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【Guide by photo】How to get to Grand Kagetsu from Osaka Midosuji line Namba station.

Namba Station area is one of the downtown areas that represent Japan. There are department stores, stations, hotels, underground malls are densely packed, it is very confusing.

This time, We will explain how to get to the Namba Grand Kagetsu from Osaka metoro Midosuji line Namba station by photo.

Do not lost to go to there and enjoy the Yoshimoto Shinkigeki (Comedy) to yourself.

About ticket gate of Midosuji Namba line↓

【Guid by photo】Osaka metro Midosuji Namba station of ticket gate information and convenient exit is here

1.Where is the Namba Grand Kagetsu ?

Address:11-6 Namba sennichimae Cyu-o-ku Osaka city Here is Namba Grand Kagetsu if you search by google map.
Go along the red line from the ticket gate at Midosuji Namba Station.

2.Midosuji Namba line

Depart from south south ticket gate.

One on the south side of Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Namba station (Tennoji / Nakamorzu side) is the closest ticket gate to Grand Kagetsu , so We will go from here.

Go straight ahead after you leave the south south ticket gate.

You will find entrance of NAMBA Nanman town, keep going straight.

3.Through the NAMBA nannan town

Keep going along this street.

You will find entrance of the Takashimaya after turn right. Keep going along this street.

Turn left just before the lottery department. After that there is an automatic door so go out from here.

4.Go to the ground from Namba Marui

After go out ( there’s roof), There is an escalator beside Namba Marui so go up the grand by an escalator.

Turn right after go up ground.

5.Head to Namba Nankai street

There is the Namba Nankai street (Shopping street)in front of Starbucks. Keep going straight along there.

Turn right at the first corner after enter the Nankai Namba street. There are big signboard of “Yukari” and “Yoshinoya”.

Turn right after you find the “磯丸水産(isomaru suisan)” on your right side.

6.Arrive at the Namba Grand Kagetsu

Then you can find the Namba Grand Kagetsu,keep going along this street.

Here is the Namba Grand Kagetsu. Let’s enjoy it !!

7.Nearby facilities

There is the Yoshimoto manzai theatre across the Grand Kagetsu. Go up 5th floor by an escalator on the back of there.

There is the NMB48 theatre in front of Yoshimoto Manzai theatre. Why don’t you support them ?

There is the Do-gu ya(tool) street after pass the Namba Grand Kagetsu. It is a shopping street where whatever professional cookware they want.You must be fun !

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