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【Tennoji / Abeno lunch】around the station-downtown area, to the Syouwacyo neighborhood.

Popular spot Tennoji, Abeno area located in south more than Osaka Namba!
Abeno Harukas, the tallest building in Japan, and Abeno Q’s Mall, one of the largest mall-type shopping centers in Osaka Prefecture, are very popular spots! I would like to introduce a restaurant where you can have a delicious lunch, which is useful to know when you come to Tennoji! And this time to downtown spot, Showa town neighborhood! Please refer to it.

1.Tennoji area

1-1. Fashion cafe of Tennoji

【Brasserie monochrome】
A few minutes walk from Tennoji Station. There is a shop on the main street.

When you enter the entrance there is a big big staircase. If you have a stroller or a wheelchair, call the store on the intercom and it will guide you to the elevator

The shop is large and also windows are large and open! It is full even if it is past 13 o’clock on weekdays! ! I went to the bar space as this cafe seat was full.

Bar space is more chic than cafe space .


※Click the photo to enlarge.

I ordered main plate lunch! Today lunch is “Bruncha Shariapin sauce of chicken”

Pretty volume! ! Also bread is too big.

Upper left:Good crisp and sharia pin sauce. It is a sauce containing onion and garlic. That’s delicious!
Upper right:Vegetable fritters and ratatouille, carrot rape, all delicious!
Lower left:Pumpkin salad is also sweet and delicious.
Lower right:This bread knead dough-by boiling water. It’s fluffy.

Girls are happy that there are many vegetables

I ordered a dessert set for +450 yen after meals. Fresh cream and caramel sauce go well. Delicious!

Drinks can be selected, and it is recommended to attach a dessert set. By the way, this is a royal milk tea.

Recommended points
You can use it for dating, girls’ meetings, etc. The dessert is delicious. After dinner, you can use as BAR or night cafe! You can use it all day


Sore name:Brasserie Monochrome
Address:10-39 Osadaincho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu, Holiday 11:30~22:30 (LO 22:00)
Fri, Sat, Holiday 11:30~23:00 (LO 22:30)
(LUNCH 11:30~15:00 (LO 15:00)
Regular holiday: Open all year round
Access:5 minutes on foot from Tennoji Station


1-2. You can eat meat dishes reasonable!

【Burian Abeno Apollo Building Store】
burianIt is a shop where you can enjoy the meat on the 2nd floor of the abeno Apollo Building

burianThere is a statement on the menu saying “A lot of soft red meat can be eaten!” I ordered “special beef harami thick cut steak medium size M (200 g)”. Rice is all you can eat.

burianLet’s eat with source.

burianWhen put in the mouth, without the bad smell of harami, the taste spreads in the mouth. The meat is soft but there is a firm bite response without being too soft. This is 1,500 yen (excluding tax). If you want to eat a lot of rice, you should  choose S size (130 g), and if you want to eat 3 cups of rice, you can enjoy the special beef harami for 1,180 yen (excluding tax)

burianThere are only a few tables in the store .(almost counter seat) So you should avoid crowded time


burian※Click the photo to enlarge.

There are a lot of other menus that I want to eat! I would like to eat hunger steak next time !

Recommended points
You should go there when you want to eat a lot of meat. A small number of people is recommended because there are only a few seat .


Store name:Buri an abeno Apollo Building Branch
Address:1-5-31 abeno Suji, Abeno-ku, Osaka City Apollo Building B2F
Opening hours:11:00~15:00 (LO 14:30) 17:00~22:00 (LO 21:30)
Regular holiday:All year round
Acesse :1 minute walk from JR Tennoji Station, 2 minutes walk from Kintetsu Osaka Abenobashi Station, 4 minutes walk from Tanimachi Abeno Statio


1-3. A set meal with good cost performance!!

【Stand tomi】
There are shops on the first floor of Abeno Lucias, west of Tennoji Station.
There is also a chair properly. There are 5 counters and 2 people tables.

Although she was busy, she was always smile. On this day, something like Tibetan music was heard and healed. So I couldn’t decide what should I choose. but ordered plenty of sashimi set meal


※Click the photo to enlarge.

It came soon after ordering.

Look! What a lot of food!

If you count it, there are 14 kinds of sashimi. I’m wondering which to eat from!

Fresh and delicious! There are three side dishes and I was satisfied. They said “Have a nice day”when you leave the shop! It’s not only cheap but you want to come again!

Recommended points
The customer base is male 8 female 2. It feels like going home soon after eating. As lunch is sold out after 1pm so you should go to there until 1p.


Store name:Stand Tomi
Address:Abeno-suji 1-chome Abeno-ku, Osaka The 1st floor of Lushiasu Building 1st floor
Opening hours:
Weekday 11:00~14:30 / 16:00~22:30
Fri Saturdays and holidays 11:00~15:00 / 15:00~22:30
Regular holiday:Regular holiday (Close to regular holidays in Lucia Building)
Access:3 minutes walk from Tennoji Station on each line


1-4Good access! A bar and cafe at Tennoji Station!

【Brasserie Bou Jr.】
Near Tennoji Station Tennoji Mio Plaza Mioekicchin M2 floor, there is a shop on the floor where there is a famous gondola in Tapioca.

The shop welcomed me with a smile when I was looking at the menu. The atmosphere is good for even alone to enter


※Click the photo to enlarge.

There are also various lunch menus and I couldn’t decide soon. I want to eat dessert so I decided to a “ladies lunch “with drink and petit dessert!

Colorful vegetables and soup. It is a healthy lunch. Not only vegetables, also marinated , sauteed of vegetables and meat. I would like to eat katsuretsu next time

The chiffon is fluffy, and it is very delicious. Kanure also  delicious Organic coffee is also delicious . This shop serve 980 yen with dessert and drink is affordable!

In this shop serve 380 yen (glass) at happy hour time from 11:00 to 17:00. It is great for those who drink.

Recommended points
The shop is also very friendly and it is a shop that is easy to go alone. I think it’s good  for girl’s party , dating , even office workers on weekdays! Kanure is recommend too.


Store name:Brasserie Bo Jr
Address:10-48 Tendaiji Otada-incho, Osaka City Tennoji Mio Plaza Hall M2F
Opening hours:11:00~23:00 (LO 22:30)
Regular holiday:All year round
Access:Each line Tennoji Station 1 minute walk


1-5. Lunch at old private house

【Nano an】
The middle of Tennoji! This old-fashioned house is a renovated 100-year-old house where you can eat Japanese food.
In such a place! ? It is very nice from the appearance

Take off your shoes at the entrance and enter the tatami room.

There are six rooms on the first floor and the second floor. Every room has a view of the garden. It’s calming down in a space that seems to be a time slip


※Click the photo to enlarge.

50 meals limited lunch!

It’s cute in a small bowl. I ate while watching the menu. Very healthy using various vegetables! The main thing of the day is chicken and potato curry Nanban style.

It is possible to change it to Taki Komi rice for +100 yen! You can change large rice (free)

Recommended points
There is also a counter seat where you can look at the garden, so you can be relax. If you like old houses! When you want to eat a healthy lunch! ※ Men may not be enough …? So you may want to order something.


Store name:Shusai Nano an
Address:2-23 Chausuyamacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
Opening hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 11:30~14:30 (LO 13:30) / 17:00~ 22:30 (LO 21:00)
Day 11:30~14:30 (LO 13:30) / 17:00~21:30 (LO 20:00)
Regular holiday:Monday
Access:Line Tennoji Station Walk 3 minutes
Reservation:not possible


1-6. Hainan chicken rice! Singapore chicken rice

【Horiuchi Chicken Rice】
The shop walking a little from Tennoji Station ♪ It is located along Route 25.

The store has pop-rock and Asian music flowing in the mix


※Click the photo to enlarge.

Hainan Chicken Rice “Hai Nan Qi Fan” is a so-called Singapore chicken rice! Speaking of Asian chicken rice, there is also a kaoman gai in Thailand.

I ate chicken rice for the first time in Singapore. The difference between Singapore and Thai chicken rice is the source.
Singapore has three types of sauce, ginger, soy sauce and chili pepper.

You can order Pakuchi if you like. Of course I ordered . I love Pakuti.
A lot of big chickens. Steamed chicken is soft and juicy! Jasmine rice has some taste. It is delicious that there are various sauce combinations. Also chicken rice is delicious after all.

Recommended points
You can walk from Tennoji. If you want to eat Asian rice! If you are not good at steamed chicken, there are fried chicken rice and kaoman gai tote.


Store name:Horiuchi chicken rice
Address:10-1 Minami 10-chome Tennojicho, Abeno-ku, Osaka
Opening hours:Monday to Sunday 12:00~15:00/17:00~22:30 (LO 21:30)
Regular holiday:Tuesday,Wednesday
Access:Each Tennoji Station 12 minutes on foot / Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line Kawahoriguchi 2 minutes on foot
Reservation:Allowed (dinner time only)


1-7.Meat lunch in the Tenshiba area ♪

【Tennouji Robert】
Ten Shiba … do you  know?
It is a lawn open space from Tennoji Station to Tennoji Zoo. Green is beautiful and there are various stores and is recommended for walks.

There is “Robert” in Tenshiba.

Here is the entrance.

The shop is large, with large windows and sunlight.

A stylish restaurant with a sense of openness.


※Click the photo to enlarge

I ordered a roast beef bowl.

The meat is soft and sweet sauce and sour cream match goes well roast beef.

There is a drink bar for lunch.

Recommended points
A date for girls, women’s association, even with small children, atmosphere that is easy to enter alone. As well as meat menu, there are also fish etc. ♪


Store name:Tennoji Meat furnace end Robert
Address:5-55 Chasuyamacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City Tennoji Park entrance area
TEL: 06-6775-0789
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 11:00~15:30 (LO15:00) /17:00~23:00 (LO 22:00)
Saturday and Sunday before 11:00~16:00 (LO 15:30) /17:00~23:00 (LO 22:00)
Regular holiday:all year round
Access:Each Tennoji Station 2 minutes on foot


1-8. A pizzeria who want to  stay long

【AOI Naples In The Park】

This is another shop in the Tenshiba area. The sister store of the popular ” AOI Naples” Pizzeria in Tokyo Koishikawa.

There are large glass windows inside the store. There is a sense of openness. there is also a terrace seat on the second floor. It’s good for nice weather’s day.


※Click the photo to enlarge.

Soup comes with lunch ♪

Soup is full of ingredients such as beans!

I  ordered  margherita! and also I ordered cola for +200 yen.

Delicious with plenty of mozzarella cheese!

Recommended points
Zoo Date! Girl’s party ! Welcome party! Etc. You can also have a BBQ.


Store name:AOI Napoli In The Park
Address:5-55 Chasuyamacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City Tennoji Park Entrance Area Ten Shiba
Business hours:Mon-March 11:00~22:30 / Fri Sat 11:30~23:00 (Lunch 11:30~15:00)
Regular holiday:All year round
Access:Each Tennoji Station 2 minutes walk


2.Abeno neighborhood

2-1. Fashion cafe of house

【Tomoyasu Seisakusho Cafe & Bar Abeno】
It is in the back alley just after Tanimachi Line Abeno Station.

The appearance is also fashionable. I was  excited before entering.

The store on the second floor is full of girls at lunch.


※Click the photo to enlarge.

There are a lot of lunch menus and I couldn’t decide soon ♪ Please note that the number of hamburgers is limited.

Mozzarella Mushroom Burger is full of cheese and mushrooms.

The amount is too much to open the mouth but you can eat all.

Today’s one plate is beautiful riding variously! The amount is also good . Today is chicken tomato simmered. The tomato goes well with the tender chicken! Quiche is also delicious. Women are also happy because they can eat plenty of vegetables. It with a soup

The black cheesecake is cool. Oreo is delicious.

The second floor is an interior shop with curtains and wallpapers collected from around the world. It is cheap !

Recommended points
The appearance and the interior are very fashionable. Good atmosphere for girls’ party  and dating! We also sell things used in the store.


Store name:Tomoyasu Seisakusho Cafe & Bar Abeno
Address:Osaka-shi Abeno-ku Abeno-suji 2 chome 3-8
Opening hours:11:00~25:00 (Sunday: 22:00)
Lunch 11:00~15:00 (LO 14:30)
Cafe 11:00~22:00 (LO Food 21:00 / Drinks 21:30)
Dinner 17:00~22:00 (LO Food 21:00 / Drinks 21:30)
Bar 17:00~25:00 (LO 24:30)
※ except Sunday: Shop 11:00~20:00
Regular holiday:Fixed holiday
Access:Tanimachi Line Abeno Station 3 minutes walk Each line Tennoji Station / Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line Osaka Abenobashi Station 5-minute walk
Reservation:Lunch time is not possibl


2-2. A long-established delicious Asian restaurant

【Far East Abeno Store (Far East)】

A long-established Asian restaurant. Its located soon from Abeno Station. A green signboard is a mark

You can hear Asian music and the lights are dim. At lunch time, customers come  all the time. So it’s always full. What a popular store!


※Click the photo to enlarge.

The menu ranges from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia to Korea, Okinawa, etc.

It has an Asian unique taste. Delicious! ! Plenty of vegetables! You can change a gapo rice for 50 yen plus. I ordered  a small amount of noodles, but it was delicious and I drank the soup all so I was full.

Add seasonings as you like.

Annin tofu. You can order hot chai for 150 yen plus.

Recommended points
It has also kids plate.It’s good for one person , couple, girls’ party  etc.. A lot of  lunch menu is also available ♪ You can feel Asian in the near field ♪


Store Name:Far East Abeno Store (Far East)
Address:1-7 Abeno-Suji, Abeno-ku, Osaka
Opening Hours:11:30~15:00/18:00~23:30
Regular Holiday:Monday
Access:Tanimachi Line Abeno Station 2 minutes on foot Reservation: Allowed


3.Showa town area

3-1. A popular longhouse cafe in a residential area in Showa-cho!

【Usagi to boku】
Showach! I feel the old town.

When you enter the store, the coffee smells is good. It is full on the weekdays even at 13:00. Always full. There are three counters and a table at the store. I could very relax.


※Click the photo to enlarge.

Unfortunately, only curry lunch remained on this day.

I did not notice at first but the radish of the top of the salad! How! ! Usa-chan! !

To curry! ! What a cute! !

It was Setsubun , so it’s oni-this is so cute that I can’t drink! Most of the customer ordered lattes.

adult carrot cake a little spicy!

Recommended points
We recommend a small number of people. I was very relax. If you go for lunch, we recommend that you go early. Latte art is cute! We also sell coffee beans.
※ Attention … group of five or more people can not enter.


Store name:Usagi to Boku
Address:9-10 Hannancho, Abeno-ku, Osaka
Opening hours:Thursday-Monday 9:00~18:00 (we recommend that you check the site)
Morning 11:00 Lunch 11:00 … Cake 13:00 …
Regular holiday:Tuesday Wednesdays (we recommend checking the site)
Access:Midosuji Line Showacho Station 6 minutes walk
Reservation:Not possible


3-2.Well omelet and hamburger!

【Western food fukinoto】

A Western-style restaurant with a focus on food, located in the back alley near Showamachi Station.

Inside the store there are 4 table seats and a counter.


※Click the photo to enlarge

Western food menu which seems to be all delicious! It is decided to omelet rice hamburg ladies’ size with a small salad.

First, I was surprised to see miso soup and salad! Rainy volume! Nice! ! Various vegetables are used. A lot of chrysanthemum, baby leaf. When I ate …

Onions and tomatoes come out from inside, and even to Kooyatofu and grilled eggs! I was surprised that something like a delicacy came out! ! interesting! On this day, it is fun to go without pesticides. Like!
When I enjoyed it with a salad, I came for a while!

Cheese hamburger on omelet rice! ! ! The condition of the egg is GOOD!

I usually need ketchup rice, but there is a lot of demiglace sauce, so simple butter rice goes well.
Contents are plenty of mushrooms and roughly large onions. Onions are sweet! Don’t get bored with two kinds of Demi-Glass sauce with quick and sweet!
Hamburger has a delicious taste of meat and is delicious with cheese and great compatibility.
It looks like it looks so thick and it’s surprisingly easy to eat with Perot! You can eat even the normal size.

Recommended points
It is a shop with a friendly and at-home feeling that is easy to enter alone ♪ You can also take home your favorite eggs.


Store name:Western-style fukinoto
Address:1-chome Hannan-cho, Abeno-ku, Osaka 47-23
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 11:30~14:30/18:00~21:00
Sat, Sun, Holiday: 11:30~15: 30/18:00~21:00
Regular holiday:Wednesday
Access:Midosuji Line Showacho Station 2 minutes on foot / Tanimachi Line Bunnosato Station 7 minutes on foot


3-3. cafe in Higashisumiyoshi ward

【Karo fukuiku Bansen kobo 】
A cafe with a sense of Showa that appears along the JR Hanwa Line.
When the door is opened, the nice smell of coffee.The first floor is a studio and a kitchen. The second floor is a amazing space!

It is made of concrete


※Click the photo to enlarge.

Monthly Keema Cheese Toast.This is February limited toast. Thick sliced ​​toast with cheese. Mixed juice is also delicious.

This is February limited toast. Thick sliced ​​toast with cheese. Mixed juice is also delicious.

It is filling .

Frege of strawberry.

The strawberry is also fresh! I ate everything. The fran Bowars cream is also delicious. Everything is exquisite cake. This is also limited to February

Recommended points
For those who want to relax! It’s good for reading books in a quiet space.


Store name:Karo Fukui Ikebo Kobo
Address:Kitakyushu 3-chome 1- 20 Higashi Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka
Opening hours:Sat-Wed 9:00~19:00
Regular holiday:Every other week
Access:JR Hanwa Line Misaki-en Station 6-minute walk / Tanimachi Line Fuminosato Station 10-minute walk


3-4. Commitment lunch in old folk cafe ♪

【Cotokoto kitchen]】
Cotokoto Kitchen, which is located in the middle of Momogaike Nagaya, is a new store that opened in April 2018.

There is a doma after entering, and there are 6 tables of large and small. It is a building with a strong presence, but it also feels retro. The day I went go on weekday and there were many housewives.


※Click the photo to enlarge.

Lunch 1,500 yen with lots of vegetables Lunch is only one type now. Today’s main, rolled cabbage already sold out, it became a hamburger.

■ Burdock soup Delicious!
I’m m glad that dietary fiber can be taken.
■rare otofu
This is homemade. Delicious!
■ 3 small bowls
・ Irodori daikon kakinamasu
・ shiroae of strawberries
・ Oagesan no takiawase

■ Salad of organic vegetables
This day is sweet and fruity with strawberry dressing.
■ The main hamburger is coarsely ground It is a hamburger with a solid, well-made eating response. French toast made with handmade focaccia seems to be recommended.

Recommended points
Since seasonal vegetables are used, it is a shop where you can visit every season.


Store name:cotocoto kitchen (Kotokoto kitchen)
Address:11-20, Momokaikecho, Abeno-ku, Osaka
Opening hours:Wed-Sun 11:30~17:00
Regular holiday:Mon-Tuesday
Access:JR Hanwa Line Minamitanabe Station 2 minutes walk Tanimachi Line Tanabe Station 10 minutes walk / Midosuji Line Nishitanabe Station 10 minutes walk



What did you think? We introduced the delicious and recommended shops around Tennoji and Abeno! From the good  cospa set meal with a thousand yen,
Fashion spot lunch of Tenshiji Park area. We introduce Asian food stalls, and downtown spots, cafes of Showa Town neighborhoo.
From small shops to large shops, all the shops are full of attention. Why don’t you go to Tennoji lunch.

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