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【Shinsaibashi lunch】A delicious shop that you definitely want to eat! We introduce recommend popular 14 shops

Osaka Metro Midosuji Line “Shinsaibashi” Station is a downtown area to represent Osaka. Shinsaibashi Station, which is divided into Osaka Kita in Umeda area and Osaka Minami in Namba / Shinsaibashi area, it is located on the north side of the Minami area. This time, we will introduce a shop where you can eat popular and delicious lunches around Shinsaibashi.

Osaka people in food, To symbolizes Osaka from Dotombori to Nagahori (Shinsaibashi are)has a lot of fashionable shops.

area from Dotonbori, which symbolizes Osaka, to the ruined city of Osaka, has many fashionable shops and shops. We love Osaka It is nice to have a nice lunch at a recommended restaurant that has been carefully selected.
Now, let’s go get some lunch at Shinsaibashi  area.

1.Good cost performance at Umeda of Yoshokuya (restaurant)


There is at crysta nagahori . From 12pm to 1pm is almost full because of office worker come to here. You can eat here over 1:30pm.

There is no counter seat but you can feel comfortable entering even alone.

Oufuken combo ¥850yen

Lunch combo is with miso soup. But you can change corn soup if you pay +50yen.

Thick and smooth egg, put demi-glace sauce on it …. it’s must be delicious. You can enjoy a lot of taste.

Special combo ¥1,200yen.
This combo is generous portion (Fried shrimp, hamburg, croquettes and karaage )and all you can eat rice.


※Click to enlarge

Shop name:Oufuken Crysta Nagahori
Address:Minamisenba 2 Chuo-ku, Osaka City Crysta Nagahori underground mall 2-17
View map
TEL: 06-6282-2056
Opening hours:11:00-22:00 (LO 21:00)
holiday:following Crysta Nagahori
・Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station Exit 2
・Yotsubashi Line Yotsubashi Station 1-B Exit
・Sakaisuji Line Nagahoribashi Station 2-Exit Nagahori Tsurumi Midorisen Line Shinsaibashi Station / Nagahoribashi Statio


2.You can enjoy authentic Dim Sum. It’s hand-made by special chef

【Hong Kong seafood Dim Sum】

It is one of the few restaurants where you can relax and enjoy Chinese food at Shinsaibashi. I really recommend the dim sum made by “special grade dim sumper” who can not be acquired without training for more than 15 years with a national qualification of China.

Since the store is on the second floor, please use the elevator at the arrow.

※Click to enlarge

We recommend “Home-made Dim Sum Lunch combo” You can choose menu.It’s good value.

I chose xiaolongbao combo.It come with a salad and annin tofu.

The flavor explodes in my mouth.

Vegetable soup bowls are cooked with vegetables.

Vegetable soup bowls are cooked with vegetables.

The table is big also they serve green tea by pot.

※Click to enlarge

There are more menu.

Shop name:Hong Kong Seafood Dim sum
Address:1-12-17 Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City Ronsukar Takayoshi Building 2F
View map
TEL: 06-6120-6380
Operating hours:Lunch: 11: 00-15: 00, dinner: 17: 00- 23:00 (LO 22:30)
5-minute walk from Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station Exit 1, 4-minute walk from Osaka Metro Tsurumi Ryokdo Line Nagahoribashi Station 5-A Exit


3.A delicious Western-style restaurant with a friendly master

【Grill rose tree】

A Western-style restaurant located along Suomachi Street in East Shinsaibash. You  can eat delicious food.

I ordered Hamburg Steak combo.It come with soup and rice.Also all you can eat rice.

This Demi Glass sauce is the best! The hamburger stake‘s flavor explodes in my mouth.

The shop has a very retro atmosphere and only counters. The master can be attentive to the customer so you can relax.

It is a lunch menu. Beef cutlet lunch is recommend.

Shop name: Grill rose tree
Address:1-16-14, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City Rose tree building the first floor
View map
TEL:06-627 1-7417
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 11: 30-14: 45, 18: 00- 21:45
Holiday:Monday (open for holidays on public holidays, next Tuesday holiday)
Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station Exit 5 minutes on foot


4.You can eat delicious meat sauce and good for your health.

【Homemade meat sauce potto (pot)】

A shop located about a 3-minute walk from Shinsaibashi Station to the northeast. It is a pasta restaurant like a cafe where you can eat meat sauce that is particular about ingredients.

※Click to enlarge

You have to pay first at cash register of entrance. The menu has four types of meat sauce, four types of tomato sauce, and a total of 14 types such as soup stock and cream sauce. Noodles can be selected from three types of fresh pasta.

This is a homemade meat sauce. I chose raw spaghetti. A little spicy meat sauce and fresh pasta, which have a rich flavor and sweetness, go well. It come with Tomato soup. You should eat with tomato soup if it gets a bit heavy. The sourness of the tomato makes the meat sauce mild.

This is a pasta of ripe tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. I chose raw linguine. It had a sour taste of tomatoes and it was a refreshing pasta.

This I s a small salad of Keanu and Omajima. Usually 280 yen but you can be ordered for lunchtime at 140 yen. It is good for the body.

Inside the shop, the counter and terrace. The atmosphere is so cute that it is almost full of female customers.

Shop name:Homemade meat sauce potto (pot)
Address:Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City Cypress Shinsaibashi
View map
TEL: 050-5869-5428
Opening hours:11:00-22:00 (Lunch until 15:00)
Holiday:irregular days off
3 minutes on foot from Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station Exit 2


5.You can eat good price and feel atmosphere like a Japanese restaurant

【Udonri honke nishiya honten 】

Founded in 1955, Nabe goes great with sake. iYou can eat udon or rice bowl, Japanese combo until lunch. They make udon every day and the soup is delicious too.

Egg donburi and tempra Udon combo (980yen/Excluding tax)

The eggs are simmering. Sweet and spicy soup is the best.

Tempura udon and udon and tempura serve separately.The tempuras of the day were fried shrimp, eggplant, okra, sweet potato, and onions. It is full of volume.

※Click to enlarge

Shop name:Udon honke nishiya honten
Address:1-18-18, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
View map
TEL: 06-6241-9221
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 11: 00-23: 00 (LO 22:30), Sundays and holidays 11:00-21:30 (LO 21:00)
2 minutes on foot from Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station


6.You can taste the finest beef stew

【Wine house】

Founded in 1983 wine bar. This is a directly owned restaurant of wine importer. There are high quality wine.

There are 3 types of lunch menu. Daily pasta lunch, daily main lunch, beef stew. The set comes with bread or rice (All you can eat ) and a salad.The menu for the day was.
Main: Chicken thigh meat herb breaded buttanesca sauce pasta; Japanese style oil pasta with clams, white onions and Chinese cabbage. Both seem delicious.

This is the beef stew. Lots of big meat and vegetables inside it. I would like to drink red wine.

Japanese-style oil pasta makes me hungry It was a solid pasta.

There is a lot of wine in the store. If you make a reservation in advance, it will also prepare vintage wines.

Shop name:Wine House
Address:3-5-26 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
View map
TEL: 06-6241-9710
Opening hours:11:30 to 14:00, 17:30 to 23:00
Midosujisen A 5-minute walk from Shinsaibashi Station Exit


7.Omelet rice in a shop. You feel Showa atmosphere

【Hokkyokusei Shinsaibashi Honten 】

Arctic star of the original omelet rice shop in the American village. It is a building built in 1955.

There is a courtyard inside the shop.

There are a lot of Japanese Showa house feeling.

Shrimp fried combo, mushroom omelet rice. Shrimp fry comes with 3 tails + miso soup to your favorite omelet rice for plus 470 yen. It is an omelet rice that is unbearable to love  eggs.


※Click to enlarge

Shop name:Hokkyokusei Shinsaibashi honten
Address: 2-7-27 Nishi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
View map
TEL: 06-621 1-7829
Opening Hours:
Weekdays 11: 30-22: 00 (LO 21:30) Sat, Sun,holiday 11:30-22:00 (LO 21:30) (Lunch time 11:00-16:00 (LO 15:00)
Holiday:New Year holidays


8.Would you like to have lunch at stylish shop with a high ceiling?


Close by Shinsaibashi Station. Exit from Christa Nagahori North Exit 11. It is located on the 10th floor of the building in front of you.

Go by elevator then you will find a shop. The glass-covered shop is very bright. And the ceiling is high.

There is a private room on the other side of the wall. Here is large so We can go to there with a stroller.

There are several types of lunch menu. The combo comes with soup, salad, bread or rice.

This is pasta lunch. I chose “Pescatore” from three types of pasta.

It is a hamburger steak lunch. It is more delicious with the homemade mustard on top.And pancake is very popular in this shop.

Home-made standard pancake. Pancakes is new texture like cheesecake like sour french toast!You should share it .If you eat after lunch.

It is a waiting time of pancake. You should order same time (lunch) If you want to eat after lunch.


※Click to enlarge

Lunch menu

※Click to enlarge

This is the pancake menu. Monthly pancakes are also popular. It can be eaten with seasonal fruits.

※Click to enlarge

There is also a happy kids menu for children and moms.

Shop name:fine diner & salon bar 7-NANA- (Fine diner and salon bar nana)【Closed】
Address:Osaka Prefecture Chuo Ward Minamisenba 4 chome 5-8 Raston Shinsaibashi 10F
TEL: 06-4708-7717
Opening hours:
Lunch & cafe 11 00-16: 00 (Sat, Sun, Holiday: 17:00) Dinner & Bar 18: 00-24: 00 Fri, Sat, Holiday the day before 25:00)
Holiday:irregular days off
From  2 minutes Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station by walk


9.Popular with girls! Authentic Chinese food to eat in a stylish space

【Chinese syunsai Morimoto】

A shop where you can enjoy Chinese cuisine made by Chef Morimoto who worked at Dojima Hotel after studied at various places in Hong Kong and China. It is a popular shop that it appeared on TV. Entrance is under ground so you find difficult it.

There is stairs for go down under ground.

The shop is a lively open kitchen and has a stylish atmosphere.

This is a special lunch combo. It comes with rice, soup, small salad and annin tofu.

This is drool bird. It is an unusual name, but it means that “It’s mouthwatering.”  It looks spicy but not spicy.

※Click to enlarge

This is lunch menu. Everything looks delicious.

Shop name:Chinese syunsai Morimoto
Address:Osaka Prefecture Naka-ku, Shinsaibashi Suji 1-4-14 Zenkyo Building B1F
View map
TEL: 06-6252-6022
Opening hours:
11:30-15:00 (LO 14:30), 18 : 00-22:00 (LO 21:30) (final entry 20: 45)
Holiday: irregular holidays
3 minutes on foot from Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station Exit 5


10.Soba feel like tukemen of ramen

【Naniwa soba shinsaibashi Honten】

The restaurant is also famous for the combination of shabu-shabu and soba with the registered trademark “Soba-shabu”. The shop can feel the old Japanese.

First floor.You can comfortable entering even alone.

There is ishiusu at an entrance. They use it when they make soba.

Second floor. There is a private room so you can do relax.

This is specialty “Niku tuke” You can choose 4 types ra-yu taste ,sansyo taste, yuzu taste. cary taste. This photo is ra-yu taste.

Add egg and cracked burdock tempura, plenty of pork and onions. Ra-yu is spicy and it is the best when you eat it with meat and vegetables.with buckwheat! It’s totally different from Zaru soba.

This is the “Hina don combo”. Today is oyakodon. Tempura soba serve separately tempura and soba.

This menu is specialty too. Soba goes well with wasabi.


※Click to enlarge

Shop name:Naniwa soba shinsaibashi Honten
Address: 1-4-32 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka
View map
TEL: 050-5269-7082
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 11: 00- 23: 00 (LO 22:30)Sun・ Holiday: 11: 00-22: 00 (LO 21:30)
Subway Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station Exit No.6 1 minute wal


11.A pretty bistro like a Paris downtown restaurant

【Bistro da Anju】

A small bistro opened in 1972. This restaurant is popular with women.You should book lunch and dinner if you go to there.

There is under ground so you go down stairs.

There are many tables and it is bustling when you enter the store, It looks like a restaurant in downtown Paris.Next seat is near so it’s not good for them people who don’t want to set near.

I ate “Paris Pari ” lunch. There are 4 choices of appetizers, mains, desserts and after-dinner drink.

I chose “vegetables, bacon, onion quiche”  The sweetness of sweet potato, the taste of egg and bacon, the onion are also sweet, and each taste is delicious.

This is the main “Today’s daily special dish-salmon Poare mushroom cream sauce”. There are a lot of vegetables, so Good for women. Mushroom cream sauce goes well with salmon.

This is a dessert “Grilled tart of pear with ice cream”. Seasonal fruit pear is delicious. It will be mellow if you eat it together with ice cream.

Paris Lunch ②
Appetizer “Palma Produced Ham” is selected. Aged raw ham is soft and is best eaten with vegetables and homemade pickles hiding under the ham.

It is the main “confit of chicken”.Chicken is soft! It is even more delicious to eat this chicken and mashed potatoes below with mustard sauce.

This is a dessert “Creme Caramel and Ice Cream”. The custard pudding,caramel sauce. It must be delicious.


※Click to enlarge

Shop name: Bistrot d’Anjou (Bistro da Anju)
Address:2-6-18 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka Shinsaibashi Hayakawa Building B1F
View map
TEL: 06-6211-6085
Opening hours:
Weekday lunch 11:30-16:00 ( LO 15:00) Weekday Dinner 17:30-21:00 LO
Sat-Sun Holiday Lunch 11:30-16:00 LO Sat-Sun Holiday Dinner 16:00-21:30 LO
Holiday:Monday (Tuesday the next day for public holidays)
5 minutes walk from Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Statio


12.It is cheap even city! Sushi restaurant that does not turn

【Jinen Shimizachi】

There are three stores in Osaka. There are a lot of sushi and seasonal dishes using fresh ingredients.The lunch menu is also nice with 3 dishes.

There are counter and table. As there are also many tourists, they line up at noon.Woman can feel comfortable entering even alone

Special nigiri. It’s for one person. It isn’t enough if you eat a lot. A sushi shop that doesn’t turn so it makes us luxury.

A sushi restaurant’s unagi don is good price.


※Click to enlarge

Shop name::Jinen Shimizachi
Address:1-4-11 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka City Momotarou Building 1F
View map
Opening hours:11: 00-24: 00 (Lunch menu 11: 00-14: 00)
ubway Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station 4 minutes on foo


13.The cafe looks like it’s in  Brooklyn

【Brooklyn Parlor OSAKA】

“Brook Lipper” is famous. It is located in the basement of EDGE Shinsaibashi Building along Shinsaibashi Suji. There is also a stage, and music events are also held. music · cafe · books · eats · bar, so you can be used in various ways.

There are two entrances to the basement. It’s like this from Shinsaibashi Suji. As it is an underground store, a signboard is a mark.

Atmosphere at the stylish cafe. It is a shop that girls and boys also like.

Books, chairs and chandeliers are also fashionable. I just wanted to stay longer.

A variety of unique books are here.

It is this hamburger that we want to eat at fashionable shop. How big! The buns are fluffy and the patties are delicious and the meat tastes good! It also comes with a salad.

Chopped salad. Grilled bacon, pumpkin, sweet potato, 3 kinds of beans, corn, broccoli, lettuce and short pasta are also included in this hearty salad. Fresh vegetables are plentiful. Recommend for women.


※Click to enlarge

Shop name:Brooklyn Parlor Osaka (Brook Lyper Osaka)
Address:2-3 Shinsaibashi, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka EDGE Shinsaibashi B1F
View map
TEL: 06-6212-7881
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu 10: 30-22: 00 Fri, Sat・ Before celebration ・ At the time of event from 10:30-23:00
Holiday:irregular days off.
Subway Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station Exit 7 4 minutes on foot


14.Traditional hand-made udon shop, menu is interesting

【Kawacuku honten】

Founded in 1968. famous Udon shop in Osaka. A craftsman cuts hand-made udon with a Japanese knife. It is a udon shop boasting smooth throating.

There are counter seats on the first floor and table seats on the second floor. At lunchtime, seats will be full of the office worker.

Oyaji korokke combo (kakiage).Kakiage is the fried shrimp. Even though it is a combo , it is a set with croquettes, fried chicken and rice balls.

Mochitama chicken combo.Udon goes well with tempura.The combo comes with rice balls,croquettes and two fried chicken. It’s a big volume, so good for people who eat a lot.


※Click to enlarge

The menu naming is interesting like Osaka!

Shop name:Kawafuku Main store
Address:1-14-17 Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
View map
TEL: 06-6241-9125
Opening hours:
Noon 11:30-14:30
Night 18:00- LO 22:00 (Sat, Sun, Holiday: 17:30-Regular
holiday:Monday (open on holidays) Closed on the third Tuesday also from January to November Closed on the fourth Tuesday from May to September
Subway Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station 5 minutes on foot

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