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【2019 edition】Kishiwada Danjiri Festival and great sightseeing points

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival, Japan’s leading fighting festival. There were over 450,000 visitors in 2017. Every year,many people come to see the powerful Danjiri Festival from all over Japan. I think that you already have image. It is so powerful.

I will tell you about the dates, places, and highlights of the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival in 2019.

In addition, we will introduce the best points to see “Danjiri”, so please check it out if you actually go.

1.What is Kishiwada Danjiri Festival?

It has a history of about 300 years, and it is said that it was originally the beginning of praying for a lot of grain.

It is now called the fighting Festival, but at that time, it was said that it was a festival that performed Kyogen then visited Sannomaru Shrine and Kishiki Shrine.

There is an explanation, but at first it was said that it was a 75cm “drawer with car” at about 1.5m. From there, it became a festival format. After that, a garnish with sculptures was built and gained a great reputation. Also, in the Showa era, the road was paved and widened, so the “Yarimawashi” began to take place.

2.Date of Kishiwada Danjiri Festival

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is held in September and October

9/14 (Sat) Yoimiya
9/15 (Sun) Honmiya

10/12 (Sat)
10/13 (Sun)

You may be many opportunities to watch the Danjiri Festival that is being held in September on TV. It is actually held in October.However, the Danjiri Festival, which is held in September. It is said to be larger and more powerful than in October. The festival held in September is recommended if you are going to see it for the first time.

3.Which place held is the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival?

The place where the Danjiri Festival is held

September: Kishiwada area, Haruki area October: Higashi Kishiwada area, Minamikamori area, Yagi area, Yamanao area, Yamanao south / Yamataki area (* 2017 Year holding area)

The festival in Kishiwada area, especially held in September, is the largest. The festival in Kishiwada area is recommended if you want to enjoy a powerful festival.

4.What is the schedule for the day?

The schedule for the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival varies depending on the venue.

The schedule for the day is as follows. ※ Upcoming in October will be updated as soon as it is understood.

4-1. [September] schedule of Kishiwada area

・ 9/14 (Sat.)

Start(Danjiri of each town will be start at the same time)


Parade, Eiko

Landing lanterns (200 lanterns decorated )

・ 9/15 (Sunday)



Light eiko(200 lights decorated)

* The Miyairi is the biggest festival of the festival and is held at Kishishiro Shrine, Kishiwada Tenjingu Shrine and Yaei Shrine. Especially the Konakara slope scene at Kishijo Shrine is popular.


4-2.(September)schedule of Haruki area


Start(Danjiri of each town will be start at the same time)


Parade, Eiko

Landing lanterns (200 lights  decorated)

・ 9/15 (Sunday)



Light eiko(200 lights decorated)

5.The main attraction of “Yarimawashi “!

It means powerfully turning around the street corner at a right angle. That scene is often on TV.

* Photo provided by Kishiwada City

you must be say  “Oh!” When you look at it.

6.What is the best spot to see the it?

The recommendation is in front of the shopping street in front of Kishiwada Station.

This is the road in front of the shopping street.

You can see it at Kishiwada Station, but there are many people nearby.

So  it is recommended to walk a little.Then  go to the shopping street in front of Kishiwada Station. You can see it under the palm trees! I saw it 5 times in one hour in this area.


How was it ?  We introduced information on the dates, places, highlights, and recommended points of interest for the 2019 Kishiwada Danjiri Festival.It’s best to experience watching “Danjiri” instead of photos and TV images! I would be glad if you go to the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival after watch this article.

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