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Can we go inside the ‘Tower of the Sun’ in the Osaka Expo Memorial Park? The project for the rebuilding of the ‘Tower of the Sun’ has started. We can go inside again in 2018.

tower of the sun banpaku

Do you know “Tower of the Sun”?
Most people say, “I know!”
Those who like manga would say, “It is the big tower in the Osaka Expo Memorial Park! ” “Texture Mapping will be performed!” and “It is the Tower of Friends which is in the 20th Century Boys.
Maybe they are all correct answers. Everyone knows the tower so much.
Do you know “What is inside this “Tower of the Sun”? It’s not just a statue.

What would you guys do if you could go inside?

So, we would like to introduce the “Tower of the Sun” which has various impressions for the visitor.

The Tower of the Sun at Osaka Expo on 1970.

太陽の塔 パビリオン③

The Tower of the Sun is the exhibition hall which was built in the Harmony Square in the theme pavilion at the Japan World Expo. It is not just the statue of the symbol of the Expo. As it was an exhibition hall, we could go inside and enjoy the exhibits. Designer is Taro Okamoto, an artist saying, “Art is Exploding!”

The theme hall is an exhibition space that spans three layers, underground, aboveground, and in the air.
In the basement, we could enjoy the primitive experience under the theme of “mystery of life” which is based on the progress and harmony.
On the ground floor, expression of the variety of human lives, its wonderfulness and dignity were based on the theme of “modern energy”.
In the aerial division of on the large rooftop, the figure of the future city of respecting human beings was the based on the theme of “space of the future”.
Each division had its theme; from the basement ~ to the rooftop, the mysteries of human beings are expressed, they seem to be profound. That is not just a symbol of the statue.

The structure is made of steel frame, reinforced by concrete, and sprayed concrete is used for weight reduction. Also, the hollow inside, it was used for the exhibition space at the time of the Expo. but it is not open now.

At that time, we were able to do the sightseeing from the underground exhibition hall through the 1F – 6F of tower to the aerial exhibition hall which has the large roof. It has an escalator to the aerial exhibition hall on the right side of the tower.

Is the face of the “Tower of the Sun” scary? The mystery of the tower? !

The Tower of the Sun has faces. There are 3 + 1. Each face has its own meaning.
The first three of them are the ones which you can see even from the outside.

太陽の塔 未来の太陽

First, the top. “Golden face” shining gold and symbolizing the future.


The light projectors were attached to the eyes and they were lit at night. It sounds like shooting the future. The lighting had stopped after the Expo once, but now it is shining. Is it horrible to see the eyes of the tower shining at night?

太陽の塔 現在の太陽

The face of the sun symbolizing the present in front. It is most human-like among the three. But this is also a little creepy with big, powerful scores.

太陽の塔 過去の太陽

At the back of the tower, “Black Sun” which symbolizes the past. This is located at the back side of the tower. It has the black face, the narrow eyes, and small mouth…. This is also scary.

And there was another “face”! This is said to be “+1”, the 4th face.
At that time, “Underground Sun” which was exhibited at the underground exhibition room during the Expo period. The face with a diameter of 3 meters, there are coronas on both sides, and if they are included, it is a huge object of about 13 meters, but it seems that after the end of the World Expo, they are lost. This is a mystery, isn’t it?

However, since I myself live in Osaka, I have watched the “Tower of the Sun” many times and considering the contents and meanings of the exhibition at the time of the Expo, I do not feel scary or unpleasant for it. More than that, I feel it impressive and cool. I do not know if this is the strategy of Mr. Taro Okamoto, or he just wanted to make a thing he wanted to.

One of the only things which exists since the Expo

After the Expo, most of the pavilion have already removed. However, one of the only pavilions which still exists without removing is “Tower of the Sun”. Although it seems that it was not decided initially to leave or not, it seems to be decided to continue to keep because of the impact of many visitors and the strong opposition to withdrawal. The “Tower of the Sun” is loved so much by many people.

EXPO’70 pavilion of the Tower of the Sun

Currently there is “EXPO ’70 Pavilion” in Expo Memorial Park.
There is a miniature of the theme pavilion at that time of the exhibition. You can experience the underground exhibition hall, the large roof, and the exhibition hall in the air.

太陽の塔 パビリオン①

When you see the tower, which is so big that it penetrates the big roof, those who have been to the Expo at the time, may say getting nostalgic “Oh yeah, it was such feeling!”. Even those who have not been to the Expo will be surprised that such things were built in 1970 and be moved.


And, the “Large Roof” of which the tower penetrated, is a very large roof whose size is 290.8 m in length, 108 m in width, 39.84 m in maximum height and 31.406 ㎡ in area. Some of the large roof made of steel frame is still in the festival square.

When I saw this for the first time, I thought “What is this iron object?” because I did not know well about Osaka World Expo at that time.
And as I approached there was an explanatory note saying that this is the part of the large roof from that period and, “There was a roof from this Festival Square to the present Square of the Sun.
You can see the back of the Tower of the Sun from a part of this large roof when looking sideways.
I was surprised with saying, “Oh, did this thing continue from here to there?”. I could not have a clue about distance.
So, we certainly want everyone to realize this huge tower.

You can go inside of the Tower of the Sun, which has come back again!

太陽の塔 パビリオン②

The inside of this tower has been open to public from March 19, 2018.

“The Rebuilding Project of the inside of Tower of the Sun”. Together with the earthquake proof construction of the tower which had become old, the “biological group of the tree life ” which was exhibited at the time of Expo was restored, and more, the 4th face of “the Sun of the Underworld” is likely to be restored.
Those who entered at that time will surely feel nostalgic, and those who enter for the first time will be excited! We are really looking forward to it!
On October 29th and 30th in 2016, The inside of the tower was opened before earthquake reinforcement renovation construction, but the chance of the entering inside was only one in sixty.
After all, the inside of the tower is an attractive space for various people. It was also very popular at the Osaka Expo in 1970.
You can hardly wait for this! We assume that there are also many people who wish to enter.

You can book at the official web site for the Tower of the Sun.

The reservation has started on January 19th, let’s hurry!
Admission fee for entering is 700 yen for adults, 300 yen for elementary and junior high school students
(※ Separately, you will need the entrance fee for natural cultural garden · Japanese garden)

We are asking for the donations for “Rebuilding the inside of the Tower of the Sun” project. You can use the hometown tax payment system for it.
Please check this out for details.

・The rebuilding project of the Tower of the Sun.

Gamba Osaka and the Tower of the Sun

The football stadium which is the base of Gamba Osaka is in Expo Memorial Park. The tower and Gamba Osaka collaborated and a game-related event that is called “GAMBA EXPO” was held. This contains the wish to be the “better place for relaxation” for the entire Expo Memorial Park, together with the wish for encouraging the “Rebuilding Project of the tower” and “cheering up the region under the influence of the sports”.
Gamba Osaka also sympathizes with this “the Rebuilding Project for the inside of the Tower of the Sun”.
On the game day (August 13, 2017), the athletes were wearing memorial uniforms with the designs of the “Tower of the Sun”.
“GAMBA EXPO” limited memorial uniform shirts were also presented to all the visitors.
There is a deep relationship between the Tower and Gamba Osaka.

Equipment outlines

Expo Memorial Park

〒565-0826 Senri Expo Park 1-1, Suita-City, Osaka Prefecture

06-6877-7387 (The General Information Office for Expo Memorial Park)

Business Hours
9: 30 – 17: 00
Closing Day

Admission fee
In Common with the fee for Japanese Garden and Natural Culture Garden
An individual
Adult 250 yen
Elementary and middle school students 70 yen

※ The inquiries for the fee for the group
06-6877-7387 (The General Information Office for Expo Memorial Park)


Watch in Street View


太陽の塔 マッピング

Projection mapping in December 2016

“Tower of the Sun” was the symbol of World Expo. at the time, now it has become the symbol representing Osaka.
It has been staying continuously at that place for 47 years from 1970 to 2017.
“Tower of the Sun” that is so much loved by everyone that the strong opinions for the rebuilding rises from the “Rough Work” by Mr. Taro Okamoto. From now on we want it to continue lighting the future of Osaka, Japan and the Earth.


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