mirror, convenient for women to change their makeup.

Amenities include hair and body care items from the “Kuu Aqua Free Series” of 100% beauty ingredients that do not use a drop of water, which are used at the sister store “Head Spa Kuu Osaka Umeda” one floor below, and “Silk Mist,” a mist lotion made from Japanese ingredients, to keep both skin and hair healthy!

▼Learn more about Head Spa Kuu Osaka Umeda

▼Kuu Hair Care Series Online Shop is here.

8.Customer Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from people who have received treatment at Thai Relaxation Salon SORA! Please refer to them.

Gender: Female
Age: Late 20s
Attributes: Company Employee
I have visited about 100 massage parlors in the past 5 years since I moved to Tokyo in search of the best massage parlor, but this is by far the number one massage parlor I have encountered that is too good in both treatment and space, so I am a confirmed repeat customer! Thai Relaxation Salon SORA My husband also agreed with me, so I recommend it for men too.I forgot to take a picture of the space, but it is a private room, just the right amount of darkness, just the right amount of background music, and the most relaxing space. You can combine stretch, massage, and oil massage as you like, so you can teach yourself four birds with one stone at one time. I had my shoulder blades peeled off with all my might! My husband also said it was good, so I felt that the quality of the treatment did not change too much depending on the staff!
The hospitality was great, with a 500ml bottle of water, a free charger in the treatment room, and all the oils used for the oil massage smelled so good!
Gender: Female
Age: Late 20s
Attributes: Company Employee
This was my first Thai massage.
I usually work at a desk a lot and my shoulders, back, and head were stiff, but thanks to the full-body massage, I felt lighter. I also had a stretching session, which felt good to stretch out the parts of my body that I usually don’t move! The store smelled nice and was very relaxing. I also liked that it was a private room! I would like to go back again. Thank you very much!
Gender: Female
Age: Late 30s
Attributes: Company Employee
I made an appointment on short notice. The stiffness that was so bad is now better! The stretching felt good too. I felt like I was getting a good value for my money when I could choose from multiple menus. I will be back again.
Gender: Male
Age: Late 30s
Attributes: Company Employee
This was my first time using this service as I was feeling heavy in the head, neck, and shoulder area.
They were very flexible, combining a dry head spa as the main treatment with a foot massage and stretching.
The customer service was courteous and very pleasant, and I felt relaxed from start to finish. The atmosphere of the store was great, and there was nothing negative to say about it.
The 60-minute treatment this time went by so fast that I think I will ask for a 90-minute treatment next time. Thank you very much. Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you again!

9.SORA Therapist Introduction

Introduction of therapists at Thai Relaxation Salon SORA.
If you are wondering what kind of person is treating you, please refer to this page. They can also be nominated.

Healing and revitalizing your tired body♪

タイ古式マッサージSORATherapist: Santa
I will treat you with all my heart!

Plenty of time for healing♪


【Menu (included tax)】
・Traditional Thai Massage
・Thai oil (shoulder blade oil removal)
・Eye strain therapy
・Foot Reflexology

Time Prices
90min ¥12,600
120min ¥16,800
150min ¥21,000
180min ¥25,200
240min ¥33,600
(Add 10 minutes extension) (¥1,400)

Accepted Credit Cards:Visa/Mastercard/JCB/American Express/Diners Club/UnionPay(銀聯)/Discover
Acceptable QR code payments, e-money, etc.:PayPay/LINE Pay/Rakuten Edy/WAON/nanaco/electronic money used for transportation/ID/QUICPay

11.How to make a reservation

There are several ways to make reservations, so please use the method that works best for you.

▶︎Reservation at HP

▶︎Make a reservation at Hot Pepper

▶︎Make a phone call at

12.Store Information / Access

タイ古式マッサージSORAThe location is in the middle of Umeda. It is on the 9th floor of a building across the street from Yodobashi Camera. It is very accessible and easy to get to.
It is open until 23:00, so you can drop by after work! That’s another great point ◎.

Address:Matsumoto Bldg. 9F, 1-1-26 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0012
Business hours:10:00~23:00(last admission at 22:00)※Varies.
Closed:Year-end and New Year holidays ※Varies.
Treatment rooms:5 rooms
・2 minutes walk from Midosuji Exit of JR “Osaka Station”
・2 minutes walk from North Ticket Exit of “Umeda Station” of Osaka Metro Midosuji Line
・1 minutes walk from “Osaka-Umeda” station on Hankyu line

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