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Toei Kyoto Studio Park – Detailed Guide to Japan’s first Edo Period Theme Park


What’s in Toei Kyoto Studio Park? There must be many people wondering like this! So, with the cooperation of Toei Kyoto Studio Park, we would like to introduce some of the recommended spots and collaborative events at the Studio Park! This is a theme park that everyone from children to adults can enjoy, so be sure to check it out!


1. What is Toei Kyoto Studio Park?

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkLet’s start by looking at the features of Toei Kyoto Studio Park!

1-1. First of its kind in Japan! Theme park where you can experience the world of historical dramas

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkToei Kyoto Studio Park opened in 1975. It was the first theme park in Japan to open the outdoor studios of Toei Kyoto Studios to the public, allowing visitors to experience the world of period dramas. It is actually used for filming movies and TV shows, and if you are lucky, you may even meet the actors! You can even wear costumes from the Edo period for a rare experience!

1-2. Popular with children! Meet Kamen Rider & Pretty Cure!

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkAt Toei Kyoto Studio Park, children can meet their favorite characters. When you enter the movie village, you will be greeted by life-size masked riders! They are reproduced down to the smallest detail, and they look so cool! Depending on the time of year, you may even get to meet Pretty Cure, who is very popular with the girls!

1-3. Antiviral and antibacterial treatment for the entire Studio Park

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkToei Studio Park is the first theme park to be coated with an antiviral and antibacterial coating. This system, which is used in hospitals and other facilities, coats the entire building, attractions, and the entire village with an antiviral and antibacterial coating, so you can play with peace of mind. Read here for more information.
Toei Kyoto Studio ParkFurthermore, body temperature is taken at the entrance and alcohol is available in the village to prevent infection!

2. Toei Kyoto Studio Park – Recommended Attractions

Here are six recommended attractions that you must experience when you come to Toei Kyoto Studio Park!

2-1. Evangelion Kyoto Base

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkFirst of all, here it is! Writer non also highly recommends the Evangelion Kyoto Base! You’ve never seen an Eva this big, have you? Of course, this is the only place in the world where you can hold an Eva in the palm of your hand! The red L.C.L. is also a great recreation of the world view!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkInside the first plane is a psychological test for pilot aptitude. For Eva pilots, mental balance is an important factor!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkNext up are the departmental exam questions! If you’re a fan, it’s a given that you’ll answer all the questions correctly, right? LOL!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkFrom the top of the first plane, you can see the whole theme park. If you look closely in the distance, you can see Kyoto Tower! Actually, the first plane is watching over Kyoto Station.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkEntry plugs I had only seen through a screen! I never thought I’d see it in real life…Toei Kyoto Studio ParkAnd I can’t believe I got to ride it! I was really super thrilled. There was also a special experience during the entry plug boarding…only those who rode it will enjoy it!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkAfter entry plug boarding, check the synchronization rate!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkIt was 25%! Too low, I was surprised!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkMy grade was second from the bottom, an apprentice pilot. I wasn’t a civilian, so I guess that’s okay…I had also seen the movie “Shin Evangelion the Movie” the day before, but that means I’m not ready yet!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkBy the way, you can also purchase photos at Evangelion Kyoto Base.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkYou can have your photos put in a cool album like this! I feel like I’m a member of NERV!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkWhen you purchase a photograph, you will also receive a report of the results of the aptitude test with it.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkKakashi Apostles are on display at the Evangelion Kyoto Base. It was created by combining the words “scarecrow” and “apostle” in hopes of revitalizing the Kyoto area. Please check out the Kakashi Apostle made by Mr. Yoshida, a master scarecrow maker in Kyoto, who is active under the name Tomita’s Scarecrow!

2-2. Laser Mission Escape Castle

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThe building with a rather dubious name, “Laser Mission Escape Castle,” is an escape attraction where visitors have to clear various traps such as athletic rides and sliders. There are a number of athletic facilities that even children can enjoy.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThe last mission is the laser mission! Dodge the lasers within the time limit to clear the mission!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkWhen you successfully escape from the castle, your rank will be displayed. I was ranked 424th out of 455 players! I was shocked at how bad my score was!

2-3. Karakuri Ninja House

Toei Studio Park is famous for its ninja attractions! At the “Karakuri Ninja House,” visitors can experience a ninja mansion that makes them feel as if they have been transported into the world of the ninja.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis one is a classic twist of fate! We’ve seen it in manga and anime, but it’s not often that we get to see a real twist of events.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is another standard hidden passageway! If something happens, you can escape from behind the hanging scrolls! Use the trick to escape from the ninja house!

2-4. Shuriken Dojo

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkI want to throw shuriken! To fulfill this longing, there is a place where you can throw shurikens in the Studio Park. That is the “Shuriken Dojo” here. You can experience shuriken throwing for children and authentic shuriken throwing for adults.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkI thought shurikens were wrapped with both hands and thrown with a twist of the wrist, but I was told that they are actually thrown vertically! I was surprised at how different it was from my image. It was also surprisingly difficult! This is an experience you can’t get anywhere else, so please give it a try!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThere was a ninja posing for us outside the Shuriken Dojo!

2-5. The scariest haunted house ever

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThe “Scariest Haunted House Ever” is a hidden gem in the Studio Park. It is a walking type haunted house, and the time required is about 5 minutes. I was so scared that I don’t even remember what it was like…I think I was screaming the whole time while holding onto the arm of the person I went in with.

2-6. Sky Climbing Shinobori

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkYou can climb the wall like a ninja! This is the “Sky Climbing Shinobori.”Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThere are many tall climbing walls in the room! Are they really climbable? It makes you feel uneasy, doesn’t it? For those of you who are filled with such anxiety, I decided to put my body on the line and try to climb them!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkLet’s start with this one! The transparent panel with scaffolding is a great way to compete with your friends facing each other!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is a pole that keeps getting higher and higher! If you look down, you will be too scared to climb, so keep looking up! When you climb to the top, you can look down on the world (lol). It feels good, so please try it!

This is the one I didn’t expect, the one where you jump on the sandbag! It was so scary… And I slipped and fell and failed! If you have the courage, please give it a try!

3. Toei Kyoto Studio Park Recommended Spots & Events

Next, we will introduce some of the recommended spots and events at Toei Kyoto Studio Park!

3-1. Toei Anime Gallery

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is the “Toei Anime Gallery” located just outside the entrance. You will be surprised at the number of Toei Animation’s works.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkOne Piece, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and other royal anime are usually like Toei. There are many figures and posters on display, so it is fun just to look at them!

3-2. Kamen Rider EXPO

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkSpeaking of Toei, we cannot forget “Kamen Rider”. This year, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of Kamen Rider, a large scale event is being held for families and Kamen Rider fans alike to enjoy! First of all, as soon as you enter the movie village, you will be greeted by Kamen Riders of all generations, from left to right: Showa, Heisei, and 2025!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkAnd what a surprise, there is also a Kamen Rider Laboratory here. This is the only way to go!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is a diorama of the fantastic bookstore Kamiyama from “Kamen Rider Saber”. It was actually used in the filming! I never thought that what I had seen on TV would appear right in front of me… It seems that the actors signed their autographs at the end, so this is a must-see spot for fans!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is “Tridoron”, the sidekick of “Masked Rider Drive”. The vehicle that was also used in the filming is on display! To be able to see the vehicle that Ryoma Takeuchi actually rode in…that alone makes me happy!

3-3. Limited time events are also not to be missed!

For a limited time only, Toei Studio Park is holding collaborative events with anime and video game characters! There are also collaborations with popular anime and other events, so please find the event you are looking for and come out to see it.

▼For info about special events

4. Toei Kyoto Studio Park Commemorative photo shoot on the set of the filming!

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkToei Kyoto Studio Park is a recreation of an Edo Period townscape. For this reason, many movies and TV dramas have been filmed here.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkFilming was taking place everywhere in the town, so there is no end to the number of places you can say, There is no end to the number of places to say, “This is where they filmed …!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkI will introduce some of the most famous and talked-about works among them. Mito Komon, Gintama, Rurouni Kenshin, Ooka Koshizen, Honnoji Hotel, and many more have been filmed here.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkSome fans visit as a tour of sacred places. If you have a favorite work of art, please visit!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkEven if you are not familiar with period pieces, there are many spots that look great! The splendid bathhouse has a great atmosphere!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is “Megumi”! This is the fire brigade of the Edo period. I am sure many of you have heard of them.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is the Shinsengumi Tonsho. It is still cool to see the flag flying.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is Yoshiwara-dori, a brothel area in the Edo period. You can enjoy a different atmosphere from other areas.

4-1. You can even get your picture taken with the actors!

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkBy the way, you can also meet Toei actors at the Studio Park! Please ask them to take a picture of you! They will gladly accept your request. On this day, after watching the show, I happened to meet the actors and had my picture taken with them! I was so happy because I wanted to take a picture with them!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkAnd what’s more, you can even take a picture with a ninja. It is very rare to be attacked by a ninja… Actors and ninjas are everywhere in the movie village, so you should definitely talk to them when you meet them! It will be a lifetime memory for sure!

5. How to enjoy the Studio Park – Children’s Edition

Toei Studio Park is a theme park for both children and adults! So here are some attractions and facilities recommended for children!

5-1. Ninja Costume Lending Service & Ninja Training Dojo Go with the Sword!

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkA child’s dream! You can become a ninja at the “Ninja Costume Lending Center”.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkYou can choose from a variety of colorful ninja costumes! Kids love this kind of thing, don’t they? Don’t forget to take a picture of your child in a cute ninja costume! You can enjoy the attractions of the Studio Park as if you were a real ninja!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkInside the rental shop, ninja goods such as kunai and shuriken are available for purchase. Now you can play ninja even when you go home!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is “Ninja Training Dojo, Go with the Sword!” located next to the rental place. This is the only way to go in ninja costume!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkSlip through the colorful ropes. Be careful not to make noise when you touch the ropes!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkAfter overcoming various training exercises, the final step is to slash soap bubbles using the ninja slashing method! This is also difficult… The fusion of swords and athletics is an attraction that you can only experience here, so please join us with your family and friends!

5-2. Three-dimensional maze Ninja Fortress

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is the “3D Maze: Ninja Fortress”. Another ninja attraction! Children will surely be delighted! This indoor maze is 10 meters high. The maze is divided into a physical course and an intellectual course, and visitors take different routes to reach the top floor. The intellectual course, which uses trap doors and other devices, is suitable for a wide range of ages! The physical fitness course has many athletic elements, so even small children can enjoy it.

5-3. Character Impersonation Photography

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThe Studio Park is all about dressing up. You can wear not only period costumes but also character costumes!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkHere are the characters you can transform into. Kamen Rider Saber, Zenkai Jar, and Pretty Cure.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkChanging clothes takes only about 5 minutes, making it an easy challenge. You cannot walk around the village, but you can take pictures in the studio, so let’s take some commemorative photos!

6. How to enjoy the Studio Park – Adults

Next, we will introduce attractions and facilities for adults. Not only children, but adults can also have a lot of fun, so be sure to check them out!

6-1. Period Drama – Costume Hall

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is the “Jidai Geki (period drama) Costume Hall,” where you can experience authentic costume dressing up! You can walk around the village dressed as a samurai or a maiko, which is perfect for the streets of the Edo period.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThere are a variety of authentic wigs lined up in the room. Professional makeup artists from Toei, who are also in charge of makeup during actual filming, will apply makeup for you! Such an experience is very rare, isn’t it?Toei Kyoto Studio ParkAfter changing, you can have your photo taken in this studio.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkEach pair of visitors who experience the costume experience will receive a card with their photo on it. Of course, large commemorative photos are also available for purchase, so be sure to check it out! The authentic costume experience will surely be a lifetime memory that you can only have at the Studio Park, so be sure to try it!

6-2. Uzumasa Trick Art Museum

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is also a must-visit place, the “House of Trick Art in Uzumasa”. This is not only for adults, but children can also enjoy it together! Boom! The trick appears from a hidden passageway behind the hanging scrolls! You can take a photo with a realistic feeling as if you really jumped out of the wall. You’ll have to wait until you get there to find out how to take it!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is me growing to the very edge of the room! It’s hard to tell from the picture, but this room has a trick…check out the video if you’re curious!

6-3. Film Culture Center and Misora Hibari-za in Ohata, Kyoto

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is the Film Culture Center, which is typical of the Studio Park, and the Misora Hibari Theatre, which has exhibits about the eternal star Hibari Misora. This is a space that can be enjoyed only by adults!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkPosters of various movies are on the walls of the Film Culture Center. It is nostalgic!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkOther exhibits include even film artifacts of legends such as Akira Kurosawa. This is a must-see corner for movie fans.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is the Misora Hibariza located on the first floor of the building.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThere are costumes actually worn by Hibari Misora and life-size panels. I was a little surprised to see that Hibari Misora was surprisingly petite and cute!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkAt the Hibari Misora Theater, you can take a closer look at posters and videos of her performances! If you are a fan, you definitely want to visit!

7. Toei Kyoto Studio Park Show & Seasonal Events

Toei Kyoto Studio Park offers not only interactive attractions and facilities, but also has shows and seasonal events. *For the latest information on shows and events, please visit the Toei Kyoto Movie Village website.

7-1. Clash! Ninja Show “Shinobino Okite”

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkAt Nakamuraza Theater, “Clash! Ninja Show “Shinobi no Okite”” is being held at Nakamuraza. The show features Toei actors and is very powerful! It is a show that you should definitely, definitely, definitely see when you come to Eiga-mura.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThe show was full of surprises right from the start. The show was so impressive that it was hard to blink.中村座I knew that real actors are amazing… The sword fight scenes were so powerful that it was as if I was watching a movie.中村座Only at Eiga-mura can you watch realistic battle scenes right in front of your eyes. You will be on the edge of your seat and on the edge of your seat. It is recommended to take your seats as early as possible, as the seats may fill up right before the show starts!

①11:15 ②13:30 ③15:15
(4) 17:30 will be added on 8/11 (Holiday) – 16 (Tuesday) and 20 (Saturday) – 21 (Sunday).

7-2. Splash! Evangelion Kyoto Base

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is a limited time event at Evangelion Kyoto Base, “Splash! Evangelion Kyoto Base”. Here you can actually fight with the apostles!

▼I actually experienced it! I was so excited!

8. Toei Kyoto Studio Park Restaurants and Cafes

Here are some recommended restaurants and cafes in Toei Studio Park. The Studio Park is large and full of attractions, so please take a break when you get tired!

8-1. NERV Cafe

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is the NERV Cafe! Eva lovers can’t get enough of it! Of course I was very excited too!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkSince the Ninja Cafe and Eva collaborated, the interior of the restaurant has a ninja mansion-like atmosphere!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkSpeaking of ninjas, there’s Nintama Rantaro! I have been watching “Nintama Rantaro” ever since I was a little kid, and I was so excited to see that the author was there…with his autograph and illustrations!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkBy the way, the menu board is stuck with Hakunai. This is indeed a ninja cafe!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkLet’s take a look at the Eva Collaboration menu! You will receive an original coaster at random with each menu order!

8-1-1. NERV Curry First Plane Version

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is NERV Curry V1 with the color of Hatsugoki making a big impact. It is a sweet and slightly spicy chicken curry that is easy to eat. It is a hearty dish with potato salad and smoked chicken. As an Eva fan, I was very satisfied!

8-1-2. NERV Curry Unit Zero ver.

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is “NERV Curry Zero ver. This is also chicken curry, but it has a mild flavor like corn potage. The spiciness is a bit moderate, so even children can enjoy it!

8-1-3. NERV Curry Unit 2 ver.

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThe bright red curry is NERV Curry Unit 2 ver. It is a spicy curry, recommended for those who like spicy food. It has a HOT flavor that makes you think of Asuka!

8-1-4. Drinkable L.C.L.

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is “Drinkable L.C.L.”. I never thought I would be able to drink L.C.L. one day! Pomegranate-flavored soda with a refreshing taste. The bright red color is very cute!

8-1-5. I think it’s time for a change, EVA-tea.

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis drink is “EVA-tea”. This line is somewhat familiar… Eva fans will recognize it, right? It’s that line from that scene! But why “I think it’s good if you change”? Check out this video to find out!

8-1-6. Souvenirs

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkYou can also buy original souvenirs at NERV Cafe! This one is a collaboration with Kyoto-style tea. The “ET field in full bloom” is a clever pun. You will want them all!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThere are many other goods available only here!

8-2. Stars Cafe CHANBARA

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is Stars Cafe CHANBARA, located near the entrance to the movie village.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThe restaurant is spacious and is recommended for the whole family. Let us introduce you to the recommended menu of Stars Cafe CHANBARA!

8-2-1. Kamen Rider Soda, Kuuga Float, Zero One Energy Soda

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis drink is based on the motif of successive generations of Kamen Riders! They just look so cute, so be sure to ask for one! You can enjoy a refreshing melon soda, cola, or energy drink!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkBy the way, if you order a drink, you will get this postcard. This also makes the fans happy!

8-2-2. Sweets – Mitarashi Dango

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkAt Star’s Cafe CHANBARA, you can also enjoy Kyoto-style dumplings. Here is a set of Mitarashi dango and dango with anko (red bean paste) on top. Tea is also included, so take a relaxing break!

9. Toei Kyoto Studio Park: Recommended Shops and Souvenirs

Finally, here are some recommended stores and souvenirs in the Studio Park! There are many souvenirs with a great sense of style unique to the Studio Park, so don’t forget to buy some!

9-1. Studio Market

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is the “Studio Market” where you can find Kyoto souvenirs and Studio Park souvenirs. If you want to buy souvenirs, stop by here first! Here are some of the recommended souvenirs you can buy at Studio Market.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is “You’re bad, aren’t you?” You have heard this line at least once. The first layer is a white manju and the second layer is a koban manju. You can actually recreate a scene you have seen in a movie or TV drama! This humorous souvenir makes a perfect gift for your close friends or company!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis one is “This is good for you”. The key point is that it contains not only rice crackers but also koban. It is recommended to give it to your business partner or someone who has been a great help to you, saying “Kono de yoshinani~”!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThese are “Ninja’s Heart” and “Samurai’s Heart”. Inside the scrolls are chocolate crunches. Each of the scrolls contains the knowledge of a ninja and the knowledge of a samurai, so they are perfect souvenirs for children!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThere are many other original products available only at the Studio Park!

9-2. NERV Goods Store

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is the NERV Subscription Department. The panel of the first plane is a landmark! A must-see for all Eva fans, with a wide selection of original goods!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis sword is the most eye-catching item in the store. In fact, it is a real sword made in the image of Asuka. It is not often that I get to see a real sword, so it was a very valuable experience.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThey are elaborately crafted with craftsmanship that is in keeping with Eva’s worldview. Be sure to check them out when you stop by the souvenir store!

9-3. Character Shop

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThis is the Character Shop. The characters collaborating with the shop vary from time to time! At the time of our visit, they were collaborating with “The Bride of the Fifth Class”. It is nice to see a variety of character goods!

9-4. Kamen Rider Store

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkKamen Rider fans should definitely visit the Kamen Rider Store.Toei Kyoto Studio ParkKamen Rider goods are lined up in a narrow space. Children, fathers, and grandfathers can all enjoy this store!Toei Kyoto Studio ParkThe walls of the store are lined with Kamen Riders from past generations. Those who have been watching for a long time must be very excited! I haven’t seen many of them, but I’m starting to get interested in them!

10. Toei Kyoto Studio Park Fees

The following is an introduction to the fees at Toei Studio Park in Kyoto, Japan! The Movie Village has separate admission and attraction fees!

10-1. Entrance Fees

・Adults 2,400 yen
・High Schoolers 1,400 yen
・Children (age 3+) 1,200 yen

10-2.7 Pavilion Exclusive Attraction Pass

1,600 yen (ages 3 and up)
This pass allows you to experience seven eligible paid attractions as many times as you like in one day.

Target Attractions
(1) Karakuri Ninja House
(2) The Scariest Haunted House in History
(3) Ninja Training Dojo: Go with the Sword!
(4) Laser Mission Escape Castle
(5) 3D Maze: Ninja Fort
(6) Mystery Solving Maze: Maboroshi Fort
(7) Ohata Trick Art House

10-3. Discounts

JAF members
Please present your JAF membership card (digital membership card is acceptable) at the ticket booth.
Adults: 2,400 yen → 2,200 yen
Junior high and high school students: 1,400 yen → 1,300 yen
Children (3 years old to elementary school students): 1,200 yen → 1,100 yen
*Up to 5 people can use one membership card.

Birthday Campaign
Eligibility: Guests who come to the park on their birthday month (self-report)
Description: After entering the park, please inform the information staff that it is your birthday month. You will receive the above special sticker. Please put it on a conspicuous place on yourself and spend your time in the village. The actors, staff, and the entire Studio Park will celebrate with you that day and all day long.

11. Basic Information & Access

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkHere is some basic information about the Studio Park and how to get there.

11-1. Area Map

Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Here is a map of the Studio Park.
*Click on the picture to enlarge. The site is very large, so please take a break while playing!

11-2. Address & Contact Information

Facility name: Toei Kyoto Studio Park
Address: 10 Uzumasa Higashihachiokacho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, 616-8161
TEL: 0570-064-349 (automated menu)

11-3. Business Hours and Holidays

Closed: Every Tuesday from December 2021 to February 2022 (except December 28, January 4, and January 11)
Hours: 10:00-17:00
※For more details, check the Official Website.

11-4. Access by train, nearest stations (Eiga-mura from Osaka Station and Kyoto Station)

Toei Kyoto Studio ParkSource: Toei Kyoto Studio Park

From Osaka Station: Transfer to Randen (Keifuku Electric Railway) at Saiin Station on Hankyu Kyoto Line and get off at Taimata Hiroryuji Station: 5 minutes on foot.

From Kyoto Station: Get off at Hanazono Station on the JR Sagano Line: 13 minutes on foot.

11-5. Access by Car & Parking

Approximately 11 km (40 minutes) from the Kyoto Minami IC of the Meishin Expressway Toei Movie Village parking lot is located next to the facility (JR elevated side) NPC parking lot.
Parking lot: 700 cars(Price Table

12. Summary

What did you think of Toei Studio Park? When we think of theme parks, we often think of USJ or Hirakata Park, but in fact, Eigamura has many attractions that other theme parks do not have! There are many attractions and events that both children and adults can enjoy, such as ninja experiences, dress-up experiences, and anime collaborations that can only be experienced here! In particular, many limited-time-only collaborative events are available only at Eigamura. It only takes about an hour from Osaka, so please come and visit!

Evangelion Kyoto Base: ©Color Kamen Rider: ©Ishimori Productions, TV Asahi, ADK EM, Toei ©Ishimori Productions, Toei The Bride of the Fifth Estate: ©Haruba Negi, Kodansha / “The Bride of the Fifth Estate” Production Committee A3! BLOOMING CAMP in KYOTO: ©Liber Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Toei Animation Gallery: ©︎ABC-A, Toei Animation ©️Toei Animation

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