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【Sumiyoshi Festival】Summer festival and access information of Sumiyoshi Taisha (Illustrated)


Summer is in full swing! The season has come for the family, friends, and the couples to enjoy the summer festival wearing a yukata.

The Sumiyoshi Festival, the summer festival in Sumiyoshi Taisha which is one of the Osaka ‘s three great festivals, which is crowded with many people every year.

However, you may not know exactly how the festival is like because you have not been there. Speaking of the summer festival, you may be worried about the state of the conjunction of the stalls and people.

Here, we will introduce the latest information of 2018 such as the festival’s sights, stalls, access etc, and also give them the clear explanation to those coming from outside Osaka prefecture.

1.The summer festival of Sumiyoshi Taisha 【Sumiyoshi Festival】

The summer festival of Sumiyoshi Taisha in 2018 runs three days from 7/30(Mon)~8/1(Wed).
It has a meaning of “purification” to purify all over the Osaka, and it is also called “Oharai” for locals from ancient times.

・7/30 20:00~
Evening Festival(Yoi Miya Festival)
・7/31 17:00~
Summer God Festival(Nagoshinoharae Shinji)
After the end, Reitaisai festival
*One of the most important festival days in the year.
・8/1 Afternoon~
Mikoshi Festival(Mikoshi Togyo).

At Nagoshinoharae Shinnji the beautiful dressed Nagoshi ladies and girls perform rituals going through Chinowa (the circle made of bamboo).

17:00~After the Great Oharai formula in front of Satsuki Den in the precincts,you will go through three Chinowa and proceed to the main shrine.

In addition, this Nagoshinoharae Shinji is also designated as an Osaka Prefecture Intangible Folk Cultural Property.

This Nagoshinoharae Shinji is also one of the highlights of the Sumiyoshi Festival, but the greatest highlight is said to be the shrine mikoshi (Mikoshi Togyo). We would like to introduce the highlight of the shrine mikoshi (Mikoshi gyoji) as below.

1-1.Mikoshi is very powerful! Mikoshi Togyo is recommended

Mikoshi Togyo is the biggest attractions of the Sumiyoshi Taisha Summer Festival. That has another name called “Owatari” (ferry).

The spirit of the god in Sumiyoshi is carried a small shrine, and the mini shrine of Mikoshi travels to the shrine called “Syukuin Ton Gu”. Also, in addition to the shrine mikoshi, more than 1200 ministers make rows, walk along the road, and in the Yamato River separating Osaka city and Sakai city, they will go through the river.

This shrine Mikoshi weighs about 2 tons, Nagagete is very large, 11 meters, and the appearance of the Mikoshi across the Sori bridge is one of the highlights of the Sumiyoshi Taisha shrine and is magnificent!

Therefore, even those who cannot stay all 3 days, no doubt that you can enjoy the Sumiyoshi Festival if you only look at a shrine mikoshi (Mikoshi Togyo).
※What is Nagae? Two sticks protruding long forward for a horse-drawn carriage or a cow car.

1-2.Food stall information indispensable for summer festival


sumiyositaisha_natsumatsuri3Sumiyoshi Taisha summer festival are said to have about no less than 200 stalls.

The dish of the stalls for the summer festival in 2018 varies from the classic food such as Frankfurt, Milk Rice Crackers, Egg Crackers, Small Castella, Yakisoba, Ikayaki, Chocolate Banana, Corn, fried , apple candy, strawberry candy, oranges candy to the rare food such as Japanese Omelets, Cucumber Pickles and Cheese Hot Dogs!


sumiyositaisha_natsumatsuri5Also, there is a place called “Ebisu dining hall”, it seemed like it was very busy with the people enjoying stall food and alcohol in a little tavern’s atmosphere!

sumiyositaisha_natsumatsuri6There are not only food but also the mini games such as goldfish scooping and yo-yo fishing, so it is fun for friends, family and couple.




1-3.If you get tired a little … The rest spot is located in main shrine

The area around the stalls is crowded with people and you may get tired when walking for a long time because it is hot. Looking from the top of the famous Sori bridge at Sumiyoshi Taisha, you can find the place around the stalls is jammed.

sumiyositaisha_natsumatsuri10So, if you think of taking a break for a while, it is recommended to go around the main shrine beyond the Sori bridge (Soribashi), or inside the main shrine. The landmark is the torii in front of the main shrine written “Sumiyoshi Taisha”.

sumiyositaisha_natsumatsuri11Around the main hall

sumiyositaisha_natsumatsuri12Inside the main shrine

Also, if you get tired of the crowds of people around stalls, we recommend to take a break and see the bridge of the night (Soribashi). It is fantastic and healed with a different atmosphere from in the daytime bridge (Soribashi).


2.【Shortest route explanation】Access to Sumiyoshi Taisha,by subway/tram

Since it is a popular summer festival, it is crowded with many people. So, it is very convenient to know the access method. Please refer to the below.

The closest station from Sumiyoshi Taisha
・ “Sumiyoshi Taisha” station Nankai Line.
・”Sumiyoshi Trii Mae ” Station (Tram) Hankai Electric Line.

The walking route from the station is listed here.

2-1.Access from subway

From Shin Osaka

Below is the shortest from Shin-Osaka.
・Time: 30 minutes ・Transfer: 1 time ・Fare: 490 yen


Shin Osaka
↓Osaka Metro Midosuji Line(For Tennoji)
↓※To Namba 7 stations 15 minutes, Fare: 280 yen
Transfer on foot 6 minutes
Nankai Namba
↓Nankai Line(For Wakayama City)
↓※To Sumiyoshi Taisha 5 stations 9 minutes, Fare: 210 yen
Sumiyoshi Taisha

From Umeda

Blow is the shortest route from Umeda.
・Time: 24 minutes ・Transfer: 1 time ・Fare: 440 yen


↓Osaka Metro Midosuji Line(For Tennoji)
↓※To Namba 230 yen
Transfer on foot 6 minutes
Nankai Namba
↓Nankai Line(To Wakayama City)
↓※To Sumiyoshi Taisha 210 yen
Sumiyoshi Taisha

Umeda station means that of the Midosuji Line.
Please note that there are Nishi Umeda station, Higashi Umeda station, Hankyu Umeda station, Hanshin Umeda station in Umeda.

From Namba

Below is the shortest route from Namba.
・Time: 9 minutes ・Transfer: 0 time ・Fare: 210 yen


Nankai Namba
↓Nankai Line(For Wakayama City Line)
↓※210 yen to Sumiyoshi Taisha
Sumiyoshi Taisha

Namba station means Nankai Namba Station.
There are also Namba subway Midosuji line, Namba station, JR Namba station, Kintetsu Osaka Namba station, so please be careful.

From Tennoji

Below is the shortest route from Tennoji.
・Time: 15 minutes ・Transfer: 1 time ・Fare: 330 yen


↓Osaka Loop Line towards Nishikujyo
↓※To Shin Imamiya 2 minutes, Fare: 120 yen
↓Nankai Line(To Wakayama City)
↓※4 stations to Sumiyoshi Taisha 7 minutes, Fare: 210 yen
Sumiyoshi Taisha

From Kansai Airport

Below is the shortest from Kansai Airport.
・Time: 45 minutes ・Transfer: 1 time ・Fare: 870 yen

Kansai airport
↓Nankai Airport Line Airport Express(To Nankai Namba)
↓※8 stations to Sakai, 32 minutes
↓Nankai Line(To Nankai Namba)
↓※3 stations to Sumiyoshi Taisha, 7 minutes
Sumiyoshi Taisha

From Itami Airport

Below is the shortest from Itami Airport.

【Route 1】 (Monorail use)
・Time: 1 hour 4 minutes ・Transfer: 3 time ・Fare: 860 yen

Osaka Airport(Itami Airport)
↓Osaka Monorail(To Kadoma-city)
↓※2 minutes to the Takaragaike, Fare: 200 yen
↓ Hankyu Takarazuka Line express(To Hankyu Umeda)
↓※ Hankyu Umeda 3 stations 15 minutes, Fare: 220 yen
Hankyu Umeda
Transfer 7 minutes on foot
↓Osaka Metro Midosuji Line(To Nakamuzu)
↓※ Namba 4 stations 9 minutes, Fare: 230 yen
Transfer on foot 6 minutes
Nankai Namba
↓Nankai Main Line(Kansai Airport Line)
↓※Sumiyoshi Taisha 5 stations 9 minutes, Fare: 210 yen
Sumiyoshi Taisha

【Route 2】 (bus use)
・Time: 57 minutes ・Transfer: 1 time ・Fare: 850 yen

Osaka Airport(Itami Airport)
↓5 minutes on foot
Osaka International Airport South Terminal
↓Airport Limousine Bus(To Namba)
↓※To Namba approximately 30 minutes, Fare: 640 yen
Transfer on foot 6 minutes
Nankai Namba
↓ Nankai Main Line(To Wakayama City)
↓※Sumiyoshi Taisha 5 stations 9 min Fare: 210 yen
Sumiyoshi Taisha

※ Airport Limousine Bus Osaka Airport → Namba Line operates at an interval of about 20 minutes.
Please refer to the Osaka Airport Limousine Bus website here for details.

2-2.Access from tram

Sumiyoshi Taisha can access not only via the subway but also trams (Hankai ElectricLine).

The nearest station is “Sumiyoshi Torii Station”.
If you are in Osaka city, since Tennoji station is the starting point, it is better to get on from Tennoji Station

【Route 1】 (No changeover)
・Time: 20 minutes ・Transfer: 0time ・Fare: 210 yen


Tennoji Station Mae
↓Hankai Electric Line(To Abiko Do)
↓ ※ 210 yen to Sumiyoshigori
Sumiyoshi Torio Mae

【Route 2】 (with transfer)
・Time: 21 minutes ・Transfer: 1 time ・Fare: 390 yen


↓Osaka Metro Midosuji Line(Shin Osaka Line)
↓※2 minutes to Doubutsuen Mae, 180 yen to Doubutsuen Mae
Doubutsuen Mae
Transfer 4 minutes on foot
Shin-Imamiya Station Mae
↓Hankai Electric Line(To Abiko Do)
↓※11 stations to Sumiyoshi Torii Mae 15 minutes, Fare: 210 yen
Sumiyoshi Torii Mae

2-3.Access from each station to Sumiyoshi Taisha


3.Sumiyoshi Taisha Summer Festival Detailed Information

Name:Sumiyoshi Taisha
Address:2-9-89 Sumiyoshi Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City
Date and time:
July 30: 20:00-“The evening festival”
July 31: 17:00-“Nagoshinoharae Shinji”
After the end,“Reidai Sai”
August 1: Afternoon-“Togyo Sai”
※From July 30 to August 1,closing time at 22:00
※Since the parking lot can not be used during the summer festival, public transportation use is recommened.

Normal worship time
■ Openig time
・6:00(April to September)
・6:30(October to March)*1st every month and Hatsutatsu day:6:00 am
■ Closing time
・Outside gates:16:00
・Inside the shrine:17:00(throughout the year)

Amulet Shop 9:00-17:00
Prayer reception 9:00-16:00
Gosho-Gozen(Giant five Power) Opening Gate-16:00
Nankunsya Shrine(Hatsutatsu) 8:30-16:00
Tanekasya Shrine 9:00-16:00
Omokaru Stone Opening Gate-16:00


How was the article? The summer festival of Sumiyoshi Taisha has a purifying event, and the other many events such as stalls, etc. The festival is said to end the summer in Osaka city, the scale is big, it is worth visiting.
Why do not you make one summer memory at the Sumiyoshi Taisha Summer Festival?

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