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Introducing points recommend by locals who can see famous people at the sowing of beans in Osaka Naritasan.

I was born in Hirakata and raised in Neyagawa. Now I live 5 minutes on foot from Mt. Narita. I knew about Naritasan sowing beans for a long time, but I didn’t go there because there were so many people.

But I wanted to see it once. I investigated a lot for that. As a result, I was able to see the 2019 guests and took pictures.

Please refer to the spots where you can see famous people recommend by the local people.

※ Click here for directions to Naritasan Fudoson


1.What is Osaka Naritasan Fudoson?

Osaka Naritasan Fudoson (Ohonmoto Osaka Naritasan Betsuin Meioin)

Naritasan was built in 1941 by donating the land of Korien from Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
※Donation means donating land and money to temples and shrines.

Deep connection between Naritasan and Keihan train

The connection between Naritasan and Keihan Railway is deep, and people related to Keihan Railway visit in spring and autumn every year.

This is an amulet on the Keihan train. This amulet is found on every vehicle and is replaced every year.

It is in the upper right of the connecting door near each vehicle in Osaka. If you get on the Keihan train, please look for it once. Also, Keihan Railway’s image character Keihan also participates in Naritasan sowing been.

2.What is setsubun of Osaka Naritasan Fudoson?

Every year on February 3rd at Naritasan in Osaka, there is a Setsubun festival, praying for “traffic safety” and “good luck”. There is a sowing bean.
A guest is invited every year at the Setsubun festival and it is famous for many visitors.

Sakura Ando and Keiko Matsuzaka appearing in the NHK TV novel “Manpuku” at the 2019 Setsubun festival. Then, Ozeki Goseki, a great sumo wrestler who was originally from Neyagawa in Narita, was invited.

3.How can I get lucky beans by looking at the guests?

To see the guests at the Setsubun Festival in Narita at Osaka, you need to wait before the Setsubun Festival begins. The guest appears 3 times at the sowing beans  of Osaka Naritasan. The 10:30 time is the most popular among them, and many people gather.

3-1.1 You should arrive there before 1 hour

This photo was taken when I arrived at the venue one hour before. In 2019,It was cloudy on Sunday, but the venue was already crowded.

According to the Narita staff, one hour before that, the venue was full. Also, the time to crowd will change depending on the day of the week and the weather.

From this place, guests can’t see, and you can’t get lucky beans.

3-2. Know where you can get lucky beans and where you can see guest.

※ Click on the image to enlarge

This is a guide map of Osaka Naritasan. “1”, “2” and “3” are places where you can get lucky beans and where you can easily see them. Details will be introduced later.

You can get the Fukume beans except at Setsubun Festival. you can see the guests and get Fuku- bean. You can see the guests and get Fuku- bean if you go to Naritasan after knowing these things.

4.You can get Lucky beans at the Conferment center

You can get the lucky beans at the Conferment center next to the main hall. This is “3” of the guide map introduced before.

4-1.When should  you give it ?

I lined up there after I arrived at Naritasan soon. I waited it for about 10 minutes.

It must be wait for a long time after the sowing beans.

4-2.What is the Lucky beans ?

I received shelled peanuts and soybeans. Shelled peanuts are used in the sowing beans at Osaka Naritasan.

5.Recommended by locals! A spot that you can see guest !

This is Keiko Matsuzaka.

This is Sakura Ando.

This photo is zoomed, but i saw from the recommended point. You can see it in a pretty close place.

This is the guest I saw at the sowing  beans  venue. It ’s quite far away.

5-1. The recommended spot is “Furufuda no-syo”

A spot where guests can easily see is near there in the back of the precinct. The advantage is that the time for gathering people is late, unlike the sowing bean venue. Also recommended because you can move.

You can see the guests taking a photo at the point “1” and then you can see the movement of the guests nearby at the point “2”.

It ’s a spot where you can see sowing beans , avoiding the crowd.

5-1.First of all, it is a place for a commemorative photo taken before the sowing beans begins.

This is in front of “Kichijokaku” and “Yasuragi of rest place” in the right back of the precincts. This is point 1 of the guide map introduced before.

You can see it like this.

It is time to move after shooting. This is a zoom photo, but you can see the expression with your eyes. It is rare that the front is obstructive and difficult to see. Because this place is a staircase.

5-2.The other is when moving to the sowing beans.

The guest will move to the main hall after the shooting . After receiving a prayer here, we will move to the sowing beans place through this connection. This is the point of “2” in the guide map introduced before.
You can pass directly under the connecting road.

There were many people on the other side but there were few people here.

You can also see the expressions of guests.

Another reason to recommend this is that the guest was seeing around here before sowing the beans. It ’s only here.

6.Is there a toilet?

The toilet is in the parking in front of the Yamamon. Many people gets  inside. It is better to use the toilet before entering Because it becomes difficult to move.

7.Precautions when looking at sowing the beans

Small children and the elderly are not allowed to enter the here.

It is very dangerous to pick up the lucky beans that have fallen down.

Also, since you can’t use an umbrella so you should bring a raincoat when the weather is bad.


What did you think. Many people visit the Naritasan the sowing beans of Osaka every year. you can get lucky beans or see guests after you wait 2or 3hours.

If you arrive at the point introduced here about 1 hour ago, you will be able to get Lucky beans and you can see them nearby.

Finally, here is a summary of the points of Osaka Naritasan’s sowing beans.

・As soon as you arrive, pick it up at the Conferment center .

・Wait to see the” Furufuda no-syo” in the back to see the guests.

Good luck to you who have read this article to the end!

※Click here for directions to Naritasan Fudoson

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