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【Osaka Gourmet】 Recommended restaurants for lunch and dinner at Esaka


“Esaka” is located in the southwest of Suita City next to Osaka City, 11 minute-ride by metro Midosuji line from Umeda, good transportation, many fancy shops and restaurants, and Tokyu Hands Esaka Store is located also in front of Esaka Station.
This time we will introduce the restaurants at “Esaka” where you can enjoy delicious lunch and dinner which Osaka people recommend.
※Prices are subject to change.


RAPPORTIA cafe with a fashionable appearance, located about 5 minutes on foot from Esaka Station. As they serve for lunch, cafe and dinner, you can use it in various situations.
RAPPORTI2They have sofas. It is good if you use the restaurant as a mama party because you can sit with a small child on the sofa seat.
RAPPORTI3Here are 70 seats, and 100 people can enter the restaurant when stand-up meal, so it is often used for wedding party or private party.

RAPPORTI4The assorted appetizer for lunch. A salad, ham, marinated squid. It is gorgeous.
RAPPORTI5Outside is baked crispy, the inside is fluffy and the toast that is lightly sweet is also delicious.
RAPPORTI6The luxurious Risotto for lunch that is weekly special is ¥1500. An interesting dish that looks like a mixture of risotto in hot cheese. The staff of the restaurant will mix it.
RAPPORTI7The rice has perfect hardness and is chewy, the mellow taste of cheese and thick cut bacon, the smell of mushrooms are matched and are delicious.
RAPPORTI8Black Angus beef’s juicy steak for lunch “Limited 5 meals” ¥1500. The meat is thick and soft and very delicious. Because it is the limited meal, it is recommended to come early if you want to eat it.

The menu

RAPPORTI9Tap on the picture to enlarge.

There is also a dish that is weekly special, so you do not get tired of the menu, and it is also attractive that the clerk explains the menu in great detail.

RAPPORTI10Tap on the picture to enlarge.

They serve wide varieties of Soft drinks, alcohol.

The recommended points
Recommended for moms and girls with children because it is wide and fashionable.


Store name:RAPPORTI Esaka
Address:Flared Court Esaka 1st Floor, Enoki-cho, Suita City, Osaka
Opening hours:11:30-24:00 (Food LO:23:00, Drink LO:23:30)
Regular holidays:Tuesday
Access:5 minute walk from Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line



2.Grill Isyan Esaka

Grill IsyanIt is located about 3 minutes on foot from Esaka Station, the restaurant which has the atmosphere of adult’s drifts and a calm appearance. They grill with a specialized natural stone which is get at the foot of Mt.Fuji.
Grill Isyan2The inside of the store has a counter and tables. (26 seats in total)

Grill Isyan3The tapped and grilled chicken thigh for ¥580. It is delicious as it is soft with a flavorful taste of the baked chicken skins and has a sweet taste of a chicken thigh that has no smell.
Grill Isyan4Roast beef tongue with sauce for ¥890, Beef tongue with delicious texture. Fresh beef tongue is delicious enough only with salt and pepper.
Grill Isyan5Hatsu (chicken heart) for ¥450. The thick Hatsu has no smell, and the good taste of the meat spreads in the mouth.
Grill Isyan6Seseri (chicken neck) for ¥490. A chewy and soft.
Grill Isyan7They will grill the meat which you ordered on the stone in front of you. And they will explain the details of the meat and the method of eating.
Grill Isyan8Rice and chicken steamed in a small pot for ¥850. They cooked in a cooker over 30 minutes, the perfect hardness of rice, the fragrant smell of chicken and the good taste of shimeji, mushrooms will spread in the mouth and recommended for finishing the meal.

The menu

Grill Isyan9Tap on the picture to enlarge.

Since there are several courses according to the budget, it is easy to use for girls’party and others. They have plenty of single dish of food.

Grill Isyan10Tap on the picture to enlarge.

A rich lineup that deals with delicious homebred chickens. It is also recommended to try rare parts of the chicken.

Grill Isyan11Tap on the picture to enlarge.

Isyan concerns about the rice that is very delicious!

Grill Isyan12Tap on the picture to enlarge.

They serve various kinds of alcohol such as beer, sake, high ball, white liquor highball, cocktail, soft drink etc. There are also Shochu (a clear liquor distilled from sweet potatoes, rice, buckwheat) and wine, so it’s nice to choose according to the dish.

The recommended points
It is a shop with the calm and sophisticated atmosphere, so it is recommended for adults. It is interesting that the clerk will explain while grilling in front of you.


Store name:Grill Isyan Esaka
Address:1st Azusa Building 1F, 1-22-10, Esaka-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka
Opening hours:Monday to Sunday 17:30-23:30 (L.O 23:00)
Regular holidays:Open throughout the year
Access:3 minute walk from Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line



3.Hyotan-Sushi Esaka head office

Hyotan-SushiThe Sushi Bar which is located about 5 minutes on foot from Esaka Station. They have two restaurants in Esaka. This is the main store.
Hyotan-Sushi2At the counter you can see a craftsman making Sushi. There is also the tables and the rooms floored with tatami mats in the back, so you can use it for family and banquets. All 83 seats.

Hyotan-Sushi3Cod roe with Ponzu (Soy sauce with citrus juice) for ¥1000. It is seasonal limited cod sprinkle creamy flavor from inside when chewing the runny texture.
Hyotan-Sushi4Bonito Sashimi for ¥1000. It is also seasonal. The taste of the grilled bonito is savory, delicious with a different flavor when eating with spice. It is easy to eat because there is no fishy smell.
Hyotan-Sushi5The tempura of sillaginoid (fish) ¥1200. A delicious white meat is fluffy. When eaten with green tea salt, it has plain taste.
Hyotan-Sushi6Flatfish (hand-rolled) ¥250. Fresh flatfish which is tasty and has tight body, is very delicious.
Hamachi (yellow-tail) (hand-rolled) ¥200. The springy and chewy feeling of the body is good, and it has a plenty of fat.
Shrimp (hand-rolled) ¥250. The shrimp is chewy and firm-textured.
Salmon roe ¥200. The tastes of the vinegared rice and the taste of Salmon roe are matched, and we recommend eating with one mouth and to taste deliciousness in the mouth.

The menu

Hyotan-Sushi7Tap on the picture to enlarge.

They serve various kinds of Sushi such as, hand-rolled sushi, rolled-sushi and pressed sushi.

Hyotan-Sushi8Tap on the picture to enlarge.

There are various kinds of menus such as Sashimi (sliced raw fish), grilled fish, fried foods. They serve fish and cuisine that they specially recommend that day. You can enjoy the seasonal ingredients. There are lots of menus such as shellfish, crab as well as fish. They have wide variety of sake and Shochu. We also recommend changing the kinds alcohol according to the dish.

The recommended points
Whatever you eat, they are all delicious. So especially recommended for those who like Sushi. You will be happy that you can eat the seasonal ingredients at that time.


Store name:Hyoutan Sushi Esaka head office
Address:Azusa Building 1F, 2-2-33 Enoki-cho, Suita City, Osaka
Opening hours:11:30-14:00 / 16:30-25:00 (L.O 24:30)
Regular holidays:Open throughout the year
Access:5 minute walk from Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line



4.The restaurant specializing in homebred chicken “Ochiba-Ya”

Ochiba-YaThe restaurant near the station with a 1 minute walk from Esaka Station. The lively restaurant full of vibrant shop clerks.
Ochiba-Ya2There are counters and tables (80 seats in all), so you can use it in various situations.
Ochiba-Ya3It is also recommended for banquets such as year-end party because there are many seats.
Ochiba-Ya4Upper left:Zuriman (fat underbelly of a fish) ¥160. They serve rare parts of chickens. You can try the crunchy and soft texture.
Upper right:Mince ¥220. They serve the big mince. Because it has the size of mini hamburger steak, it is big enough for eating. The outside is crispy and savory, while the inside spreads the taste of the meat in the mouth.
Bottom left:Hatsu (the heart of the chicken) ¥160. Because it is a fresh heart, it has no smell and it is crisp enough to eat more.
Bottom right:Kimo (liver) ¥200. The rich taste of the liver is good. The best side dish for beer!
Ochiba-Ya5Upper left:The slice of raw Kawachi duck ¥1000. A fresh Kawachi duck has no smell and it has a slightly sweet fat.
Upper right:“Hormone” (the broiled Duck innards) ¥510. Duck Hormone is more tender than beef Hormone, so when chewing, soft fat spreads in the mouth, which is good for the side dish for alcohols.
Bottom left:Fried chicken ¥610. The very big fried chicken. The skin is crispy, the meat inside is soft and big enough.
Bottom right:“Strong” ¥430. It is a part of the heart of the chicken. The refreshing and gummy taste. It is delicious if you eat it with plenty of sauce and onion.

The menu

Ochiba-Ya6Tap on the picture to enlarge.

Because they have a large selection of items, when you cannot decide what to eat, they can serve the recommended set of chicken meat grilled on skewers and courses. The secretary for the party would be happy because they can make the course for the bauquet. They use lot of selected and seasonal vegetables. Yakitori (chicken meat grilled on skewers) is also fun to choose because there are many rare parts.

They have a wide variety of liquor. Since the explanation of wine is described in detail, it is also recommended to try various wines. It is good to see many kinds of drinks. Even women can enjoy because they have many kinds of fruit liquor such as plum wine. Of course, it is also appreciated by people who love alcohol because they have Sake, Shochu, whiskey, etc.

Ochiba-Ya7Tap on the picture to enlarge.

There are many goods such as rice things, deep-fried foods, side dishes, desserts, so it’s attractive to enjoy get tired even if you are using for a long time. They also have duck and young chicken so we can eat various chickens.

The recommended points
Recommended for Yakitori lovers because they serve rare parts that can be seldom eaten at other restaurants. It has a wide variety of alcohol. There is also a menu for children, and you will be happy to hear that it is the restaurant where you can come with children.


Store name:Ochiba-Ya
Address:2F, 7th Meida Building 1-23-33, Esaka-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka
Opening hours:Mon-Thu 17:00-24:00 (L.O 23:00) / Friday and weekdays before holidays 17:00-26:00 (L.O 25:00)
Regular holidays:Irregular holidays and New Year holidays
Access:1 minute walk from Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line



5.Korean Izakaya Kimottama-Tei

Kimottama-TeiThe Korean Bar is located about 8 minutes on foot from Esaka Station. It is also recommended for families because there are plenty of table seats in the large store. (25 seats in total)
It is recommended for people who do not like spicy foods as they can choose from 0 to 5 levels of spicy foods according to your taste.

Kimottama-Tei2Crab seasoned with sweet spice (Kejang) ¥1280. This is the Korean soul food, which is made of raw Japanese blue crab in the sauce, wrapped in garlic, ginger, onion, chinese chive, red pepper, sesame and so on. We are sure you will love it and it make you addictive for it.
Kimottama-Tei3Seafood Korean Pancakes ¥980. It is delicious with the crisp feeling of the seafood and the fresh Nira (Chinese chive). Sauce is not too spicy, so it is easy to eat and recommended.
Kimottama-Tei4Cheese Toppoki ¥880. Korean rice cake “Toppoki” is soft and tender. That is very delicious with the combination of the mellow cheese and cabbage sweetness and sauce.
Kimottama-Tei5Samgyetang soup (chicken ginseng soup) ¥1180. Popular menu limited to 10 meals a day. The meat which was cooked takin a long time until the bone softens and the soup stock are very delicious.
Kimottama-Tei6Japchae (Korean Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Noodles) ¥780. The ingredients are the crispy cloud ear mushrooms, gelatin noodles and Chinese chive with soy-sauce-based mild sauce. You will find it delicious to eat with Japanese rice.

The menu

Kimottama-Tei7Tap on the picture to enlarge.

As well as Korean dishes, it has various kinds of attractive dishes. You will be pleased that it has a wide variety of toppings for the pot dishes. Of course there are a lot of Korean liquor as well as delicious dishes, and among them, the makgeolli is sherbet shaped and it is very easy to drink. It is so delicious that you want to drink more and more.

The recommended points
People who have never eaten Korean cuisine are safe because they can choose hotness. Since they have so many kinds of Korean cuisines, you can enjoy various meals. You can also try alcohol in Korea where there is no opportunity to see at the bars. You can enjoy Korea, It is so recommended.


Store name:Korean Izakaya Kimottama-Tei
Address:1F, 1-4-18, Esaka-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka
Opening hours:Weekday 16:00-24:00 / Saturday and Sunday 15:00-24:00
Regular holidays:Monday (change on consecutive holidays) / New Year’s holidays
Access:8 minute walk from Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line



6.Sekai-No-Heiwa (Fomer name: Volare)

Sekai-No-HeiwaVery trendy shop from the exterior to the interior. On Weekday lunchtime, it is so popular that it is almost full. They also have the sofas and the inside is spacious, so it is good to visit with small children.
Sekai-No-Heiwa2Because the ceiling is so high that the inside is spacious and opened. Because there are 6 seats for the counter and 64 seats for the table, we recommend it to use for the girls’party.
Sekai-No-Heiwa3It have the second floor, and the interior such as sofa is fashionable and nice.

Sekai-No-Heiwa4Appetizers using organic vegetables and homemade Focaccia are so colorful that you will be happy to see and eat with satisfaction.
Sekai-No-Heiwa5The vegetable broth Spaghettis with rich cream and Italian Porcini mushrooms ¥1600. You can enjoy the higher-grade Spaghetti for ¥1080 plus extra charge + ¥520 than usual price. Not only delicious but also the healthy meal using vegetable broth. You will be very happy with the good scents of delicious sauce and porcini mushroom.
Sekai-No-Heiwa6Pizza Margherita ¥1080. It is delicious with the soft dough of the pizza and crispy outside. A well-balanced taste of tomatoes and scent of the basil has the mild taste which is suitable for adults.
Sekai-No-Heiwa7Cafe & Dolce (the desert and coffee). After dinner, you can choose to drink among organic tea, organic coffee, orange juice, and grapefruit juice. You can also enjoy draft beer and glasses of white and red wine with extra charge.

The menu

Sekai-No-Heiwa8Tap on the picture to enlarge.

You can eat Organic vegetable appetizer and homemade Focaccia, and the desert and coffee without extra charge. You can enjoy healthy meals because the commitment of ingredients is described in the menu.

Sekai-No-Heiwa9Tap on the picture to enlarge.

You can choose your favorite set such as pizza, spaghetti, main dish, and they have a wide variety of dishes.

The recommended points
It is a nice restaurant with the commitment of every piece of utensils such as tableware. You can enjoy a delicious meal that is very delicious and good for your health.


Store name:Volare
Address:14-9 Enoshiki-cho, Suita-City, Osaka
Opening hours:Lunch:11:30-14:30 / Dinner:18:00-23:30
Regular holidays:Monday
Access:8 minute walk from Exit 8 of Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line



7.Yakitori (Grilled Chicken) Umezawa

UmezawaIt’s a Yakitori restaurant in Esaka and it is a very popular. It is always crowded with a lot of regulars.
Umezawa2They have the counter for 6 seats, the tables for 12 seats. As it is always full, we recommend early arrival.

Umezawa3Assorted slices of raw meats for ¥1900. Assorted slices of liver, heart and breast of the chicken is the most popular menu of Umezawa. Fresh stuff cannot be eaten unless you visit early. The Breast is sweet and soft, and the heart is delicious and crunchy because it is fresh and has no smell. The liver has good combination with sesame oil, it also has no smell and is very smooth and very delicious.
Umezawa4Tsukune (meatballs) ¥400. It has perilla leaves in soft Tsukune, it is light and delicious.
Umezawa5Zuri (Gizzard) ¥360. A large-sized body seems to be able to be eaten more because its taste is crispy and light.
Umezawa6Kokoro (Heart of chicken) (left) ¥400, Seseri (Neck) (right) ¥420. Kokoro is juicy and chewy. Seseri is very soft and rich with fat.

The menu

Umezawa7Tap on the picture to enlarge.

Every raw chicken at Umezawa is popular and fresh and delicious. It is so popular dish that it might be sold out. If you want to eat, visiting early is recommended.

Umezawa8Tap on the picture to enlarge.

Although they use the popular parts for Yakitori (grilled chicken), they use the selected parts for the raw chicken such as Yukhoe (Korean dish of seasoned raw meat topped with an egg yolk), Tataki (minced chicken), They have a thing about the raw meat thigs compared to the other restaurants and it is delicious.Umezawa9On the blackboard inside the restaurant, there are the menus of rare parts of Yakitori, fresh commitment vegetables and Sake (liquor). There are also side dishes besides Yakitori, and it has a wide variety of commitment dishes.

The recommended points
Chicken Sashimi (raw meat) is very fresh and rich in variety. Whatever you eat, they are delicious as they serve with the best seasoning which makes the most of the original taste of local ingredients. They use the seasonal ingredients not only for chicken but also for vegetables. Since Sashimi very is popular, visiting at an earlier time is recommended as it may run out if you visit on late time.


Store name:Yakitori Chicken Cuisine Umezawa
Address:11-50 Toyotsu-cho Suita-City, Osaka
Opening hours:17:30-23:00
Regular holidays:Saturday
Access:Approximately 5 minutes walk from Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line



8.Ramen (Chinese noodles in soup) “Uroko” in Esaka

UrokoPopular Ramen Restaurant recently built in Esaka. The clean interior that is based on white color, has a sense of cleanliness and an atmosphere that makes it easy for even a woman to enter.
Uroko2There are table seats and counter seats. For one person and for dating, even multiple people can visit after drinking party.

FoodUroko3Ajitama Salt based Ramen ¥850.
The most popular salt-based ramen. The combination of the sophisticated salt-based Ramen and the dried bonito shavings flavor is very good. The half-boiled eggs are rich in flavor.
Uroko4The noodles are medium sized, curly and flat. And the texture of the noodles is smooth, and the soup is coating with the noodles well.
Uroko5Ajitama Soy Sauce Ramen ¥850.
It is not too salty, soy sauce taste, it is very plain taste and it is very delicious. Noodles are curly medium flat noodles which is the same as salt-based noodles. It is delicious because the taste of the spicy radish make it refreshed and, you will not get tired.
Uroko6Vinegar and citrus pepper are on the table. If you put citron pepper into salt-based ramen and vinegar into soy sauce ramen, the taste of the soup will change. You can eat them up.
You can buy tickets on this vending machine to order.
Uroko7They have side dished such as beer, fried rice, boiled dumplings.

The recommended points
It is a pretty shop, so it is easy to be entered by women.


Store name:Ramen “Uroko” Esaka
Address:16-5 Toyotsu-cho Suita-City, Osaka
Opening hours:11:30-14:30 / 17:00-22:00
Regular holidays:Irregular holiday
Access:Approximately 5 minutes walk from Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line



9.Oden (Japanese hot pot) “Den-Pati”

Den-PatiThis restaurant has a retro atmosphere in a place about 5 minutes’walk from Esaka Station. It has been running for 18 years at Esaka in the restaurant hot spot (having the 19th anniversary) and is open also in the summer.
Den-Pati2This is where Oden is being cooked. There is a very large pot in the center of the counter.
Den-Pati3Inside the store there are 14 seats for counter and 12 seats for the tables, and you can feel at home when seeing the salaried workers coming by alone and regulars gathering.

Den-Pati4Front:Stewed Beef ¥250. When chewing, the taste of the meat coming out of the crunchy texture is delicious.
Back:Pounded rice cake wrapped in a tofu pouch ¥200. The soft rice which melts from inside of pouch in the soup is good balanced.
Potatoes ¥130. Soft and flaky texture, the soup stock is soaked firmly into the center of potato.
Den-Pati5Enoki mushroom ¥250. Enjoy the chewy and crispy texture of Enoki.
Japanese radish ¥130. Although soup is solidly soaked in, but not salty, the combination with soup stock is very good.
Konnyaku noodles ¥130. The taste of the soup soak in well and crispy and healthy.
Boiled Egg ¥130. Although the color of the soup soaked in, it is excellent that the yolks inside are not bogged down.
Tsukune (meat balls) ¥130. When chewing, the rich taste of the meat spreads in your mouth.
Shiitake mushroom ¥200. When chewing, the deliciousness of Shiitake mushroom spreads in the mouth, elegant taste.
Den-Pati6Chopped Octopus ¥500. The octopus is chewy and Ideal for the side dish for Oden.
Den-Pati7Hiroshima Konnyaku with capelin with roe (Sashimi) ¥380. It is very delicious because the texture of the roe is crunchy which is in the Konnyaku (jelly made from devil’s-tongue starch).

The menu

Den-Pati8Tap on the picture to enlarge.

Oden’s menu has a wide variety and you can order from one dish, so it’s attractive that even one person can eat just right amount. They have Yakisoba and fried egg using oden soup. There are also abundant menus other than oden. Because there are many kinds of liquor, those who like alcohol will be happy.

The recommended points
This oden restaurant is so popular that you cannot enter unless you make a reservation in winter. The interior is calmer with a little retro tableware. We also recommend not only Oden, but also Fired Egg and oven fried noodles made with oden soup. Because the taste of soup is refreshing and elegant, it is plain so that you can eat more.


Store name:Oden Den Pachi
Address:103 3rd Chisan-Mansion, 3-25-6 Tarumi-cho, Suita-city, Osaka
Opening hours:17:30-23:30 (Entering Stop 23:00)
Regular holidays:Sunday (open on holidays)
Access:10 minute walk from Exit 1 of Esaka Station on Midosuji Subway Line



10.Grilled Beef Buff in Esaka

BuffA small restaurant in a good location (about 2 minutes on foot from Esaka Station). Everytime we visited before, the inside of the shop is nearly full, and it is a popular shop. The shop clerk is very energetic and friendly, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is always full of vigor.
Buff226 seats in total, there are counters and tables, but tables are few, so reservation is important. There are lots of women and men, so it is easy to enter it.

Buff3WILD steak 1g=¥8 (ordered in 50g unit) Buff’s popular menu. The meat is soft, juicy and plenty. You can choose the amount according to your taste.
Buff4Salty Tongue ¥560. Grilled with salt and it is crispy.
Buff5Mino (Beef rumen) ¥550. Mino which is soaked in sweet sauce without smell is delicious.
Buff6The starter appetizer ¥880. Raw ham, quiche, pickles, Putty de campagne, egg salad on a luxurious plate. They are all good. Ideal for side dish.
Buff7Hachinosu (the stomach of the beef) cutlet ¥480. There is not much peculiar taste and it is light, so it is not so heavy for your stomach, and the crispy texture is delicious.
Buff8Buff Steak 1g=¥9 (Order in 50g unit) Meat thick and crunchy. You can also eat it with the number of grams you like. A taste that can be eaten much is not so heavy.

The menu

Buff9Tap on the picture to enlarge.

They serve not only beef but also lamb, pig, seafood, Hormon (grilled offal ), so you can enjoy various meats. They also have spaghetti or appetizer, and it is fashionable for women.

Buff10Tap on the picture to enlarge.

Wide variety of alcoholic drink, fancy cocktails and wine, Shochu etc. It is also nice to have a large selection of cocktails and soft drinks that will also be good for people who do not like alcohol.

The recommended points
A popular shop where you can eat delicious meat at a reasonable price. As the restaurant is always full, it is recommended to visit after making a reservation. Of course, the meat is delicious, as well as the skill that the clerk pours wine into the glass cloves.


Store name:Machi no Niku Bar Buff Esaka
Address:1-22-10 Esaka-cho, Suita-city, Osaka
Opening hours:17:30-24:00 (L.O)
Regular holidays:Open throughout the year
Access:2 minute walk from Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line



11.Naniwa little Dumplings Chao Chao in Esaka

Chao ChaoIt is a restaurant near Esaka station, located about 30 seconds on foot from Esaka Station. Take-out is also accepted. Sometimes they are doing “Happy Hour Event” from 16:00-18:00.
Chao Chao2There is a counter and tables. Because the shop is a bit small, it is recommended to use it with a small number of people. There are 23 seats in total and 3 tables.

Chao Chao3Upper left:Chao Chao dumplings for 1 person ¥600. Small sized crispy dumpling spreads into the mouth with the rich delicious taste when chewing. This is the recommend dish of this restaurant.
Upper right:Beef dumplings half-sized (3 pieces) ¥350. This is an ordinary size dumpling. It is also delicious to eat with wasabi sauce, which has a taste of beef meat.
Lower left:Egg and Cheese Dumplings ¥480. Dumplings with eggs and melting cheese on dumplings. The spice of black pepper gives an accent to the taste and you will love it.
Bottom right:Shrimp and Asparagus Dumplings 2 pieces ¥600. (1 piece ¥350) You can enjoy the plump shrimps as well as Asparagus at one time.
Chao Chao4Upper left:Plump Shrimp Dumplings ¥480. The second most popular menu plump Dumplings. It is delicious to eat with the sauce for dumplings, but it is better to eat with green tea salt.
Upper right:Crispy chicken skin with Ponzu (soy sauce with citrus juice) ¥330. Fried the chicken skin with onion with radish and onion, seasoned with Ponzu. Crispy chicken skin and light ponzu sauce and radish are very delicious.
Bottom left:Bean sprout Namul (Korean dishes consisting of seasoned vegetables) ¥270. Side dish of bean sprout Namul has a savory taste of sesame oil and saltiness, and crisp bean sprout is very suitable for beer.
Bottom right:Special deep-fried chicken and Ponzu sauce ¥540 Deep-fried chicken with ponzu sauce and radish can be eaten by the people who are not good at greasy items. Crisp clothes are also delicious.

The menu

Chao Chao5Tap on the picture to enlarge.

Because it is the restaurant specializing in dumplings, there are various kinds of dumplings, and the new menu which comes out depending on the period is also interesting. When you cannot decide what to eat, it is recommended to choose from the set menu or popularity ranking. In addition to dumplings, they have lots of snacks and desserts.

Chao Chao6Tap on the picture to enlarge.

There are many kinds of liquor, beer, Shochu, highball, sour, and so on, and there are also several types of non-alcoholic cocktails and so on also safe for those who are not good at drinking.

The recommended points
You can enjoy various dumplings. As it is in front of the station, you can stop by after your work. You should be pleased with buying souvenirs.


Store name:Naniwa little Dumplings “Chao Chao” Esaka
Address:1st Floor, Chuo-Esaka Building, 1-13-11 Esaka-cho, Suita-city, Osaka
Opening hours:Lunch:(Monday-Friday) 11:00-14:00 / Dinner:(Monday-Saturday) 16:00-25:00 / Sunday and Holiday: 16:00-24:00
Regular holidays:Open throughout the year
Access:30 minute walk from Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line



12.Hakata Giblet Hotpot Ikkyu Esaka headoffice

IkkyuA restaurant in a quiet place about 7 minutes on foot from Esaka Station. There are same restaurants in Nishinomiya city, Kobe city · Akashi city in Hyogo prefecture, Nagoya city in Aichi prefecture. But this is the 1st.
Ikkyu2There are low tables over a hole in the floor. (36 seats in all)
Ikkyu3The table is designed to accept two kinds of pots.

Ikkyu4Roast Giblets ¥740. The rich fatty roast giblets with excellent combinations of sweet sauce melts in the mouth. This is one of the most popular dishes.
Ikkyu5Horse raw red meat ¥700. Soft horsetail red meat is light enough to eat any number of pieces.
Ikkyu6Mentaiko Egg Roll ¥880. The egg roll filled with plenty of Menthako (spicy cod roe) of Hakata, which is topped with the chopped seaweed. The flavor of Mentaiko is very delicious.
Ikkyu7Original Giblet Hotpot pan ¥1700 (1 serving). You can enjoy the heavy soup stock and sweet taste of mochi. Because the taste of soup is delicious, it is recommended to eat until the last Ramen or porridge of rice.
Ikkyu8Zousui-Set (porridge of rice) ¥530. After eating the Giblet Hotpot, you can put a bowl of rice into the remained soup. Adding the egg to the soup makes the taste mellow, the flavor of seaweed matches the taste of the soup and it is very delicious.

The menu

Ikkyu9Tap on the picture to enlarge.

It is the restaurant for Giblet Hotpot, so it’s fun to eat pots with various tastes. They have a wide variety such as hot pot with curry taste and the original pans. There are not only beef pots but also healthy pots (Shabu-Shabu) (Boiled meat slices with vegetables and sauces). If you want to eat Shabu Shabu, you need reservation.

Ikkyu10Tap on the picture to enlarge.

Besides the pot, they have a wide variety of side dish. As you can see the written paper describing how to make a delicious pot, you can study it .
Various drinks such as beer, highball, Sake, Shochu, cocktail and so on. There are also many drinks of fruit wine, wine, non-alcoholic drinks. It is great to taste and then compare a variety of different sake.

The recommended points
Since there are not many specialty restaurants with Giblet Hotpot, it is recommended that you can try many kinds of fresh giblet.


Store name:Hakata giblet hotpot Ikkyu Esaka head office
Address:2nd Adachi Building 1F, 8-12 Enoki-cho, Suita-city, Osaka
Opening hours:18:00-24:00 (L.O 22:30)
Regular holidays:Monday (Winter season:Open throughout the year)
Access:7 minute walk from Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line



13.Kyo-Shikanai Esaka

Kyo-ShikanaiIt is very near the Station about 30 seconds on foot from Esaka Station. As soon as you climb the stairs of the building, there is a lively entrance in front of you.
Kyo-Shikanai2It is comfortable just like home at the restaurant, so you can visit alone after finishing the job. There are 56 seats in total. It is crowded and there are always many people. There are table seats, counters and a spacious room in the back. On the wall there are many signs of celebrities.

Kyo-Shikanai3Upper left:Shirako-Ponzu (Soft Cod Roe with Ponzu Sauce)¥680. A rich taste of Shirako is delicious, only in winter.
Upper right:Torigai Sumiso (Japanese egg cockle with vinegar and miso)¥650. It is delicious because the combination of the taste of chewy Torigai and the light taste of miso paste.
Bottom left:Fried Chicken ¥530. It is easy to eat middle-sized crisp chicken and suitable for the side dish for beer.
Bottom right:Fried Eggplant ¥430. The rich soup stock soak in the Fried Eggplant. It is suitable for side dish.
Kyo-Shikanai4Upper left:Tsukune (meatballs) ¥250. Sweetness of sauce matches the meatballs. It is delicious if you put peppers on it.
Upper right:Gizzard ¥250. No smell, crispy crunchy and light taste.
Bottom left:Buta-Bara (pork back ribs) ¥300. Juicy pork back is grilled crisply and are very delicious.
Bottom right:Kappa (Cartilage:usually taken from around the breast of chicken) ¥250. It is not so heavy, crisp and suitable as the side dish for Sake.

The menu

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They have many kinds of side dishes such as yakitori and skewers, pots and soup, fried foods, potatoes, boiled foods, etc. Because they also serve side dishes and desserts, so you can stay for a long time. The liquor that they can serve is not only written in the menu, but also pasted on the wall. Those who like alcoholic drink will be happy.

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There are many kinds of fish dishes such as sashimi, tempura, fried foods and pottery. Since you can find the description of the production area where fish are stocked, it is safe to know where the fish were taken.

The recommended points
Anyway, they have so many kinds of dishes and drinks, that we usually recommend it for the party such as banquet etc.


Store name:Kyou-Shikanai Esaka
Address:7th Maida Building 1F, 1-23-33 Esaka-cho, Suita-city, Osaka
Opening hours:Mon-Fri,The day before holiday: 11:00-14:00 17:00-26:00 (L.O Food:25:00 Drink:25:30) / Sat,Holidays:17:00-26:00 (L.O Food:25:00 Drink:25:30)
Regular holidays:Sunday
Access:1 minute walk from Esaka Station on the Midosuji Subway Line




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