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Totto Park Koshima – Sea fishing south of Osaka

toto park koshima

I wasn’t able to go fishing for a while due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So for my first fishing trip back, I went to Totto Park Koshima, the southernmost fishing park in Osaka, which I had been curious about for a long time! Let me show you what kind of place it is, along with what I was actually able to catch!

1. What is Totto Park Koshima like?

toto park koshimaTotto Park Koshima is a sea fishing park located in Misaki Town, Sennan County, Osaka Prefecture, using a jetty from the landfill of Kansai International Airport. There are a wide variety of fish, from root fish to bluefish, and many anglers have confirmed this. The park is a clean, easy-to-fish environment with separate men’s and women’s restrooms, making it a popular fishing spot for both beginners and serious anglers, including women and children!

Be aware that on weekends, holidays, and during the fall season (September to November), the park’s opening hours may be restricted, so even if you’ve gone all the way there, you won’t be able to get in! To avoid such a situation, we’ll provide some tips later in this article.

1-1. Where is Totto Park Koshima?

toto park koshima

Totto Park Koshima is located at the further end of the southernmost town of Osaka, called Misaki-machi, Sennan-gun, Osaka Prefecture. As noted on the map, it is really at the edge of Osaka. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Osaka Station. It takes about the same amount of time by train and bus.

1-2. What can you catch? When is the best time of year to visit?

toto park koshimaAs written on the official website, I recommend Totto Park Koshima because you can enjoy a wide variety of fish species throughout the year, and most importantly, you can find bluefish (big fish) such as yellowtail.

Source: Totto Park Koshima Official Site

By the way, please check out the official website for recent catches. The staff members noticed the catch and asked if they could take pictures of it, and only those who agreed to do so are included in the report, so I think the reports on the site are only a fraction of what’s really being caught there.

Totto Park Koshima Official Website Latest Fishing Report

1-3. Nice little facility!

toto park koshima

There are many different types of managed fishing areas with various facilities, but Totto Park Koshima has several nice features. First of all, there is a sink (washbasin) for cleaning the fish you catch! Many people want to take their fish home immediately after they catch them, so please take advantage of this. Also, when you touch the bait and fish you catch, your hands inevitably get dirty, and there are several water fixtures for washing your hands! This is a simple thing, but personally I was very happy to see it. This is for hand-washing only, so you cannot wash your fishing tackle, but it is rare to have this facility, so I recommend this point as well.

Another convenient feature is the cylindrical pillar of the pier shown in the lower left of the photo. What is useful is that it is very helpful for placing tools and making small traps. Of course, you can put them on the ground, but when you are fishing, you will unexpectedly get messy with tools, so a raised platform like this is quite convenient.

1-4. Fully-equipped fishing tackle store!

toto park koshimaOne of the attractions of Totto Park Koshima is its well-stocked fishing tackle store. The fishing tackle store is located between the pier and the parking lot in a building that looks like a carp banner.toto park koshimaThe restrooms are also located in this building, so women can use them as well. I asked the staff and they graciously allowed me to take pictures, so here is a glimpse of some of the store’s wares!toto park koshima

toto park koshima

toto park koshima

toto park koshima

toto park koshima

toto park koshima

1-5. Standard excellent lunch box

toto park koshimaTo my surprise, Totto Park Koshima has a cafeteria (it was closed when I visited during the Covid-19 pandemic), but in its place, special bento lunches are now available! The standard 500 yen one-coin menu includes pork cutlet set, fried chicken set, fried noodles, omelette rice, and curry rice.

The menu changes depending on the season. When I visited in mid-November, it was a bit cold, so there were hot dishes such as oden and udon. By the way, we ordered the fried chicken bento, hamburger steak bento, and curry with pork cutlet! Maybe it was because we ate outside. They were all excellent!toto park koshimaThe sales place is the round building in the shape of a fish shown in the photo, and around 10:30 a.m. they announce that boxed lunches are available for purchase. To purchase a boxed lunch, you write down the type, amount, and your name on a slip at the counter and hand it to the clerk. When the boxed lunch is ready, your name will be called to pick up your order. I recommend that you go early to place your order before they sell out!

1-6. Advanced Check-in and how to get a numbered ticket

toto park koshimaTotto Park Koshima is a very popular fishing spot, so numbered tickets are distributed in advance and admission may be restricted when the park is full. Especially during the fall season (September to November) and on weekends, you may not be able to get in. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you go early, especially during the peak season, before the park opens. Getting a numbered ticket itself is not too difficult. All you have to do is pick up a numbered ticket one hour before the park opens. However, to do so, you should enter the parking lot at least two hours before the park opens. The park opens at 6:00 a.m. from March to November and at 7:00 a.m. from December to February.

It may be hard to imagine, but there are serious groups who stay overnight to get numbered tickets and fish at good points. Therefore, they can enter the parking lot from 8:00 p.m. the day before. By the way, this time I went at about 5:00 a.m. and was 105th. The last time I went on a weekday around summer, I arrived around 3:00 a.m. and was about 11th, because it was the off-season.
toto park koshimaYou also need to be a little careful how you park your car. Each space in the parking area is numbered, and cars must be parked in the order in which they arrive. In fact, when numbered tickets are distributed, staff members go around the cars in this order. Therefore, please note that if you park your car in a space with a different number just because it is available, your turn to receive a numbered ticket will be delayed even though you arrived early.
toto park koshimaBy the way, there was a sign up later that said the place was full!!! I’m really glad I came early…

Source: Totto Park Koshima Official Website Information on distribution of numbered tickets

2. How was the experience?

toto park koshimaLet me tell you what we actually experienced! I will tell you the details later, but it was a very satisfying fishing experience with many species of fish! After all, fishing is no fun unless you can catch fish. First of all, let me start with the basics. At Totto Park Koshima, fishing locations are determined in advance by a “seat system” to avoid overcrowding.toto park koshimaThere is a wooden board with numbers written at regular intervals like this, and you put your own seating card, which you received at the reception, between them. This allows you to use this spot as your own even if you have to leave. In other popular fishing spots, it can be difficult to fish due to interruptions and crowding, but this is not a problem at Totto Park Koshima. Also, in case of the pandemic, you can keep your social distance, which is very much appreciated.

2-1. Recommendations

toto park koshimaWe also asked the staff for their recommendations on where to fish! He told us that the tip of the river was closer to the sea and more likely to have fish migrating to it. So we decided to sit on the right side of the tip (toward Osaka) as we were told, and started preparations right away!

2-2. Try basket fishing

toto park koshimaThis time, we tried “basket fishing”. It is generally done by using a float and throwing it far away. I think you can catch fish using regular bait, but this time, for the purpose of filming, I bought a bait mixture with a taste and smell that the fish would like even more, just in case! As for the size of the bait, I think a large size such as L would be best for ease of attaching the hook. I think that most people buy traps and bait in advance, but they are also available at Totto Park, so if you run out, don’t worry.toto park koshimaAfter preparing the hooks, let’s start throwing them. Incidentally, in order to cast far, we recommend a fishing rod of about 4 to 5 meters, but as is the fate of fishing, the longer the rod, the harder it is to handle, so beginners will find it more difficult to cast. Therefore, I suggest that you start with a rod about 3 meters long. After throwing, leave the float for a while so that it does not get tangled in other people’s lines as it floats along with the current of the tide. Cage fishing is basically a waiting game, so from this point on, pray that the fish will bite (laughs).

2-3. What did we catch?

toto park koshimaSo, here’s roughly what the three of us caught between first thing in the morning and noon! We caught a lot of fish! I forgot to take pictures of some of the fish, so I guess we caught a dozen or so in the 6 hours we were out there. We caught small horse mackerels, gasshira, hagi, and himeji.

Oh, and a juvenile rockfish, sambasou! This is a great fish for Animal Crossing users. It really does look just like the form it appears in the game! The production team’s attention to detail is amazing (laughs)!

I also caught a black sea bream of about 40 cm, although I’d like it to be a little bigger to call it a super big fish. Well, I was really happy! After a few seconds of casting, I felt a jerk on the rod and thought, “Hmm? Did it bite?” I shouted and asked my friend to get a net ready. If you fish this class of fish, the rod will break or the line will break, so you need to use a net to catch them. After about three minutes of repeated pulling and reeling in, we finally landed the fish as you can see below.toto park koshimaI did it! I can’t stop fishing because of this feeling. And I’m so happy, secretly screaming in my heart, “This will make a good article~ (crying). By the way, this was the first time in my life that I caught a black sea bream. Maybe it was beginner’s luck. In any case, fishing is all about catching fish, so I really recommend this park!

3. Recommended places in the area

We would like to introduce some recommended spots to visit when you go to Totto Park Koshima! Fishing itself is fun enough, but you can enjoy it many times more by doing other things together, so please enjoy them together!

3-1. Fishing Max Izumiotsu Store – Open 24/7

toto park koshimaYou all know Fishing Max. If you want to get fishing tackle such as bait and traps, you cannot miss the fishing tackle shop. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes from Osaka Station, so it is still a bit far from Totto Park, but I recommend this place because nearby fishing tackle shops have a small selection and limited business hours. The shop has a large selection of products and a large parking lot, so you will not have any problems if you go here. They also have raincoats and warm clothes, so you can deal with sudden changes in the weather. And, what’s more, the fact that it is open 24 hours a day is really reassuring. On the other hand, even if you don’t buy anything, you can stop by for a break and ask the staff about the latest fishing conditions! I do it every time I go there (laugh).

Store name: Fishing Max Izumiotsu
Address: 11-33 Higashiminato-cho, Izumiotsu-shi
See the map
TEL: 0725-22-5151
Business hours: Open 24 hours a day
※ It may be closed during New Year holidays.
Access: 3 minutes from Sukematsu Exit on the Hanshin Expressway Wangan Line along the Osaka Seaside Road

3-2. For souvenirs and restaurants visit Roadside Station Misaki

toto park koshimaLocated about 15 minutes by car from Totto Park Koshima, it has a cafeteria, rest area, and clean restrooms, so it is highly recommended! You can buy local foods and souvenirs at Sanchoku Ichiba Yotte. Also, since it is located just in the direction of returning to northern Osaka, please stop by after a day of fishing.

Store name: Misaki Roadside Station
“Misaki Hilltop Restaurant”
Address: 5654-3 Tannowa, Misaki-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka
See the map
TEL: 072-494-1117
Business hours: 9:00-19:00
Closed days: Open all year round (excluding 1/1 to 1/3)
※ The dining room and rest area will be available until 18:00.
※ Toilets, parking lots, and public telephones are available 24 hours a day.

3-3. Day Use Hot Springs at Kyukamura Kishukada

toto park koshimaWhat is the most important thing you want to do when you are done fishing? If you ask me, I will answer without hesitation, “A bath! A bath!” I am sure that many people would agree with me. Especially when sea fishing, the sea breeze feels good, but when you finish fishing, you are physically tired and your skin starts to feel sticky and uncomfortable due to sweat and the sea breeze. So I try to find a nearby hot spring or bathhouse to go to after every fishing trip. I even think that I am fishing for this feeling of comfort.

If you are near Totto Park Koshima, you will end up in Wakayama Prefecture, but I recommend the one-day onsen at a facility called Kyukamura Kishukada. It is only a 10-minute drive from Totto Park Koshima, so you can easily drop by.

toto park koshimaSource: https://www.qkamura.or.jp/kada/hotspring/

Above all, the most amazing thing about this onsen is that it has a spectacular open-air bath with a panoramic view of the coast called “Tenku no Yu,” which was inspired by the castle tower of Wakayama Castle. Frankly speaking, the view is so spectacular that you could probably come here just for this. However, if you want to enjoy fishing until the evening sunset (the time from around sunset to dark), unfortunately it is not available at the moment because the hot spring facility is open only from 12:00 to 15:00 as a day trip plan. It would be great if there is an evening day-trip plan for anglers. Please consider this for the vacation village. (LOL)

Store name: Kyukamura Kishukada
Address: 483 Miyama, Wakayama City
See the map
TEL: 073-459-0321
Day trip plan:
Usage fee: Adults 1,300 yen, Children 600 yen
Usage time: 12:00 to 15:50 (15:00 bill stop)

4. Basic information

toto park koshima

4-1. Address and Contact Info

Name: Sea Fishing Park Totto Park Koshima
Address: 455-1 Tanagawakoshima, Misaki-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka
See the map
TEL: 072-447-5126

4-2. Opening times, hours of operation, and days closed

Opening times and operating hours
March – November 6 am – 8 pm
December – February 7 am – 6 pm
Holidays / Closed
・Every Friday (open on public holidays)
・New Year’s (December 31 – January 2)
※The park may be open when events are held

4-3. Fees

Basic fee (all-day charge)
Category Unit Fee For people with disabilities
Adult once per person 1,500 yen 900 yen
Child 750 yen 450 yen
Evening fee (admission after 3 pm)
Adult once per person 1,000 yen 600 yen
Child 500 yen 300 yen
Ticket (no expiration date)
Adult 11 times 15,000 yen
Child 7,500 yen
◆Disabled persons are entitled to a 40% discount on the above fee, but must present their disability certificate (valid for three types of disability certificates: physical disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, and mental disability certificate).
◆Caregivers may enter the park free of charge if accompanied by a caregiver, but caregivers are not allowed to fish. (A fishing fee is required for those who wish to fish.)
◆Children under elementary school age may enter the park and fish for free, but they must fish within the same quota as adults who have entered the park for the fishing fee.
◆There is no tour admission system. Fishing fees are required for all admissions to the fishing areas.

<Admission Restrictions>
Please note that admission is partially restricted! In particular, please note that elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian all day, and junior high school students and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian after sunset.

  • Children (elementary school students and younger) unaccompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Junior high school students and younger unaccompanied by a parent or guardian after sunset those deemed dangerous without a parent or guardian
  • When the number of visitors exceeds the capacity (fishing capacity of 200, total capacity of 400)
  • When there is a risk of accidents due to weather or other reasons
  • When there are deemed administrative obstacles

The above basic information is current as of December 2022, so be sure to check the official website below.
Totto Park Koshima official website

5. Access

toto park koshima

5-1. By car

From the Hanshin Expressway Wangan Route, Izumisano-Minami or Hanwa Expressway Sennan Interchange, take Route 26. Go south toward Wakayama and turn right at the Fukahi Chuo intersection (rotary). Take the Prefectural Road Cape Kada Port Line in the direction of Kada and Koshima. Free parking is available (74 spaces) *Please note that parking spaces are designated for those arriving before business hours. For details, please refer to the URL below.

Please see below for information on parking spaces and numbered tickets.
Totto Park Koshima Official Website

5-2. By train

10 minutes by community bus from Tanagawa Station on the Nankai Tanagawa Line to “Sea Fishing Park Totto Park Koshima” bus stop.

・Misaki Town Community Bus Timetable
Departure time table for the Misaki Town Community Bus Basic Route

・Misaki Town Community Bus Route Chart
(The red basic route stops at Totto Park Koshima)
Misaki Town Community Bus Route Chart

・Operation of the Misaki Town Community Bus
(The site with the above two pieces of information)
Misaki Town Website
※The above figures are as of December, 26, 2022

By the way, if you are planning to go by train or bus, the following times are the earliest you can leave.

Tanagawa Station 6:20 – Totto Park Koshima 6:30
[Weekends and holidays]
Departure from Tanagawa Station 8:10 – Totto Park Koshima 8:20

※Since admission may be restricted during peak season, we strongly recommend that you drive to the park before it opens instead of taking the train.

Source: Totto Park Koshima Official Website


How was it? This time, we introduced Totto Park Koshima, a managed fishing spot that is popular as a good fishing spot. As we found out when we actually went there, it is not only a good place to fish, but also a very attractive place with a well-stocked store, excellent boxed lunches, and other facilities to enjoy fishing. It is not the kind of fishing spot where you can just go fishing with nothing, but it is the kind of fishing spot that makes you want to come even if you have to stretch your legs to get there! Why don’t you visit this place?

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