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The special introduction to Keihan Kyobashi Station, which has multiple faces, in the business district and the downtown

Keihan Railway, Kyobashi Station connects Osaka’s downtown area and the business district from east to west. the gourmet district that is easy to use for families is also within walking distance, and many people from shopping to gourmets such as Keihan Mall and Keihan Department Store, which are integrated near the station, are always at the entrance of Kyoto’s tourist attractions.

Depending on which ticket gate you get off from, you can enjoy a completely different landscape as if you were thinking of it the same station?

On the east side of the central exit, which is also the contact point for the JR loop line, you can thoroughly enjoy the downtown area of Osaka, and on the north side there are many shops that are easy to use for families and corporate banquets. There is a Com’s Garden and KiKi Kyobashi with the theater.

Katamachiguchi, which is the connection to the Osaka Metro Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line, is also the connection to the Osaka Business Park, which follows to Osaka Castle Park.

Please refer to our article of the situation and access of the neighborhood for each ticket gate of Kyobashi Station.

※For your reference
Keihan Railway Kyobashi Station floor map (Keihan Railway HP)

Keihan Mall floor guide (Keihan train website)


1.History of Kyobashi Station

First, The history of Kyobashi Station.
・ 1910 (Meiji 43): Opened as Gamou Station.
・ 1969 (Showa 44): Moved to current location.
Katamachi Station between Kyobashi Station and Tenmabashi Station was abolished and integrated with Kyobashi Station.
・1970 (Showa 45): “Keihan Shopping Mall” opened in the station building.
・ 1990 (Heisei 2): The use of a new concourse on the 3rd floor and the underpass to Osaka City Subway (currently Osaka Metro) started.
・ 2003 (Heisei 15): Selected as the 4th “Kinki Station 100 Selection”.

At Kyobashi Station, the number of getting-on passengers is 84,996 and the number of getting -off passengers is 87,550. The location of the station is difficult to see from the outside, but it is in the building where the Keihan Mall, Keihan Department Store and Keihan Hotel are located.

This is a panoramic view.
The Keihan Railway Kyobashi Station building is divided into the main building and the hotel building. The main building is up to the 3rd floor and the 4th floor is home. The 7th to 15th floors are hotels.

2.The downtown area; East-central ticket gate

This area is crowded with reasonable izakaya (Bar) and Kushikatsuya restaurants that you can drink from noon.

First, check the entire map. There are a lot of shopping streets like downtown. If you think about the Grand Chateau as a standard, you should not be get lost.

This is the central exit of Keihan Railway. There is a central entrance ticket gate when you enter.

The ticket office is on the right side of the ticket gate.

Kyobashi Station on the JR Loop Line is right in front of the station.

As you pass through this area, you can see the downtown area of Osaka.

You can see the skewered (Kushikatsu) restaurant! This is the downtown area of Osaka! Enter the domestic Kyobashi gourmet zone.

Next to Kushikatsu-ya lies the South Street of Keihan Kyobashi Shopping Street.

The other side of the kushikatsu restaurant is the north street of the Keihan Kyobashi shopping street, and the Kyobashi shopping street is next to it.

If you look at the north street of Keihan Kyobashi shopping street , you’ll find shops like this.

At the next corner, there is a Grand Chateau known to those who live along the Keihan Line.

There is Kyobashi Higashi Shopping Street in the back of the Grand Chateau.

Looking back to the Grand Chateau street, you will find Kyobashi Ichibangai ahead.

In Kyobashi Ichibangai, there is the street with many shops called Kyobashi Sakura Street.

Proceed through the Kyobashi shopping street and you will see Route 1. Continue to Shin-Kyobashi Shopping Street.

We introduced only near the station roughly, but there are many restaurants in each shopping street. There are many shops, so please enjoy the downtown area of Osaka.

3.There are many fashionable shops on the north side of the central exit

This area has lots of stylish shops for lunch and cafe. They are lined up under the Keihan overpass.

Here is a map of the north side from the central ticket gate.

From the central ticket gate, you can see the Coms Garden and from the Katamachi ticket gate to Osaka Castle as shown by the arrow.

Go out the central exit ticket gate and proceed to the left, there will be a passage for the Keihan Railway Kyobashi Station Katamachi Exit ticket gate.

Proceed along the passageway in the direction of Katamachi (arrow direction).

As you walk along the passageway, you will find the intersection like this, so cross the road and go right (arrow direction).

There is Kyobashi Park. This is Coms Garden.

From the entrance, it looks like a normal park, but when you go inside, the underground mall appears.

There are many shops. The feature here is that there are many famous chain stores and there are shops with private rooms, so it is easy to use for families and banquets.

This is a view from the second basement.

4.You can get to the business district! Katamachi Exit

Katamachi Exit is a convenient exit to Osaka Business Park, Osaka Castle and Osaka Castle Hall.

This is Katamachi Exit at Kyobashi Station.

The street called “K-Burato” continues from the Katamachi Exit under the overpass near Tenma Bridge.

There are many shops, including convenience stores and 100-yen shop.

There is “KiKi Kyobashi” where animate, BOOKOFF, TSUTAYA, etc. locate. There used to be “Kyobashi Kagetsu”, but now you can find the popular theater “Raibuza Kyobashi Theater”.

Here are the stairs and escalators to the Katamachi exit gate.

As you go up the stairs, there is a ticket gate and a ticket office.

4-1.From Katamachi Exit to Osaka Castle

Go out the Katamachi Exit ticket gate and climb the escalator on the left. You can find the road to Osaka Business Park the “Osaka Castle Kyobashi Promenade”.

This is the Osaka Castle Promenade. If you turn left in front of the road and head towards “AEON Kyobashi Store (formerly Daiei Kyobashi Store)”.

The Osaka Business Park building can be seen beyond the promenade.

※Click the photo to enlarge.

There is a Osaka Business Park information board near the end of the promenade, so you may not get lost.

Under the sign board is a street called Park Avenue. If you go straight on this street, you will head to Osaka-Jo-Hall, Osaka Water Bus, and Osaka Castle.

To get to Park Avenue, go down the stairs slightly ahead of the signboard. If you go ahead without going down the stairs, you will be at the entrance to the TWIN21 building.

Go down the stairs and go straight the  you can see the sidewalk along Park Avenue.

There is TWIN21 building on the right.

Cross the intersection of “Shiromi 1” and proceed further to the bridge. Cross this bridge.

Osaka-jo-Hall on the right.

You can see the port of Osaka Castle of Osaka Water Bus on your left.

If you cross the bridge, you can see Osaka Castle.

5.Zero minute walk from the station to Keihan Mall, 3rd floor ticket gate

This is the Keihan Mall connecting exit on the 3rd floor concourse. As soon as you exit, there are many shops. However, this ticket gate can only be used between 10:30 and 21:00.

※ Please refer to this website here for Keihan Mall shops.
Keihan Mall HP Floor Guide

This is “SWEETS BOX” where you can find the different famous shops of sweets almost every week. This is Next to the exsit of Keihan Mall connecting road.

The other side of the Keihan Mall communication exit is
Above: Convenience store Anslee,
Bottom: There are udon shops and takoyaki shops.

If you go to the Katamachi Exit on the 3rd floor concourse, you can find the drugstore.

6.The platform is on the 4th floor of the station building!

This is a photo of Kyoto area seen from Keihan Mall.

From another angle. The JR loop line runs under the Keihan train.

Kyobashi station floor map (Keihan train website) See also here.

6-1.The access to the home from the central gate

There are 3 escalators for each escalator. The escalator in the foreground is the descending escalator.

There are 3 escalators to the platform. The escalator on the far right is directly connected to the Kyoto area. The other two are bound for the 3rd floor concourse. There are no direct escalators to Yodoyabashi and Nakanoshima, so you can access the platforms from the 3rd floor concourse.

The escalator, staircase and concourse seen from the Kyoto side passage on the 3rd floor. The left side is the descending escalator, and the right side is the climbing escalator.

6-2.Access to the platform from the Katamachi Exit ticket gate

A ticket gate seen from inside the Katamachi Exit ticket gate.

The climbing escalator and stairs to the 3rd floor concourse.

When you go up from Katamachi Exit to the platform, there is a stairway to the platform (this photo is a photo of Lines 1 and 2 for Kyoto). The escalator is at the end of the stairs.

Above: This is an escalator to Platform 1 and 2.
Lines 1 and 2 in the direction of Kyoto are at the end of the train.
Bottom: An escalator to platform 3-4.
This is the forefront of Line 3 and 4 for Yodoyabashi and Nakanoshima.

6-3.The platfrom

The platform of Kyobashi Station is divided into Kyoto direction, Yodoyabashi and Nakanoshima direction.

Homes 1 and 2 are for Kyoto.

A photo from Katamachiguchi
All trains stop at Kyobashi Station, including the express limited express.

▼ What is Keihan limited Express?

Platforms 3 and 4 are for Yodoyabashi and Nakanoshima.

It is a photograph seen from Katamachiguchi direction.

The Yodoyabashi and Nakanoshima directions are separated at the next Tenmabashi, but Kyobashi Station, which is convenient for transferring, is considered as a transfer station.

There are also shops at the platfrom for Kyoto.

There is the convenient store and juice server near the Kyoto store and another convenient store near Yodoyabashi.

The Anthree which sells amazing Frankfurt which surprises except those who use Keihan Line.

7.Introduction of the station building

This is the entrance to Hotel Keihan Kyobashi Grande. It is on the left side of the central gate.

This is the entrance to Keihan Mall Kyobashi store. It is a photograph seen from the JR Loop Line Kyobashi Station direction.

8.Lottery counter at Kyobashi Station

The lottery counter located near the JR Loop Line and Kyobashi Station on the Keihan Railway. Some users for this shop won in the lottery..

8-1.Lottery section of Keihan Kyobashi Station

This lottery counter is located in the passage from the central gate to the Katamachi exit. Soon after entering the access passage, it is next to the convenience store, but be careful not to overlook it because it is a small shop.
In this section, a year-end jumbo lottery in 2017 (2017) worth 1 billion yen, including a prize of around 1st place had been once sold.

8-2.Lottery section of JR Loop Line Kyobashi Station

This store is located diagonally to the left of the ticket gate at JR Kyobashi Station. The direction is to Kyobashi Station on the Keihan Railway.

This has a lot of big prize winners in this section.


How was or articles? Please visit Kyobashi, where the downtown area is centered around the Grand Chateau and commercial facilities such as Coms Garden.


▼ This article is also available for those who live along Keihan Railway.

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