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【Keihan Limited Express】 is so amazing! Speed is slow but luxury is the best in Osaka ? We introduce the charm of 8000 series!

The Keihan Limited Express is said to be very luxurious compared to other private limited express trains. Moreover, it is one of the merits that express charge is free.

However, compared with JR’s new expressway and Hankyu’s limited express, the speed is slower, and this is the disadvantage point.

In addition, you can go to Iwashimizu-Hachimangu Shrine, Fushimi-Inari Taisha, Kiyomizu-temple, Rokuharamitsu-temple, Yasaka-shrine and New year visit and other tourist spots without switching to other companies’ lines.

In addition, free Wi-Fi can be used in the car, and 2-story vehicles can also be used with tickets only.

Among train fans, it is said that it is amazing to be able to use the luxury trains without express tickets so far. We will introduce the attractive Keihan limited express in detail using photos.

In addition to the attraction of the Keihan Limited Express, we will introduce as below;

・ Departure time (we introduce how to check on the net)
・ stops (on a train’s route)
・ Premium car fee, reservation method

Since Keihan Railway is far from Osaka Station and Umeda Station, you might think they are inconvenient. You can also go to Keihan Railway’s Terminal Station Yodoyabashi Station by Osaka Metro (formerly Osaka Municipal Subway) Midosuji Line at one station. It will not be inconvenient considering the transfer on the way.

For those who want to know immediately, the summary also introduces the points of the Keihan Limited Express. You should read that first and read the main article only where you want to know more.

1.Limited express charge is free.

The Keihan Limited Express does not require express fares except for some premium cars and trains. The double decker can also be boarded by fare alone. In addition, non-stop high-speed express trains between Kyobashi and Nanajyo can also be taken with fares only, except for premium cars.

All seats are unreserved seats except for premium cars

Limited Express is free of charge and all seats are unreserved. The popular head cars seats and the second floor seats of the two-story cars will be the first win.

2.Time of departure of limited express (8000 series)

The Keihan Limited Express operates from 5 to 6 trains per hour. However, it is not all the limited express vehicles called 8000 series that premium cars are connected.

Blow is inside the express of a general vehicle.

・ Time of departure of 8000 series limited express Yodoyabashi Station (Saturday holiday)

7am : 10  20  40  50
8am: 10  20  40
9am~10am: 20  50 (00 and 30 are express )
11am: 30  40 (00 is express )
12pm~3pm: 00  10  30  40
4pm~7pm: 00  10  30  50
8pm: 00  24  36  48
9pm: 00  24  36
10pm: 00

Other than this time, the express has been operated, but it is not 8000 series but a general vehicle.

2-1 the tips to find out the departure time of the 8000 limited express!

You can check the departure time of the Series 8000 Limited Express on the Keihan Train site. This is a little tip, but you can check the departure time of the 8000 series express by checking the departure time of the premium car.

Access the Keihan premium car site.
Keihan Railway HP Premium Car

As you scroll down, there is a place called “Operation diagram”, enter the following.
・ Day of week
・ Route
・ station name to ride
When you click “Display”, the departure time is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

You can check the timetable of the station or home.

The departure time of the premium car is written on the right end of the timetable. As mentioned earlier, premium cars are connected to 8000 series only, so if it is the train written here, you can ride 8000 series.
(This timetable is for Hirakata City Station, please note that it is different from the departure time for Yodoyabashi Station)

2-2. Rapid Express Express (Rakuraku) also operates on 8000 series on Saturdays and holidays

The rapid express “Rakuraku”, which is nonstop between Kyobashi Station in Osaka and Nanajyo Station in Kyoto, is also operated as a series 8000 on Saturdays and holidays.

9 am~10 am: 00 30
11am: 00

If you go to Kyoto through Nanajyo, it would be better to use Rakuraku.

※ The express departure time is as of November 2018. The departure time may change due to changes in the diagram, weather conditions, etc.

3.Keihan Limited Express is different from ordinary vehicles! The luxury of the Keihan Limited Express

The Keihan Limited Express is said to be luxurious among the private railway limited express in Kansai, but there are some points what you feel luxurious. Here are some points.

・ There is no hanging poster
・ Cross sheet
・ Window is large
・ There are two-story vehicles
・ Wi-Fi can be used free of charge
・ You can feel the sense of superiority

We will introduce one by one.

3-1. There is no hanging poster

There is no hanging poster in the Keihan Limited Express. A hanging advertisement is an advertisement that is suspended from the ceiling of a vehicle.

The feeling you saw is completely different. When you actually get in, the interior of the car has a clear impression.

3-2. Cross sheet

The express seat is a cross seat that can be seated in the direction of travel.

The luxury is different compared to the general vehicle introduced earlier. In addition, the express has become even more luxurious because the color of the interior of general vehicles differ.

3-3. The window is large

The windows of the express are larger than general vehicles.

The windows of the general vehicle will be on the back side, so it is not easy to enjoy the scenery outside. As for the express, the seat is facing the direction of travel, so you can enjoy the view from the large window. You can also watch the Yamazaki distillery of Suntory when you pass Kuzuha Station.

3-4. There are two-story vehicles

The limited express car No. 4 is a double decker and has two floors.
As soon as you get in you will find the stairs.

The interior is more luxurious than other vehicles and is carpeted.

The view from the second floor can be seen far.

You can also enjoy this kind of scenery.

It is the castle of called “Yodo Castle” which was built in 1623 and became an abandoned castle after the Meiji Restoration. At the end of Edo Era (1868), in the War of Boshin, it was used as the accommodation of the Shogunate army. It is a different castle from the Yodo castle that Toyotomi Hideyoshi built as a birthplace for Yodo princess.

The position of the window is so high.
What kind of scenery can you see from the one of the first floor seats?

It is the height of the platform. When the train goes through the station, I am so excited that the platform is so close.

The double decker ids the car No.4, and the riding position is shown on the platform. If you find this mark, you can get on the double decker car.

3-5.Wi-Fi can be used free of charge

You can use free Wi-Fi in the express car. Although the number of users may still be small, the display speed of the homepage is not frustrating.

The Wi-Fi name is KEIHAN_FREE_Wi-Fi, which can be used for up to 50 minutes.

3-6. You can feel the sense of superiority

When you get on a limited express and get to the stop, you may feel the sense of superiority. This is also one of the benefits of using express.

These services can be used with fares only.

4.Which seat is better?

At Keihan Limited Express, the view from the car window is different depending on the left and right seats. The recommendation is on the left side when going to Kyoto (it is called the “river side” in Keihan).

It is the scenery seen from Kuzuha Station to the left on Kyoto.

The Yamazaki distillery of Suntory and the ruins of Yodo castle, which are introduced in this article, are also on the left. The Keihan limited express runs through the city, but you can enjoy the beautiful scenery as you can see the mountains after passing Kuzuha Station.

When it is cherry blossom season, you can also see the row of cherry blossoms of Hachiman after passing the Hachiman-shi station.

5.Is there a toilet?

Keihan Tokyu does not have a toilet. There are no toilets for premium cars.

6.Introduction and rates for premium cars

We have introduced you to the luxury of the Keihan Limited Express, but here we will introduce a more premium premium car.

The premium car is No. 6 car of the 8000 limited express and will be reserved for all seats. In order to make sure that you don’t get in the wrong car, at the express stop the premium car ride position is written on the platform.

Premium cars have three rows of seats, unlike other express vehicles. So you will feel more relaxed.

Furthermore, the seat can be reclined.  Two-person seats can also be reclined individually.

It is a premium car that is luxurious compared to other vehicles, but there is only one disappointing point. That means that the size of the window changes with the seat. The seat I sat is a one-person “11C” seat, but the window is much smaller than the other seats.

Please use the 7th or 9th seat if you are going to Demachiyanagi to enjoy the wonderful scenery. Also, if you go to Demachi Yanagi, you can enjoy a better view for 2 people than for 1 person. You may have to keep this in mind when booking.

6-1. About charges

The premium car rates are as follows.
・Yodoyabashi-from Kyobashi to Kuzuha at 400 yen
・From Yodoyabashi-Kyobashi to Tyushojima 500 yen
If you get on from Hirakata City or Kuzuha, it will cost 400 yen even if you get to the end  Demachiyanagi.

6-2. About seat specification

You can specify seats for premium cars at the infostation for express stops and the premium club at the reservation exclusive site.

If you have reserved a seat at InfoStation,
・ Time of departure
・ Seat number
A premium car ticket will be issued including the above three information..

When booking at a premium club, pre-registration on the home page is required and credit card registration is required. If you are not using premium cars frequently, it would be more convenient to use the station’s infostation.

Can I make a reservation?

You can purchase a premium car ticket from 10:00 am 14 days before boarding and 3 minutes before the train leaves (1 minute before the premium club). If the date and time to go out is fixed, you can reserve a seat from two weeks ago.

You can also check the availability on the Keihan Train site.
Keihan Train HP Vacant seat inquiry

Select and enter the following items.
・ The boarding date and time
・ Train type (In this case, rapid limited express , limited express, liner are to be specified)
・ Boarding section
Select and press “Search”.

※ If you do not select the train type, you cannot enter the boarding section, please be careful

Where can I register a premium car club?

You can register at the Keihan Train site.
Keihan Train HP Premium Car Club Information

If there is something you do not understand, they will answer by phone.
Keihan premium car club dedicated dial
(9:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays, but closed from December 30 to January 3)

7.Introduction of the stations at which this train stops and transfer

The stop of Keihan Limited Express is 10 stops. We will introduce one station at a time.

7-1. Yodoyabashi Station

It is the terminal and terminal station of Osaka of Keihan Limited Express. This station is a connection station with the Osaka Metro (formerly Osaka Municipal Subway) Midosuji Line, and one stop from Umeda Station.

Near this station there are retro buildings such as Osaka City Central Public Hall (Nakanoshima Public Hall), Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library, and Bank of Japan Osaka Branch, and it is as close as a 5-minute walk.

7-2. Kitahama Station

1 minute from Yodoyabashi Station, it is the connection station with Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line Kitahama Station.

This station is close to the Rose Garden, which is said to be the largest in Osaka City, and Nakanoshima Park Lawn Square, a 5-minute walk. Also, the stone statues of A and Un lions are located at four locations in the bridge guard, so the Naniwa Bridge, also known as the Lion Bridge nickname, is a 1-minute walk .

Here is a lion statue of A and Un.

7-3. Tenmabashi Station

3 minutes from Yodoyabashi Station, it is a connection station with Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line Tenmabashi Station. It is also a branch station with the Keihan Railway Nakanoshima Line.

Near this station there is Osaka Castle, where Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Taikou-san) built. It is about 20 minutes on foot.

On the way from Tenmabashi Station to Kyobashi Station, you can see Osaka Castle on the right side of the direction of travel (for premium cars on the one-person-seat side).

7-4. Kyobashi Station

7 minutes from Yodoyabashi Station. It is a connecting station between JR West Loop Line and Katamachi Line Kyobashi Station. It is 3 stations from Loop Line to JR Osaka Station.

Kyobashi Station is the station with the largest number of passengers on the Keihan Railway, and approximately 200,000 people use it in a day.

Near this station there is the Osaka Castle Hall where the concerts are held. However, since it is difficult to understand the way on foot, it would be easier to change to the JR Loop Line and go from Osakajo-Koen Station.

7-5. Hirakata-shi Station

21 minutes from Yodoyabashi Station. It is the connection station with the Katano Line. Near this station there is the Ikami Shrine, known as the famous spot for plums, about a 10-minute walk from the station.

Hirakata Park, famous for “Hirapa”, is located at Hirakata Park Station, just one side of Hirakata City (toward Osaka). If you use the express, you need to go back one station.

7-6. Kuzuha Station

27 minutes from Yodoyabashi Station. Near this station there is the SANZEN-HIROBA, where the Keihan limited express No. 3505 (TV car) is preserved digitally. In addition to the 3505 car, there are also simulators for the 8000 series (current express) and 2600 series (normal vehicles).

To Iwashimizu Hachiman Shrine in Hachiman City, which is famous for New Year visit , you must change at this Kuzuha Station.

※ As to digital movement preservation, the displayed vehicle does not move, but you can enjoy the images and the running sounds according to the driving operation by the simulator, and you can enjoy the driving experience or the riding experience as if you are actually on the train.

If you go beyond Hachimanshi Station, you will cross the Kizugawa and Ujigawa rivers. Kizugawa and Ujigawa join Katsuragawa river around Hashimoto Station and become Yodogawa river.

7-7. Chushojima Station

38 minutes from Yodoyabashi Station. It is the connection station on the Uji line to Uji Station, the buildings of which are registered as World Heritage sites, such as Byodo-in Temple and Uji Kami Shrine.

Near this station, there is a sake store in Fushimi, and a Teradaya where Ryoma Sakamoto, who lived at the end of the Edo period, was the regular residence.

7-8. Tambabashi Station

40 minutes from Yodoyabashi Station. It is a connection station with Kintetsu Kyoto Line Tambabashi Station. In addition, when going to Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine and Tofuku-ji Temple, you must change trains at this station.

To Fushimi Inari Taisha, where the Senbon Torii is located, transfer to semi express or express at Tambabashi Station, and it is about 5 minutes on foot from Fushimi Inari Station.

7-9. Nanajyo Station

46 minutes from Yodoyabashi Station. Near this station are Sanjusangendo and Kyoto National Museum.

To visit the famous temples such as Kiyomizudera, Otani Honjo and Rokuharamitsudera, you must transfer at Nanajyo Station or Tambabashi Station, and Shimizu Gojo Station will be the closest.

7-10. Gion Shijo Station

49 minutes from Yodoyabashi Station. This station is the closest station to Kyoto’s busiest shopping street Shijokawaramachi. In addition, Yasaka Shrine, where the Gion Festival is held, is a walking area, and Maruyama Park, also known as a famous place for cherry blossoms, is a walking area.

If you go a little further, you can walk to Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Rokuharamitudera Temple.

7-11. Sanjo Station

51 minutes from Yodoyabashi Station. It is the connecting station with Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line Sanjo Keihan Station. When going out to Otsu, you must change train at Sanjo Station of Subway Tozai Line.

7-12. Demachiyanagi Station

56 minutes from Yodoyabashi Station. It is the terminal station on the Kyoto side of Keihan Railway. It has become the connection station with Eizan Train Demachiyanagi Station. When going to Yase, Ohara, Kurama, Kifune, etc., transfer to Eizan train at this station

Near this station are the Shimogamo Shrine, where Aoi-Matsuri is held as an annual festival, and the Kyoto Gyoen, where the Kyoto Imperial Palace is located.

You can also check the express train stops on the Keihan Train website.

Keihan Train HP Route Map

Visit the site and scroll down to the “Station Information” section. It’s small and hard to see, but you can see it in a larger image by clicking “Zoom in”.

Not only express stations but also all stations are informed here, so it may be easy to understand how to transfer.


As for the Keihan Limited Express, luxury is a hot topic among railway enthusiasts among the private railways in Kansai. And you can go to the spot such as Iwashimizu Hachimangu, Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kiyomizudera, Rokuharamitsudera, Yasaka Shrine without transfering.

The attraction of the Keihan Limited Express is:

・ Express charge is free
・Seat facing in the direction of travel (cross sheet)
・ 2-story vehicle
・ There is no hanging advertisement
・ Window is large
・ Free Wi-Fi can be used
・ You can feel the sense of superiority

However, the limited express trains may be operated by commuter general vehicles as well as the 8000 series with such luxury. So, it is important to know the departure time.

You can easily find out the departure time of the 8000 Series Limited Express on the Keihan Train site. You can see the results as soon as you enter the use date and time and the train station.

Keihan Railway HP Premium Car

You can access this site and scroll down to find the ‘Driving diagram’, so you can enter the day of the week, the route, and the station name and click ‘View’ to find out.

With this method, you can examine the driving schedule of a premium car, but since the premium car is only connected to 8000 series, it is one of the tips.

The stops on the way are Kitahama, Tenmabashi, Kyobashi, Hirakata City, Kuzuha, Tyushojima, Tamba Bashi, Nanajyo, Gion Shijo, and Sanjo 10 stations. Kyobashi and Nanajyo will be non-stop when it is the express of Rakuraku.

The nearest station of the famous Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine of New Year visit is Hachiman City, but it is not an express stop. However, you can go by changing to the liaison train at Hirakata-shi Station or Kashiwa Station. In the same way, as to visiting Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine located at Fushimi Inari Station which is not a limited express station, Kiyomizudera and Rokuhanamitsusa located at Shimizu Gojo Station, etc. you can transfer at Nakashojima Station or Tambabashi Station.

You can also check the stops of the special express on the Keihan Railway website.

Keihan Train HP Route Map

You can visit the site and scroll down to the “Station Information” section, so you can see a larger image by clicking “Zoom” .

In addition, there is a place called SANZEN-HIROBA at Kuzuha Station of Keihan Railway, and Keihan Limited Express, which has been active in the past, is stored in digital form. Here you can experience driving simulation of Keihan Train.

Here you can experience three types of cars: the 3505 car, the 8000 series, and the 2600 series of general vehicles. You may enjoy the attraction of the Keihan Limited Express while driving here.

Finally, if you head for Kyoto, we recommend the left side (called river side in Keihan). You can see the mountains from Kuzuha Station, and you can see the Yamazaki Distillery of Suntory and the ruins of Yodo castle. On the right side you can see the residential area and the cityscape. When you get on the Keihan Limited Express, you should use the seat on the left.

If you usually use JR or Hankyu, why not try Keihan Limited Express once? Also, if you are using the Keihan train but have never boarded a limited express, why not change the limited express when going out to Osaka or Kyoto?

※ You can use Keihan limited express only with normal ticket, but please be careful the liners operated during premium car and commuting time zone. You need seat reservation ticket besides the normal ticket

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