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【Osaka souvenir】 Recommended Souvenir to buy at Kansai International Airport Osaka


This is a special gift that you can buy at Kansai International Airport.
Because the souvenir of the Kansai area gathers, we introduce to you from good taste souvenirs to standard ones.
There are many souvenir shops in the Kansai Airport.
This time, at the first terminal 3F, “restaurant shop floor” we will show you recommendations.

Please note that for international boarding, there is a prohibition of bringing liquids (including pudding) into the aircraft.
All of them are delicious. How about a souvenir for oneself?

1. Kansai Airport Limited Cheese Tart

PABLO’s Flying Cheese Tart
1 box 1,620 yen (tax included)

kankuu-omiyage1The cheese tart of Kansai Airport Limited from famous “PABLO” has appeared now. It is good to buy a popular Osaka souvenir.

kankuu-omiyage2It is in a pretty box and you will be surprised when you open it! A plane pops Out. It is the “Airport”.

kankuu-omiyage3The taste is thick and rich in flavor. It is recommended for those who love the cream cheese and has slight fragrant of lemon. The cookie dough is crispy and is delicious.


2.Matsuko rave about it! Osaka Soul Food Souvenir

Osaka Red Ginger fried Kakinotane.
1 bag 216 yen (tax Included)

kankuu-omiyage4The tempura of Soul food red ginger in Osaka became Kakinotane. It is the product that Matsuko raved about and had appeared on TV show “MATUKO NO SHIRANAI SEKAI”.  It is good for the topic to talk.

kankuu-omiyage5Inside looks like this. The fried Kakinotane are a little big, crispy and are a little moist. And the flavor of the red ginger spreads to the mouth that leads to feeling good. That definitely fits the beer!

3.Standard Souvenir Airport Limited items

Yukari Japan Box
1 box 1,000 yen (tax included)

kankuu-omiyage6Sakakaku Souhonpo is the Company’s 120 Years. The popular gift in the whole country   is sold in the airport as limited Package. It seems to be targeting the people from abroad, and the package with the motif of the castle,
Mt. fuji, maiko, and cherry trees, contains a fragrant rice cracker that carefully baked the body of shrimp.

4.Popular Sweets

Sugar Butter Sand Tree
14 pieces 1,029 yen (tax included), 10 pieces 690 yen (tax Included)

kankuu-omiyage7It is baked with sugar butter on the serial dough of seven kinds of materials such as whole wheat flour, rye, and been carefully selected, so that it has become a crunch feeling. And is a taste, that contains milk feeling of white chocolate,  matches the shell and we cannot stop eating.

kankuu-omiyage8There were a lot of variations of the number contained and assort type.

5.Artisan’s Crafted Balm Kuchen

Kyoto Uji Takumi 、 Ayana White ring
1 box 1,404 yen (tax included)

kankuu-omiyage9This is from “Takumi, Ayana” of the Japanese-pastry shop located in the entrance of the “Byoudouin” of Kyoto Uji.  How about the special balm kuchen?

kankuu-omiyage10It is the balm kuchen that is kneaded with only the soy milk not using any water.  As it is baked carefully at low temperature, fresh, moist shell is the Best. Soy milk also has a deep richness because it uses the soy milk only of the soybean of the natural cultivation. It is a dish you want to eat again!

6.The popular gift of the National department store

Hime Senju Senbei (rice cracker) sugar Cream
12 pieces 1,296 yen (Included tax)

kankuu-omiyage11The Hime Senju Senbei(rice cracker) of the Kyoto Sweets which is one mouthful for women size is now in store. The Waffell shell is soft and easy to eat with a light sugar cream.

kankuu-omiyage12There is a lot of sugar cream in it.

7.Colorful and cute Kompeito

Seikaann (Kompeito) 
1 can 540 yen~756 yen (tax Included)

kankuu-omiyage13The Kompeito of a clean blue has a Soda taste.There are also Wine taste, Matcha taste and Salt taste.

kankuu-omiyage14The colorful Kompeito, which is in the can of a pretty designed and is regretful to eat, is a famous souvenir.

8.Delicious and interesting souvenir from Kansai

” Hyogetsudo” Tako Patie
12pcs 540 yen, 24pcs, 1,080 yen (tax included)

kankuu-omiyage15For one of Osaka=Takoyaki.  This is the Takoyaki Sweets! Of course, the impact as a souvenir is great, but it is not only delicious!
It is good for the woman to eat with stick-type. If you try to introduce as the funny  “kansai souvenir”,Tako Patie is recommended!

9.Not just a pudding!It has thick richness of the green tea!

“Fukujyuen”Green Tea Pudding in Kyoto
1 pcs 378 yen (tax Included)

kankuu-omiyage16The Fukujyuen is different from the nomal matcha pudding. It tastes like green tea pudding with powdered green tea powder, but it is rich! It is the best souvenir for   Matcha-lover.Because they can correspond to several packed boxes, it is possible tocorrespond even in the scene for plural needs or a large number of needs.

10.A soft-boiled gift with a good mouthfeel

Fuwan Toron of “Santa Planet”
12 pieces 1,080 yen (tax Included)

kankuu-omiyage17The Fuwan Toron which is covered in the souvenir article of Shin-Osaka, can also be purchased at Kansai International Airport. This has an absolutely good taste. The mouthfeel is very good ,its outside is fluffy and the inside is very soft…
I mean, It’s Half-boiled. Try it once and you’ll know!
It has a lot pieces, so that suitable for the souvenir for the workplace.

11.Kobe’s Super Rare pudding

“Kobe Franz” Kobe Maho no tsubo purin( Kobe magic jar pudding)
4 pieces 1,560 yen (tax included)

kankuu-omiyage18Originally, It is 50 super rare pudding for one day in the sweets store in Kobe. You can buy that pudding at Kansai International Airport.
The custard is smooth and melts, and it is divided into three layers with the cream on and the caramel below, and when we eat together, you can taste the very delicious pudding.

kankuu-omiyage19Because the vase and the design of the container are also pretty, it is the dish which a woman can be especially pleased with!

12.Bamboo-like Green Tea Balm Kuchen

kyoto Uji Tsujirihei honten” Kyo Matcha [Bamboo Balm Kuchen]
1 box 1,620 yen (tax included)


kankuu-omiyage21It is a green tea balm kuchen with a bamboo motif. The taste is very elegant and very sweet of kyoto.
It has a moist, mature taste.
And is a perfect souvenir for the important person for you!

13.Speaking of Osaka souvenir! This is the one!

“551 Horai” Pork bun & Shrimp Shumai
Pork bun 4 pieces, Shrimp Shumai 12 pieces 1,280 yen

kankuu-omiyage22It is a classic souvenir which is familiar in the Kansai person and TV commercial in “The Horai of 551”
Handmade one by one, juicy and a lot of ingredients! It is a product with many fans that we cannot decide which is better neither pork bun or shrimp.
It is no doubt as a souvenir for your family, especially for your home.

14 ~17. Extra Osaka Souvenirs

14.Jagariko Takoyaki Flavor

8 pieces 864 yen (tax included)
kankuu-omiyage23The Takoyaki of the Kansai specialty became Jyagariko.This has the Takoyaki taste of the sauce and mayonnaise.
Why don’t you buy as a Kansai souvenir as it is a limited sale at four prefectures of the Kansai Area.

15.Pringles Takoyaki Flavor

3 cans set 648 yen (tax Included)

kankuu-omiyage24This is a taste of Takoyaki, limited sale in Kansai area. The flavor of the bonito and the red ginger and the smell of the mayonnaise are slightly fragrant. This is Osaka!!

16.Kuidaore Taro’s Peach Pie

10 pcs  864 yen (tax included)

kankuu-omiyage25This is from Taro Foods Inc.  The eyes pained in the box move! It is interesting to turn to the right or to the left. It is a full-fledged peach pie of moist texture. And  has a refreshing peach flavor.

17.Kuidaore Taro Pudding

3 pieces 1,180 yen (tax included)
kankuu-omiyage26This is made from Taro Foods Inc.When the box is opened, there is a pretty hat that Kuidaore Taro is wearing. It is a confidence work jointly developed with “Dojima sweets” which is a manufacturer of the popular sweets “Dojima pudding”. It has sweet and a little bitter taste, and nostalgic new taste. It will be even more delicious if you eat it with the “double sauce” which contains both bitter caramel crush and sweet caramel sauce.

Kansai Airport 1st Terminal 3F

Third floor Map

kankuu-omiyage27 Click on the photo to Enlarge.

The restaurant is orange and the green is the Shop. A souvenir shop is red-framed which is surrounded by restaurants.


Shop Name:Applause
Location:Terminal 1, 3rd floor, before security check
TEL: 072-455-2304
Opening hours:7:00 ~ 21:30
KIX-ITM card benefits: 5% discount from purchase price (Some products are non-eligible)
HP: Kansai International Airport



How did you like our article?At Kansai International airport, you can buy various souvenirs of the Kansai area, so you will hesitate to judge.
We had introduced souvenirs of Kansai Area and please get them also for yourself!

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