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【Photo Guide】Walking directions from Umeda Station to Nakazakicho in Osaka!


The Nakazakicho area is popular among fashionable young people. And although it’s only one stop away from Umeda Station and right next to the city, it is a residential area lined with traditional townhouses, and offers many hidden stores. This time, we will introduce a 15-minute walking route to get to Nakazakicho from the Umeda area in Osaka.

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1. 3 ways to get to Nakazakicho

nakazakichoThe easiest and most obvious way to get to Nakazakicho Station from Umeda, Osaka is to go straight down the main street in front of HEP Five and Don Quijote. However, we will also show you how to get to Nakazakicho via Chayamachi, another popular shopping and dining district along the East side of Umeda Station.

Let’s get started!

① How to get to Nakazakicho from JR Osaka Station

nakazakichoFrom JR Osaka Station, the Midosuji Exit is recommended as it is close to the station.nakazakichoExit the ticket gate and head right.nakazakichoContinue straight and follow signs for the Midosuji South Exit.nakazakichoWhen you reach the South Exit, you will see stairs and an escalator in front of you. Head to the left where you will see a pedestrian crossing to reach the Hankyu Umeda Main Store.nakazakichoCross the street and enter the building.nakazakichoYou will reach a large indoor plaza. Go straight while keeping Sumitomo Mitsui Bank on your right.nakazakichoUpon exiting the building, you will see the red “Umeda” monument. Go past this on the left and you will see a pedestrian crossing.nakazakichoCross the street and continue down the road between EST on the left and HEP Five on the right.nakazakichoTurn left at the first intersection.nakazakichoAs soon as you turn, you will see EST Foodhall on your left. This is a gourmet facility with a variety of restaurants, some unique to Osaka, Kansai, and Japan, so check it out sometime!

nakazakichoContinue straight with EST Foodhall on your left.nakazakichoWhen you reach the main road, turn left and go under the overpass.nakazakichoThen turn right and cross the street.nakazakichoAfter crossing the street, you will see a fashionable brich building which is a second-hand clothes shop. Continue walking straight down this road.
nakazakichoThere is a very conspicuous pink building. This is Elulu by JAM, a popular vintage clothing store in the Nakazakicho area. Turn right at the crossroad in front of Elulu by JAM.
nakazakichoYou should now see the Nakazakicho area. It should take about 15 minutes from JR Osaka Station.

② How to get to Nakazakicho from Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station

nakazakichoLet’s start from the ticket gate on the 3rd floor of the Hankyu Umeda Station, where trains arrive and depart. When you exit the ticket gate, first head toward the escalator on the far left.
nakazakichoThis escalator goes down to the first floor. Be careful because other stairs and escalators lead to the second floor. It’s easy to get lost if you go that way…nakazakichoTurn left when you reach the bottom of the stairs or escalator.nakazakichoYou’ll see a crosswalk as soon as you get outside. This is the opposite side of EST that was introduced in the last set of directions. Cross the street and continue along the narrow road.nakazakichoContinue walking until you see a Lawson on your left. Then cross the crosswalk.nakazakichoHere is the second-hand clothing shop called Mori that we saw in the previous directions. Continue along this side street, turn right at the pink building housing Elulu by JAM, and you will once again arrive in Nakazakicho!

③ How to get to Nakazakicho from Osaka Midosuji Line

nakazakichoThis time, let’s start at the north ticket gate of the Midosuji Line in Umeda Station.nakazakichoGo out the ticket gate and turn right.nakazakichoWalk straight along this long hall. This is the Sanbangai South Building.nakazakichoYou will then see Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation on your left and Mitsubishi UFJ Bank on your right. Go to the back right of the Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, and you will see an escalator. Go up to the first floor.nakazakichoWhen you’ve reached the first floor, turn left and go straight.nakazakichoNow you will arrive at the crosswalk in front of EST that we saw before. But this time we’ll go via Chayamachi, so cross the street and turn left.nakazakichoGo straight along the main road. You’ll see many stores like H&M, Daiso, and ABC Mart on your right.nakazakichoContinue straight through this intersection, where you will see Chayamachi Aruko on your left and NU Chayamachi across the street.

nakazakichoThis is NU Chayamachi, a shopping facility with great restaurants, so it is a good place to enjoy lunch.nakazakichoGo straight for a while and you will see the Umeda Arts Theater on your right. Turn right here and go straight!nakazakichoContinue straight. You will see MBS on your left and Loft on your right.nakazakichoAfter passing MBS, you will come to a large road. Go straight and you will soon be in Nakazakicho!nakazakichoContinue straight ahead, passing under the elevated railroad tracks…nakazakichoYou’ve arrived. The Nakazakicho area has a retro atmostphere.

2. How to get to Nakazakicho by train

If you go by train, the nearest station is Nakazakicho Station.nakazakichoExit 2 and Exit 4 are both close to Nakazakicho Station, but we recommend Exit 4.nakazakichoAs soon as you exit from Exit 4, you will see a temple called Zentokuji on your right. Please turn right past the temple walls.nakazakichoA short walk will soon bring you to the Nakazaki-cho-like townscape.

Access to Nakazakicho Station from major destinations

Here’s how to get to Nakazaki-cho by train from other major stations in Osaka.


Osaka Metro Midosuji Line “Namba” Station

Umeda Station
↓ Transfer (about 6 minutes on foot)
Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line “Higashi-Umeda” Station

Nakazakicho Station
* Time required: Approximately 18 minutes


Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line Tennoji Station

Nakazakicho Station
* Time required: Approximately 17 minutes


Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Shin-Osaka Station

Umeda Station
↓ Transfer (about 6 minutes on foot)
Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line Higashi-Umeda Station

Nakazakicho Station
* Time required: Approximately 15 minutes

3. Summary

This time we introduced how to get to Nakazakicho on foot from Umeda Station! Nakazakicho is a popular area that is near the city center, but still retains its old-fashioned retro atmosphere. Walking from the Osaka Station area, you will find many new gourmet restaurants and popular shopping facilities along the way, so be sure to enjoy them as well!

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