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Stay at Eslead Hotel Namba South III! What’s it like at a state-of-the-art condominium type hotel?

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“I wonder if there are any hotels that would be convenient for sightseeing?”, “I want to feel at home in a hotel!” For such people, we recommend “Eslead Hotel Namba South III,” which is located a 5-minute walk from Tsutenkaku Tower. In this issue, our writer, non, will share her impressions of her actual stay at the Eslead Hotel Namba South III! This apartment-type hotel is perfect for traveling with family or friends, so please take advantage of it for sightseeing in Osaka. Well, let’s go!

1. What is Eslead Hotel Namba South III

esl lead nambaFirst, let us introduce you to the Eslead Hotel.

1-1. Apartment type hotel with state-of-the-art facilities

esl lead nambaThe Eslead hotel is operated by Eslead hotel Management Co. Ltd., which sells condominiums and manages condominiums, is a group company, so the exterior, interior, and facilities of the Eslead Hotel are basically the same as those of condominiums. The condominiums, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, are operated as hotels, so you can feel at home.

1-2. Opening in winter 2020

Eslead Hotel Namba South III opened on December 4, 2020. It’s newly built, so it’s just beautiful! In addition, the kitchen and baths are state-of-the-art, making them convenient and easy to use. The charm of the eslead hotel is that you can spend your time freely and comfortably as if you were living in a newly built condominium. It is ideal for those who want the convenience of home rather than hotel-like service. Especially for families with kids, or anyone looking for a home-party kind of fun!

1-3. 2-minute walk from Osaka Metro Ebisucho Station

esl lead nambaEslead Hotel Namba South III is located a 2-minute walk from Ebisucho Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line. There are convenience stores and supermarkets nearby, so we recommend that you purchase your evening meal and enjoy it in your room. Shinsekai and Tsutenkaku Tower, two of Osaka’s most popular tourist attractions, are only a 5-minute walk away, so you can enjoy Osaka well into the night!

2. I stayed at Eslead Hotel Namba South III!

Now, let me tell you what I actually thought of my stay at the Eslead Hotel Namba South III!

2-1. Appearance

esl lead nambaThe exterior of the es-lead hotel Namba South III looks like this.
Looks exactly like a condo!
Is it really a hotel? I was a little worried (laughs).

2-2. Common areas

esl lead nambaAs you enter the hotel, there is an auto-locking facility, which is common in apartment buildings.
esl lead nambaIt describes how to enter the hotel, both when checking in and when returning from an outing.esl lead nambaFirst, press the intercom button to check in.
The staff will open the door for you.esl lead nambaBy the way, you will be given this card when you check in.
When you return to the hotel from outings, please enter the PIN number on this card at the entrance.esl lead nambaThis is the lobby. It has beautiful sofas and decorative plants. It’s like the entrance to a luxury condoesl lead nambaCheck-in procedures are done here. Of course, thermometers are available, so please check your temperature here.esl lead nambaNote that all guest rooms are non-smoking, so if you want to smoke, use the smoking area at the back of the lobby!

2-3. Rooms

esl lead nambaAfter the check-in process, you will be given a card with your room number and PIN.
esl lead nambaCheck your room number and go to your room!esl lead nambaEnter the PIN number on your card to enter your room.esl lead nambaThis is what it looks like when you open the front door. As expected of a newly built condominium, it is extremely beautiful. This would be great for a long stay!esl lead nambaHere is the room we will be staying in. It’s a Deluxe Twin Room The room is approximately 37 square meters and has two double beds. It can accommodate up to four people, so it’s perfect for families!esl lead nambaEach bed has an outlet, light, and USB plug. The double bed has two locations on the left and right side, allowing two people to sleep together and each charge their own batteries.esl lead nambaWe’re glad they have humidifiers in the rooms!esl lead nambaBy the way, the room in the foreground had a small table and a sofa. I really felt right at home! When the door is closed, it can be separated from the bed space so that you can watch TV or have a drink without worrying about waking someone up.esl lead nambaThere are also frying pans and pots, so you can make a meal and feel like having a home party.esl lead nambaThe restrooms are brand new and shiny!
The color of the wallpaper is cute too!esl lead nambaThis is the washroom.
It makes me happy to see a clean and stylish water closet.
There’s even a washing machine, perfect for longer stays!
It is nice to be able to quickly wash clothes even if your child has soiled them.
Detergent can be purchased at the front desk!esl lead nambaThe bath is beautiful! I took a bath and relaxed. So nice to be able to soak in a relaxing bath while traveling!esl lead nambaTutenkaku from the balcony! Tsutenkaku is right in front of me… It’s just a short walk away, and you’ll be strolling through one of Osaka’s most popular neighborhoods!esl lead nambaTutenkaku at night is also nice! By the way, I had a good night’s sleep, no noise or anything!esl lead nambaI usually stay in business hotels (even for work or travel), but I felt somewhat uncomfortable. But in a condo type hotel, it’s just as easy to use as at home, so I could relax and feel at home! I also thought that an apartment-type hotel would be more convenient in many ways if you are staying for consecutive nights, because you can cook meals and do laundry. I found this hotel to be highly recommended, especially for those staying in Osaka for a couple of nights or longer!

2-4. Amenities

esl lead nambaNext to the rooms, here are the amenities!
The Sleed Hotel Namba South III is located in Namba, Tokyo.
Shampoo (POLA)
Conditioner (POLA)
Body soap (POLA)
Face Towel
Bath towel
Cotton & cotton swabsesl lead nambaGotta love that you can use shampoo and conditioner made by Paula!esl lead nambaIf you book the ladies plan, you get a POLA cleansing, toning, and milky lotion set, which is crazy convenient!
This is a great service for girls who love beauty.esl lead nambaThis beauty item is for loan. And it saves me from having to bring my iron and hairdryer from home, so I have less stuff to carry!
Please contact the front desk if you wish to use loaner items. (*Numbers are limited.)esl lead nambaThe front desk also sells shampoo and conditioner sets and skin care sets.esl lead nambaI forgot my makeup remover! We are here to help you. It’s a little luxury skin care set, so you can have a superb beauty time!esl lead nambaBy the way, here is a tourist map made by our staff. You can see how long it takes to get to major sightseeing spots from Eslead Hotel Namba South III to help you plan your trip!esl lead nambaThey also have handmade gourmet maps of the area around the hotel. Since we’re here, let’s indulge in some local delicacies!

3. Eslead Hotel Namba South III Rates

esl lead nambaEslead hotel with state-of-the-art facilities, the price must be expensive…? Many people must be anxious about this. Now let’s take a look at the room rates at the Eslead Hotel!

3-1. Accommodation fees

From 1,800 yen〜/person

Room rates vary depending on the plan and number of guests, so please check the latest information with the desired date, time, and number of guests.

3-2. Day use fee

2,500 yen〜/person (9:00-18:00)

Day use rates vary depending on the day of your stay.Please check the latest information with your desired date, time and number of people.

4. Eslead Hotel Namba South III Basic Information

Finally, we will provide basic information about the Eslead Hotel Namba South III.

4-1. Address and telephone number

esl lead namba
2-8-6, Emisu-Nishi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City

4-2. Check-in and check-out

esl lead namba

For those who want to relax in the morning, we recommend booking a late-out plan with a check-out time of 11:00.
Also, staff are only available from 9:00 to 22:00, so if your check-in is after 22:00, be sure to call and let them know when you make your reservation.

esl lead nambaIf you are checking out before 9:00 am, please leave your card in this box.
This completes the checkout process.

4-3. Room type

esl lead nambaThis is a standard twin room with two single beds.
It’s perfect for couples or friends traveling together.
esl lead nambaSuperior Triple
This room has 3 single beds.
We recommend this trip for a group of friends.
esl lead nambaThis room has 4 single beds.
Perfect for a getaway with friends and family!
esl lead nambaThis is a room with two double beds.
Perfect for a family vacation!

4-4. Parking

esl lead nambaThe Eslead hotel has two parking lots.
The fee is 1,400 yen per night, so call ahead to make a reservation if you plan to use the room.
There is also coin-operated parking available in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

4-5. Access

esl lead nambaEslead Hotel Namba South III is a 2-minute walk from Exit 4 of Ebisucho Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line.
If you have large luggage, you can take the elevator at Exit 3 to the ground level.
Exit 3 is right across the crosswalk from Exit 4!

4-6. Eslead Hotel Namba South III – How to make a reservation

Reservations can be made at the Eslead Hotel Namba South III through the website.
Choose from our room types and plans!

5. Summary

How was your stay at the Eslead Hotel Namba South III?
The apartment-type hotel with state-of-the-art facilities was easy to use and very relaxing.
It is especially recommended for family trips and trips with friends.
And it’s a great place to stay for the long haul!
When you come to Osaka for sightseeing, you should definitely stay at the Eslead Hotel Namba South III!

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