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  3. 【Guide by photo】Information of Osaka metro Midosuji line Namba station and convenient exist is here.

【Guide by photo】Information of Osaka metro Midosuji line Namba station and convenient exist is here.

Namba Station area is one of the downtown areas that represent Japan. There are department stores, stations, hotels, underground shopping centers. So It’s very complicated.

Nevertheles JR,private railroad (Nankai,Kintetsu,Hanshin) , Osaka metro (subway) has Midosuji line, Yotsubashi line,Sennichimae line. So it’s like labyrinth.

Umeda north area call “Umeda dungeon” but Osaka south area also gets lost.

・North west ticket gate · North east ticket gate (It goes out to the same place.)
・Central ticket gate
・South north ticket gate (entrance only) 、South South ticket gate (exit only) (It is almost the same place.)

Which is close if you get out of which ticket gate? We would like to guide you

1.North west ticket gate・North east ticket gate

Here is north west ticket gate.

Here is north east ticket gate. It gets out same place.

Just got out of the northeast ticket gate. you go straight (a little to the right) ,

There is  stairs  for go up to the ground at the end and you can go up along Midosuji. Continue north (Midosuji is one way south, so you go in the opposite direction to the car) you can go to Dotonbori,Shinsaibashi, America village.

There are the stairs and escalator after go to left side.There are Osaka Namba Station and Osaka Metro Sennichimae Namba Station of Kintetsu ・Hanshin after go down stairs.

Here is Osaka Namba station of Kintetsu ・Hanshin. There is Osaka metro Sennichimae line Namba station on the right side.

There are the stairs and escalator next to the Namba walk.

You can go to Yotsubashi line Namba station,JR Namba station,OCAT,Minatomachi river place (Namba Hatch) ,Canal terrace if you go to straight.

There is the Namba walk after go to right side.

There are Kintetsu and Osaka metro Nihonbashi station of Sennichimae line ・Sakaisuji line after go straight.

You can go to the Big Camera Namba Store, Namba Grande Kagetsu, the Uranamba If you go to the south  (right).

Also you can Goto the  Dotonbori, Hozenji, Shinsaibashi etc if you go to north (left).

※you can take short cut if you go to the Namba grand kagetsu,the Ura Namba from south ticket gate.

2.Middle ticket gate

This ticket gate is around the center of the Midosuji line, it is relatively empty.

You can go to South-north tick gate ( entrance only ) ・ South-south ticket gate (Exit only )

South south ticket gate is crowded so if you go out of there and go straight that you can go to Namba Marui and NAMBA Nan Nan Town relatively easily.

access-midosujisen-nambaGo to North-west ticket gate ・ North-east after turn the left.

3.South-north ticket gate (entrance only)

South-north ticket gate is entrance only . You can’t go outside from here. South-south ticket gate is just ahead.

4.South-south ticket gate (exit only)

South-south ticket gate is exit only.

You can go to Namba Nan Nan Town after go to straight.

You will find stairs after go straight Namba Nan Nan town. You can go to Sennichimae, Namba grand kagetsu after go up grand.

※How to get to the Namba grand kagetsu

There is the entrance of Namba Marui after go out ticket gate then left.

It’s stand out.Here is convenient for meeting place.

You can go to central ticket gate , North-west ticket gate,North-east ticket gate after through Namba Marui.

After turn right you  can go to Osaka takashimaya, Namba sukaio,Namba city,Nankai Namba station ,Namba parks.

There is stairs (a few steps) and elevator after you go to in  the direction of the arrow.You will find Osaka Takashimaya on your left after go  ahead , from there on Namba city. You can go to Namba sukaio if go to right side.

There is Nankai Namba station that go up the stairs or escalator. You still have to go straight if you want to go Namba parks.

※How to get to the Namba parks, Osaka takashimaya, Namba city,Namba sukaio



There is 3 ticket gate of  Osaka metro Midosuji line Namba station. Each convenient directions is ,

North-west ticket gate ・North-east ticket gate

・Kintetsu , Hanshin Osaka Namba station

・Osaka metro Sennichimae line Namba station

・Namba walk



・Hozenji yokocho

・America mura

・JR Namba station

・Minatomachi river place (Namba Hatch)

・Canal Terrace Horie

Central ticket gate

・Nothing special

South-south ticket gate (exit only)

・Namba Marui

・NAMBA nan nan town

・Osaka takashimaya

・Namba city

・Namba parks

・Namba sukaio

・Ura Namba

・Namba grand kagetsu

How was it ? It is not difficult. Because it is centered on Midosuji (South-North) and Sennichima-dori (East-West) largely. We would be happy if you would like to refer to us and visit Namba.


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