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【Guide by photos】The shortest way from Namba Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line to JR Namba Station, Minatomachi River Place, and Horie


The area around Namba Station is one of the most famous shopping and entertainment districts in Japan, and it is very complicated with department stores, stations, hotels and underground shopping malls.
This time, the route from Midosuji Line Namba Station to Minatomachi River Place (Namba Hatch) and Canal Terrace Horie passing through Namba Walk Ichibangai and Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line Namba Station is explained in an easy-to-understand way using photographs. It is comfortable on rainy days as you can go through the basement. Please refer to it.

1.Depart from the Northwest Ticket Gate of Namba Station on the Midosuji Line

access-jr-namba1Starting from the ticket gate on the northernmost side(Umeda side) of Namba Station of Osaka Metro Midosuji Line. The northwest ticket gate is the shortest way to JR Namba Station, Minatomachi River Place(Namba Hatch) and Canal Terrace Horie.
access-jr-namba2Go out the northwest ticket gate and go to the left. As you move in the direction of the blue arrow in the photo above, you can find the staircase and the escalator to the Nambe Station of Kintetsu and Hanshin. JR Namba Station is the direction of the red arrow.
access-jr-namba3You will go to Namba Walk soon, so you will go straight.
access-jr-namba4As you go straight ahead, the café called “Eikokuya” will be found, so go straight further on the right side passage.
access-jr-namba5Then please go straight ahead on the right side of the aisle.
access-jr-namba6This is the end of Namba Walk.

2.This is the way for the Namba Station of Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line

access-jr-namba7Passing through Namba Walk to JR Namba Station and keep going straight. You can go to Namba Station of Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line in the direction of the blue arrow.
access-jr-namba8This is the north ticket gate of Namba station of Osaka Metro Yotsubashi line.

3.To JR Namba Station

access-jr-namba7If you go straight through the direction of the red arrow of the above photo,
access-jr-namba9There is a moving walkway in the front. You can go straight to JR Namba Station, but it’s a bit dark so I recommend you go to the left(Arrow Direction).
access-jr-namba10If you go to the left,
access-jr-namba11There is an open ceiling space where the light from the ground enters. You go straight into the commercial complex.
access-jr-namba12There is a supermarket, so please go through the aisle on the right.
access-jr-namba13Go straight along the street.
access-jr-namba14If you go over the automatic door, you will soon arrive at JR Namba Station.
access-jr-namba15This is JR Namba Station. The station building is OCAT.

Name:OCAT(Osaka City Air Terminal)
Address:4-1 Minatomachi 1-chome Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi 556-0017
TEL:06-6635-3000(OCAT Information:11:00-17:00)
Opening time:Shopping 11:00-21:00 / Restaurant 11:00-22:00
Closed:The third Wednesday of the month, 31 December/1 January
※Some stores are open different days and hours.


4.For Minatomachi River Place

access-jr-namba16You can get to Minatomachi River Place if you go ahead a bit more and turn right in the direction of the green arrow of the above photo.
access-jr-namba17It’s a little hard to understand, but there is a large passage to the right, so go right here.
access-jr-namba18 access-jr-namba19Go straight and you’ll see the entrance to Minatomachi River Place on your left.
access-jr-namba20This is Minatomachi River Place. Go up the escalator and go to the left side.
access-jr-namba21Minatomachi River Place is a complex with “Namba Hatch” as its core, where various events and live performances are held.

5.This is the way to Canal Terrace Horie

access-jr-namba22You don’t go to Minatomachi River Place, but go straight to the right.
access-jr-namba23If you go to the end and go up the stairs,
access-jr-namba24You will go out to the ground. Continue straight along the Yotsudashi Street to the north (the Yotsubashi-suji is a one-way northbound traffic, so it goes in the same direction as the car.) you will see the Canal Terrace Horie.
access-jr-namba25This is Canal Terrace Horie. If you cross the bridge, you will arrive at Minami Horie. There are many fashionable shops.


How was it? You can go to JR Namba station or Minatomachi River Place through underground, so you don’t have to worry about the weather. You can also go out toward Horie, so please refer to it.

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