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Head Spa KUU Umeda – A luxurious and completely private-style spa (My firsthand experience)


Do you suffer from eye strain, stiff neck and shoulders, and lack of sleep due to frequent use of computers and smartphones for remote work? As an office worker myself, my eyes are easily fatigued from computer work, and I suffer from headaches and dark circles in my eyes…. So this time, I went to “Head Spa Kuu Osaka Umeda,” which is popular among a wide range of people, both men and women, to experience a superb head massage to relieve my daily fatigue! I’ll introduce my impressions of the actual experience and the flow of the treatment, so please check it out until the end☆.

1. What kind of store is Head Spa Kuu?

ヘッドスパ空大阪梅田Just a short walk from Umeda Station! Head Spa Kuu Osaka-Umeda is located in the building across from Yodobashi Camera. I was excited to see what it was like as it is a head spa specialty store where you can experience the ultimate in healing.
head spa kuuHead Spa Kuu is a completely private room, so you can relax in peace. The lighting gently envelops you and the music is soothing. The extraordinary and luxurious space will help you forget your daily life and heal your fatigue.

Head Spa Kuu – What are the best points?
A luxurious space reminiscent of a high-class hotel with healing music, indirect lighting, floor heating, and subtly scented aroma!

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We will show you the private rooms and powder room of Room A~Room E. (It is darker during the actual treatment)

2. I had a superb head spa experience!

Head Spa Kuu – Benefits of the treatment!
Improves poor blood circulation, improves facial complexion, oil massage is gentle to scalp and hair, improves scalp environment, beautifies hair, lifts up, small face effect, removes eye fatigue, clears vision, and relaxes the body and mind

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▼Recommended for the beauty and health conscious

3. Foot bath

head spa kuuFirst, you will soak in a footbath containing moisturizing bath milk. As the footbath is massaged while you soak your feet, I felt my blood flow improve and my body’s core warmed up!

4. Counseling

head spa kuuI will talk with the spa therapist about where on my body I am feeling tired and what kind of discomfort I am experiencing. I have stiff shoulders and eyestrain from working in an office, so I decided to have her focus on relaxing me there. The spa therapist will also check the condition of your scalp and choose a shampoo and treatment for your hair quality.

5. Options

The 120-minute course includes one of the following four massage options in addition to the spa menu. *180 minute course includes 3 options.

5-1. Foot Reflexology

head spa kuuI was relaxed from below the knees to the soles of my feet with the original oil. The oil massage and the stretching that they gave me made my legs feel lighter, and the swelling and tiredness in my legs went away.

5-2. Hand Reflexology

head spa kuuThe hand massage was from below the elbow to the palm of the hand, and I was told that lumpy palms are evidence of accumulated waste! I was surprised to see how stiff my arms and hands are, since I usually work mostly on the computer at work.

5-3. Eye care

head spa kuuDry massage is used to relieve facial pressure points, acupressure on the head, and even the neck and shoulders. A hot eye pillow, which is effective for eye strain, warms the eye area and relieves tension around the eyes.

5-4. Neck and Shoulder Oil Massage

Using oil specially designed for massage, the massage is performed on the neck, shoulders, décolleté, and shoulder blades. While listening to healing music, the massage with a rhythm that matches your relaxed breathing and comfortable strength is very pleasant and makes you feel like you are falling asleep.

6. Click here to see the superb head spa experience.

Now, let’s try the head spa experience! It would be a waste if I fell asleep, but this feeling of being out of it is evidence that I am relaxed enough to fall asleep!

6-1. Oil Massage

head spa kuuMassage oil is used to gently relieve stiffness in the scalp, neck, and shoulders. Please tell the spa therapist how strong you like it. You can even feel yourself getting gritty and stiff when the stiff areas are touched! Just the right amount of acupressure will relieve the stiffness in your head.

6-2. Shampoo

head spa kuuFor shampoo and treatment, they use “Head Spa Kuu” original brand Kuu hair care series. It is the industry’s first shampoo that “does not contain a drop of water” and is the highest quality hair care product that uses collagen extract instead of water! I was given the “SHINONOME” shampoo to use. It smells very nice and soothing!
head spa kuuThe shampoo will be massaged into your hair. The fine, fuzzy foam will entangle your hair, creating a pleasant sensation.

▼Kuu Hair Care Series Online Shop is here.

6-3. Cream Massage

head spa kuuAfter thoroughly removing dirt from the pores, cleansing milk is used to carefully massage the stiff areas of the scalp with the bellies of the fingers, gently wrapping the head. The steam mist improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow and softens the scalp. The steam keeps the temperature of the scalp constant, so you can receive the treatment without getting cold!

6-4. Treatment

head spa kuuAfter all the dirt is removed, a comb is used to carefully blend the hair so that the nutrients reach the ends of the hair. At this point, each strand of hair felt silky and smooth without tangling!

6-5. After massage

head spa kuuAfter the spa, they will massage and stretch you from your head to neck and shoulders with the bed raised. Your body will slowly awaken and you will feel a sense of clarity in your head!

6-6. Scalp serum

head spa kuuAfter rinsing off the treatment and towel drying, a moisturizing scalp serum is applied to keep the scalp hydrated and to improve the scalp environment. Like the shampoo, this serum does not contain a drop of water! You will be given a good moisturizer before your hair is dried.

6-7. After blow dry

head spa kuuAt the end of the treatment, the spa stylist blow-dries my hair well and beautifully! My hair is long and thick, so I usually have to iron it to keep it in place, but I was so impressed that my hair was so straight that I didn’t even need an iron after just blow-drying. I was so impressed that I didn’t even need an iron to straighten my hair.

7. Take a break in the powder room after the treatment

head spa kuuThe Umeda branch is equipped with an open and clean powder room. It is a private space that is individually separated! Here you can have an after-drink while you fix your makeup or do your hair styling.
head spa kuuHair irons (curling and straightening) are also available, so don’t worry if you have a date or an outing planned after the spa! Hair oil and other products are also available, so you can try out the products you are interested in.
head spa kuuThe products used during the spa are lined up on the shelf behind the powder room for you to purchase! It’s so nice to be able to use the same products used at the spa to take care of your skin at home!

▼Kuu Hair Care Series Online Shop is here.

8. Impressions after the experience

head spa kuuAfter the spa treatment, my eyesight seemed brighter, perhaps due to the reduction of eye strain, and my eyes were brighter as the swelling was gone! My hair was also silky and shiny on the surface, and I was also impressed by the feather-light texture of my hair thanks to the removal of excess dirt! I was impressed with the feather-light feel of my hair thanks to the removal of excess dirt!

9. Fees

Menu (includes tax)
90 minutes→Premium Head Spa ¥18,000
120 minutes→ Premium Head Spa -Plus- ¥24,000
180 minutes→ Premium Head Spa -Luxe- ¥36,000

※extension 30 minutes ¥6,000
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10. Store Information

head spa kuuThe location is in the middle of Umeda. It is located on the 8th floor of a building across from Yodobashi Camera. It is open until 11:00 p.m., so it is a great place to go after work.

Store name: Head Spa Kuu Osaka Umeda
Address:〒530-0012 Osaka, Kita Ward, Shibata, 1 Chome−1−26, Matsumoto Bldg., 8F
Business Hours:10:00-23:00
Regular Holidays:None, Closed for New Year’s, check homepage for more details
Treatment rooms:5
2 minutes walk from Midosuji exit of JR Osaka Station
2 minutes walk from North ticket gate of Umeda Station of Osaka Metro Midosuji Line
2 minutes walk from “Osaka Umeda Station” of Hankyu Line

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