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【Gournet of Osaka Nakatsu】You should go to these restaurants!! We recommend 11 restaurants (lunch and dinner) to you


Go to north from Osaka station, Umeda station. You can go to Nakatsu area by walk from Osaka station. Nakatsu is office town but recently tower apartment built a lot around there year by year. Nakatsu area is a little bit strange and there are many funny shops. We will introduce around Nakatsu station of Osaka metro Midosuji line and Nakatsu station of Hankyu. You should go there.

※The amount is August 2018

1.The shop is good for girls’day out, group blind date and date

【Senba Kitchen Kita Umeda】

senbakitchenIt is good access from Nakatsu station. Italian Bal who can use it casually by feeling such as “All eateries in the town.”
senbakitchen1There is an open kitchen and stuck with the interior from ceiling to floor. There are large table seats, sofa seats, etc. It is the perfect atmosphere for enjoying with the girls day out or friends and using the couple.
senbakitchen2The Hakodate Onuma beef sirloin steak is 1,380 yen for 150 g. The red meat that is carefully grilled over charcoal is flavorful and the sweetness of the fat can be tasted. The sauce goes well with the meat and is even more delicious.
senbakitchen3Grilled seasonal vegetables. The best cooking method such as oven cooking and grilling. You can eat vegetables deliciously with Bagna cauda sauce.
senbakitchen4Grilled sausage. Sausage with plenty of gravy, soft and thick raw sausage.The flavor explodes in your mouth.
senbakitchen6There are also cute cocktails that girls must be like it.

senbakitchen5※Click the photo to enlarge

Recommend points
Ideal space when you want to eat and drink with a girls day out or friends. The interior of the store is fashionable.


Name:Senba Kitchen Kita Umeda
Address:WBF Building 1F, Toyosaki 3-14-9, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:Mon-Thu, Sunday and Public holidays 17:00-25:00(L.O.24:00) / Fri, Sat and The day before public holiday 17:00-26:00(L.O.25:00)
Regular holidays:New Year holidays
Access:1 minute walk from Nakatsu Station on the Midosuji Line


2.Store where you can eat delicious kushikatsu in relaxing atmosphere


kushikatsu-souiThey got a one Michelin star. It is a good place where access is near 1 minute by walk from Nakatsu Station of Midosuji Line.
kushikatsu-soui2Only the counter in shop. All 10 seats. It is relaxing atmosphere. The menu is course dish and you enjoy delicious ingredients for each season.
kushikatsu-soui3Juicy sangen pig is delicious as pork taste matches crispy coating. Clear soup of Isaki’s Kushikatsu and mozuku that First you eat isaki a little then you drink up clear soup. You can enjoy tasty twice.
kushikatsu-soui4This is the funny kushikatsu. Under the coating of anchovy potatoes is a with smooth mashed potatoes. The anchovies on top is just right salty. Once you have a tsukune (chicken), you will become addicted. Fukifuki Japanese radish is tasty of adult. Tachiuo is wrapped in pie and fried, Please enjoy it with is sauce of the Kabura. Sweetness of crispy pie and tachiuo, it is very go well together.
kushikatsu-soui5Kyoto Nagaoka Kyo bamboo shoot can way to bring out its flavor if you eat with salt. The rice kushikatsu that you dip in cury is interesting and amusing. The salad with sea lettuce dressing has a flavor of sea weed, and it brings out the taste of each vegetable. The Ochazuke (rice in tea/ dashi broth) has mixed vegetable and seafood tempura of horse mackerel, mackerel, umeboshi (pickled Japanese apricot), burdock and onion, allowing you to enjoy the taste of each bite.
kushikatsu-soui6They put a lot of thought into Japanese sake, and you can try an unusual one. Absolutely recommendable to those who love sake.

Recommended points
It is a Michelin 1-star restaurant where you can enjoy course meals of gorgeous, creative kushikatu, so I recommend you come here on a special occasion as well.


Address:Buei Building 1st Floor, 5-8-14 Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:18:00-24:00(L.O.22:00)
Regular holidays:Sunday
Access:1 minute walk from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji Line


3.Want to dine in a homely Italian restaurant?

【Ore Beate】

OreBeateIt is located just three-minute walk from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji line.
OreBeate2The restaurant has seven tables, fourteen seats in total. You can dine in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.
OreBeate3This is an assorted appetizers. The bite-size quiche and scallop are pretty, and very tasty.
OreBeate4This is an oven-baked dish of risotto with red-wine based tomato sauce, Prosciutto di Parma and asparagus from Saga prefecture. The texture of asparagus gives the risotto an accent, with the richness of the red-wine based tomato sauce making the whole dish just awesome.
OreBeate5This is a spaghetti with light béchamel sauce with minced chicken (from Hyogo) and purple Chinese cabbage (from Nagano). As the name shows, the béchamel sauce is not too heavy. The sprinkled cheese makes the dish rich, so adults can fully enjoy the tasty spaghetti.
OreBeate6This one is Focaccia with herb. The surface is crispy and the inside is very soft, and when eaten with olive oil, it tastes even better.

OreBeate7※Click the photo to enlarge

The lunch with an assorted appetizers, pasta and focaccia is just 1,000 yen! The drinks are also surprisingly reasonable.

Recommended points
Everything was tasty and reasonable. You can dine with your friends for lunch, and for dinner you can come here on a date or a banquet.


Name:Ore Beate
Address:NP Building 1F, 1-18-8 Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:12:00-15:00(L.O.14:00) / 18:00-23:00(L.O.22:00)
Regular holidays:Sunday and Irregular holiday once a month
Access:3-minute walk from Midosuji Line Nakatsu Station Exit 2


4.Since 1972 in business! A popular hidden restaurant loved by local people

【Cante Grande, Nakatsu】
CanteGrandeIt is located in a serene residential area, which takes about 5 minutes on foot from Nakatsu Station on both Midosuji line and Hankyu line. It is famous that Tortasu Matsumoto of Ulfuls (popular Japanese band) had a part-time job here.
CanteGrande2When you take the stairs down, threes are growing thickly like a jungle.
CanteGrande3The colorful restaurant has an Asian ambiance.
CanteGrande4The restaurant has a high ceiling, giving you an open space. The Asian goods and interior are pretty, so it is suitable for a girls day out.
CanteGrande5The restaurant has 85 seats.
CanteGrande6The semi-basement floor with lovely interior is also amusing to children.
CanteGrande7two-color curry 1,000 yen.
Curry with turmeric rice. You can choose two kinds from shrimp curry, chicken curry, vegetable curry, and today’s curry.
CanteGrande8two-color curry platter 1,300 yen.
It is a set of two kinds of curry with turmeric rice, chapatti and salad. You can also choose two kinds from the above options, so I ordered chicken and shrimp curry. The flavor of herbs is characteristic of the chicken curry. The curry is not too spicy, so those who don’t like spicy food can eat this. The shrimp curry has sweetness of shrimp and the hotness of chili, and after one bite you will taste umami and spiciness.

CanteGrande9※Click the photo to enlarge

They are the first restaurant to introduce chai in Kansai. They sell tea leaves of chai next to the register. Those who don’t like chai can also drink this because the flavor of the spice is not too strong and tastes like royal milk tea.

CanteGrande10※Click the photo to enlarge

The chapatti is a bit thicker than the batter of crepes, and they go well with curry because they use whole wheat flour. You can pour syrup and eat it as a dessert. The restaurant is perfect for tea breaks as they have a variety of menu like cake or parfait.

CanteGrande11※Click the photo to enlarge

I recommend the traditional Indian bread, chapatti. You can choose from a variety of curry, and you can enjoy the peculiar taste of each kind.

Recommend points
You can come here for lunch and coffee breaks, and the restaurant is spacious so you can bring your kids here. Also it is a perfect place for dates and girls day out.


Name:Cante Grande, Nakatsu
Address:B1F, Altista Nakatsu, 3-32-2, Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:00-21:30(L.O.21:30)
Regular holidays:Open every day
Access:Five minutes walk from Nakatsu Station of Midosuji Line and Hankyu Nakatsu Station


5.Sushi restaurant open till 4 a.m.


SushinosukeThis is a sushi restaurant that is just one minute walk from Nakatsu Station. The door to the next restaurant is right by the one to this one, so don’t get the wrong one!
Sushinosuke2They have 13 counter seats and 5 separate rooms. This restaurant is popular, so make a reservation before you come here.
Sushinosuke3red snapper 250 yen. The texture of the red snapper does not have a fishy smell, so you can eat many of this.
Sushinosuke4grilled eel 250 yen. The tender eel and the sweet sauce with the flavor of sea weed are a great match.
Sushinosuke5Prawn 250 yen. Fresh prawn. The slight sweetness and the texture are just awesome.
Sushinosuke6They will deep-fry the head of the prawn for free. You won’t smell the peculiar smell of the prawn by frying, so those who don’t like the smell can eat this.
Sushinosuke7sea urchin 250 yen. Creamy sea urchin that will melt in your mouth. The small amount of rice allows you to fully enjoy the taste of sea urchin.
Sushinosuke8Left:fatty meat of tuna 250 yen. This is not too fatty, so you can eat many of this.
Right:seared salmon. normal salmon is of course good, but by searing it, the umami flavor will spread in your mouth.
Sushinosuke9salmon roe 250 yen. This one has a small amount of rice as well, so you can taste the flavor of the salmon roe.
Sushinosuke10seared Japanese beef 1,500 yen This is absolutely tasty. This is seared but not dry, so if you bite on it, gravy will spread in your mouth. You can eat it with different seasonings, so you can enjoy changing the tastes.
Sushinosuke11Crab butter 600 yen. This doesn’t have a fishy smell, and it goes well with Japanese sake. Some crab meat is on the side as well!
Sushinosuke12Scallop grilled with butter and soy sauce 900 yen. The flavor of butter and soy sauce, and Japanese honewort on it are very tasty, and you can even finish up the soup after eating the scallop.

Sushinosuke13※Click the photo to enlarge

They have a variety of menu from sashimi, a la carte, grilled dishes to deep-fried dishes.

Sushinosuke14※Click the photo to enlarge

There are a variety Sushi,and everything is delicious.

Sushinosuke15※Click the photo to enlarge

“Japanese sake beginners” can try different kinds of sake, and you can ask staff for information. They have beer, chu-hi, shochu, highballs, umeshu, and sodas so you will enjoy different kinds of alcohol.

Recommend points
You will surprised to see how each dish is reasonable for the taste! They will tailor to your likes/dislikes and your requests, so you will want to come here many times!


Name:Sushinosuke, Nakatsu
Address:5-7-11, Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:18:00-4:00(L.O.3:30)
Regular holidays:Wednesday
Access:1 minute walk from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji Line


6.Indian non-spicy mixed rice (Biryani) restaurant

DiamondBiriyaniLocated just three minutes from Hankyu Nakatsu Station, with an exotic outlook.
DiamondBiriyani2There is a sign that explains what biryani is.
DiamondBiriyani3The interior is also exotic. This place is so popular that the whole place gets full during lunch time. There are 12 seats in the restaurant.
DiamondBiriyani4This one is biryani, chicken on the bone. First a platter that has curry, yoghurt, sliced onions, seasoned raw vegetables, boiled eggs, nuts, fried onions, sweetened boiled prawn, and mint sauce.
DiamondBiriyani5Then you put the biryani with chicken on the bone on the platter to season to your taste.
DiamondBiriyani6The chicken is tender and tasty. Few restaurants serve traditional biryani, so it is recommendable to those who like ethnic quisines.

DiamondBiriyani7※Click the photo to enlarge

Chicken and biryani are the main dish, and you can choose the kinds of biryani from chicken on the bone, white fish and clams, and mutton.

Recommend points
Chicken curry is so popular so you should come here early. There are three kinds of biriyani, so you and your friends can order different kinds to share.


Name:Diamond Biryani
Address:3-17-2, Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:00-15:00(L.O.14:30) / 17:00-21:30(L.O.21:00)
Regular holidays:Monday
Access:3 minutes walk from Hankyu Nakatsu Station, 5 minutes walk from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji Line


7.If you want to eat tasty udon

【Takeuchi Udonten】

TakeuchiUdontenIt takes 7 minutes on foot from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji line, and the restaurant faces a street. The place is very famous, so you have to keep in mind that there will always be a line in front of the restaurant.
TakeuchiUdonten2Inside the restaurant is a U-shape counter seats and ones by the wall. There are 16 seats in total.
TakeuchiUdonten3Udon with beef and grated Japanese radish. 900 yen. The sweetened tender beef and the saltiness of the dashi broth are a good match, and the grated Japanese radish and the ginger are refreshing.
TakeuchiUdonten4Udon with deep-fried chicken 800 yen. The crispy deep-fried juicy chicken. Very good.
TakeuchiUdonten5The color of the dashi broth looks too salty, but it is actually very light. Despite the color, it is very light.
TakeuchiUdonten6The noodles are chewy and smooth. You wouldn’t be able to taste this kind of udon at other restaurants.

TakeuchiUdonten7※Click the photo to enlarge

One of the popular ones is the one with the deep-fried chicken. Each one is in a big bowl, so make sure you’re hungry before you come here.
TakeuchiUdonten8They have a set meal, so even big eaters can get full.

Recommend points
You really need to make sure you are hungry, as each udon comes in big bowls. You will be surprised at the novel texture of the noodles.


Name:Takeuchi Udonten
Address:5-2-19, Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:30-14:30(L.O.14:30) / 18:00-21:00(L.O.21:00) ※Closes when they run out of noodles
Regular holidays:Sunday and public holidays
Access:7 minutes walk from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji line, 3 minutes walk from “Toyosaki Kita” bus stop on Osaka City Bus route 34


8.Good Japanese cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere

【Koryouri Tarutaru】

TarutaruThis place is located in a quiet business area that is 8-minute walk from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji line. They have counter seats and separate rooms.
Here I will introduce a course meal of Taimeshi (rice with red snapper from Akashi), which is 6,300 yen. The course include an appetizer, tsukuri (raw fish), seven small dishes, salad and main dish, and oshokuji. The main dish can be chosen from four dishes. If you finish the course after the main dish, it is 4,000 yen.
Tarutaru2Appetizer ~with Hisako’s spoon’~ (varies by month)
This one is simmered bamboo shoots and sea weed. The pleasant flavor of dashi broth and the texture of bamboo shoots are for adults. They use spoons made by an lacquer artist Hisako Nishimura who makes wooden spoons, and a wooden plate.
Tarutaru3Selected by Shin Yuki, Today’s otsukuri
Seasonal fish is served. The horse radish is called Kitamura Hon Wasabi from Hyogo. It is not spicy, and it just gives the fish a flavor of horse radish and brings out the taste of each fish.
Tarutaru4Seven small dishes (varies by month)
This is a little bit luxury plate with six dishes with seasonal ingredients and a rice bowl with sea urchin, fatty part of tuna, and salmon roe.
Tarutaru5Seasonal salad and homemade tartar sauce (varies by month)
This is a salad with seasonal vegetables and homemade tartar sauce. It is interesting to eat vegetables with tartar sauce. Even kids can enjoy the dish.
You can choose one from four main dishes.
Tarutaru6【Assorted grilled dishes fish and pork】
They will cook a fish that they purchase that day, so you can eat the selected fish of the day. Also the grilled Totoriko Pork, which is a brand in Tottori, is cooked with sweet sauce, and you can enjoy the taste of the meat.
【Assorted grilled dish two kinds of fish】
This one also varies by the day, but the restaurant will serve two kinds of fish that they selected for the day.
Tarutaru7【Deep-fried Miyazaki chicken with black pepper with homemade tartar sauce】
Black pepper made by Malayan pepper artisan Siu is sprinkled on the crispy deep-fried chicken. The batter is thin, so it is not oily nor heavy. Of course you can eat it without any other sauce, but you can put tartar sauce on it that will match the good flavor of the black pepper.
Tarutaru8【Japanese Aitchbone steak (+600 yen)】
Aitchbone is a very rare part from rump steak to lower part. This part is not too fatty, so it is recommended to those who like the lean meat.
Tarutaru9Rice in earthenware pot with red snapper from Akashi
The rice is cooked with red snapper in an earthenware pot. The staff shows you how it was cooked after it is done, and they will distribute to each of you. If you cannot finish up, they will make rice balls so you can take them home.

Tarutaru10※Click the photo to enlarge

Course meal of Taimeshi 6,300 yen(+tax)
※If you finish after the main dish, it is 4,000 yen(+tax)
Course meal of rice with whitebait from Yura, Wakayama, and Japanese apricot in earthenware pot. 5,800 yen(+tax)
Specially blended by Fujii, Ginshari Course 5,000 yen(+tax)

Recommend points
The atmosphere is very relaxing, so you can come here on dates or banquet.


Name:Koryouri Tarutaru
Address:1F, TO Building, 3-6-8, Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:18:00-23:030(L.O.22:00)
Regular holidays:Sunday and public holidays
Access:8 minute walk from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji Line


9.A bakery made with natural yeast and loved by local people

【Cante Bakery】

CanteBakeryIt is a bakery that is just one minute on foot from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji line. The café Cante Grande is the same chain.
CanteBakery2The place is a bit small, but they have a variety of bread from loaves of bread, filled and stuffled bread, sandwiches and baked sweets.
CanteBakery3Shrimp curry 250 yen.
Curry with shrimp’s flavor is stuffed in the bread.
CanteBakery4Baguette Nature 280 yen.
Tough baguette with a bit of salt. You can taste the original flavor of the flour.
CanteBakery5Shiso leaf and herb sausage 240 yen.
This is a bit small but the good smell of the shiso leaf and herb sausage is just appetizing.
CanteBakery6Salt butter bread 120 yen.
The inside is moist and the bottom is crispy with a roasting smell. You will love the rich taste of the butter.
CanteBakery7Hotdog 350 yen.
The hotdog with cheese that has a peasant smell has curry cabbage and tomato sauce, which brings out the good taste of the sausage. Those are pretty big so you will be full after eating one.
CanteBakery8They have a variety of toasts from hard ones to soft ones, so you can have different kinds according to the dish.
CanteBakery9They have cookies and cakes, so you can buy them as a souvenirs.

Recommend points
They have creative breads, so adults can enjoy them. The loaves of bread with selected ingredients are recommendable.


Name:Cante Bakery
Address:Nibankan 1F, Melody Heim Nakatsu, 1-12-11, Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:Mon-Sat 8:00–21:00 (Only for to go)
Regular holidays:Sunday
Access:1 minute walk from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji Line


10.Tasty fish shabushabu! Shabushabu with seasonal ingredients

【Ajisho Naniwa】

AjishoNaniwa8 minutes on foot from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji line.
AjishoNaniwa2They have four counter seats and table seats, but the number is limited so you should make a reservation beforehand.
I ordered Omakase course 5,000 yen. It includes the appetizer, fish shabu shabu, and porriage for finishing off the meal.
AjishoNaniwa3The appetizer was sweetened tuna and spinach. The tuna is full of flavor, so the more you chew on it, the more the flavor comes out.
AjishoNaniwa4This one is the fish shabushabu. They include squid, octopus, hard clams, conger eel, red snapper, flounder, yellowtail, tuna, fatty part of tuna, salmon, oysters, and scallops. Except for scallops and hard clams, you can eat them without cooking.
AjishoNaniwa5In the pot are dashi broth and shredded Japanese radish. The combination of the radish and the fish is the best.
AjishoNaniwa6After eating the Japanese radish, you put vegetables in the dashi broth with the umami flavor of the fish. They will cook porridge with the dashi broth, so don’t finish it! (It was voluminous, so I couldn’t eat porridge.)
You need to make a reservation at least one day before for the most popular dish fish shabu shabu.
AjishoNaniwa7They have a variety of alcohol drinks from beer, chu-hi, shochu, whiskey, and sodas.

Recommend points
You can eat fresh fish with dashi broth, so those who like fish and who are looking for a place for a banquet will love it!


Name:Ajisho Naniwa
Address:4 Chome, 2-11-105 Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:30-14:00 / 18:00-23:00(L.O.22:15)
Regular holidays:Sunday and public holidays
Access:8 minute walk from Nakatsu Station on Midosuji Line


11.Come here for a drink during the day! Good Japanese sake restaurant

【Nihonshushokudou SO-KEN】

SO-KENThis is a small pretty restaurant right by the Nakatsu Station. There are 20 seats in total including counter seats, table seats, and space for drinking standing.
SO-KEN2They are open during the day, and they will close as soon as they run out of ingredients, so come here as early as possible.
SO-KEN3Left:The sake section has a fridge-load of Japanese sake, and you can choose ones you like and pour in your own glass.
Right:These are the ones that are also suitable for hot sake. You need to make it hot yourself.
SO-KEN4There are big and small glasses, and the prices are set according to the size of the glass.
SO-KEN5Basashi (raw horse meat) from Kumamoto 780 yen.
The white ones are fatty part called Tategami. The texture resembles that of squid and you will taste the sweetness of the fat. If you eat it with the lean meat, it tastes like toro (fatty part of tuna). It is fresh and has little peculiar smell, so even those who haven’t eaten basashi so much can eat this.
SO-KEN6Upper left:Umesuisho 480 yen.
Shark cartilage with Japanese apricot. This is a good nibble that you can eat even when you are full, with the texture of the cartilage and refreshing taste of the plum.
Upper right:seared bonito 550 yen.
The lean meat of bonito and the aroma of the seared part are tasty. You can eat endlessly with ginger soy sauce.
Lower left:Yuzu namul of firefly squid and canola flower 400 yen.
The texture of the firefly squid and the taste of miso go well with the texture of canola flower and the refreshing aroma of yuzu. Good nibbles with interesting texture and good flavor.
Lower right:seared salmon jerky 450 yen.
Tender salmon jerky. This is a bit salty, so you can nibble on them while you are drinking sake.

SO-KEN7※Click the photo to enlarge

This one explains each Japanese sake, so those who don’t drink Japanese sake a lot can choose to their own taste, from light-body, full-body, to rich ones. Of course they have other non-alcohol drinks, so you can come here with people who don’t drink alcohol at all.

SO-KEN8※Click the photo to enlarge

The dishes on the menu all go well with alcohol drinks. The fish is very fresh, so it is recommendable to those who like fish.

Recommend points
You can drink here during the day and evening. You can come here after dining at another restaurant.


Name:Nihonshusokudou SO-KEN
Address:3-5-5, Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:Tue-Sat 12:00-23:00(L.O.22:45) / Sun 12:00–17:00(L.O.16:45)
Regular holidays:Monday plus irregular closures
Access:A short walk from Hankyu Nakatsu Station, a 6 minute walk from Nakatsu Station on the Midosuji Line



How was it? I introduced a variety of good restaurants like the Michelin One-star Kushikatsu restaurant, fish shabushabu, sushi restaurant open till 4:00 a.m., udon restaurant that put a lot of thought into udon, hidden restaurants popular among locals, little restaurants that serve great fish, bakery that uses natural yeast, and restaurant that serves good Japanese sake from the day. You hardly ever eat biriyani, don’t you? Many of them are small places but their dishes are the best, so why don’t you come from Umeda to enjoy gourmet in Nakatsu?

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