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Directions to Tennoji Zoo – Access from Tennoji and Abenobashi Station with parking info and admission fees

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Osaka is one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations. Among its many tourist attractions,  Tennoji is famous for Tennoji Zoo! So let7s go check it out! But, you may be surprised to find that the station is much larger than you expected, and you may get lost…. but don’t worry because here we will give you step-by-step directions!

1. The nearest stations are Tennoji, Shin-Imamiya, Ebisucho, etc…

The nearest station to Tennoji Zoo must be Tennoji Station, right? Well, actually there are many other stations with easy access to Tennoji Zoo.Tennoji Zoo AccessThere are two gates to enter Tennoji Zoo. Shin-Imamiya Station, Dobutsuenmae Station, and Ebisucho Station are the closest stations to the Shinsekai Gate west of Tennoji Zoo. Tennoji Station and Osaka Abenobashi Station are the closest stations to Tenno-ji Zoo’s Tenshiba Gate in the east.

In this issue, we have compiled how to access Tennoji Station, the closest station to Tenno-ji Gate, from each of the Tennoji Station lines and Osaka Abenobashi Station on the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line!

2. Access from JR Line Tennoji Station to Tenshiba

First, let’s look at the access from JR lines to Tennoji Park. The lines connecting to JR Tennoji Station are the Osaka Loop Line, Yamato Line, and Hanwa Line. Let’s get startedTennoji Zoo AccessFirst, exit the central ticket gate. Once you exit, turn right.Tennoji Zoo AccessGo straight ahead this way.Tennoji Zoo AccessThere is a ticket office on the right, so proceed a little further, keeping the ticket office on your right.Tennoji Zoo AccessWhen you see the black “Ticket Office” sign hanging from the top at the end of the ticket office, turn left.tennoji zoo accessYou should see this when you turn left.tennoji zoo accessGo between B&B and Cosme Kitchen to exit the station towards the park entrance.tennoji zoo accessTurn right out of the park exit and you will see stairs down to the basement.tennoji zoo accessHead for Tennoji Park through the basement called Abechika.tennoji zoo accessPlease note that you cannot get to Tennoji Zoo if you try to cross the pedestrian crossing heading toward the Tennoji Ekimae Shopping Arcade.tennoji zoo accessSo go downstairs.tennoji zoo accessThis is Abechika.tennoji zoo accessThen there is a signboard with several destinations, including the zoo. Go straight diagonally to the right.tennoji zoo accessKeep going straight.tennoji zoo accessGo up the stairs by Exit #4.tennoji zoo accessThere is also an escalator past the stairs.tennoji zoo accessYou should see this after reaching the top of the stairs or escalator.tennoji zoo accessLooking back at the station exit.tennoji zoo accessThere are stairs on the left.tennoji zoo accessThere is an escalator to the right.tennoji zoo accessNext to the escalator is a Family Mart, so turn left here.tennoji zoo accessContinuing straight you should see the entrance to Tenshiba.tennoji zoo accessYou have arrived at Tennozhiba! From here on, please check the “Directions from Tenshiba to Tennoji Zoo” section described below!

3. From Midosuji Line/Tanimachi Line/Tennoji Station to Tenshiba

Next is access from Tennoji Station if you took the Midosuji or Tanimachi Line.tennoji zoo accessAfter exiting the ticket gate, first look for the sign for Exit #5 and head in that direction. Then you will find the sign in this picture.tennoji zoo accessGo up the stairs.tennoji zoo accessOnce on the ground, you will see the bottom of Harukas across the street. Let’s go left.tennoji zoo accessYou will see a museum poster on the right. Go in that direction.tennoji zoo accessJR Tennoji Station and MIO can be seen across the road on the right.tennoji zoo accessKeep going straight.tennoji zoo accessThere are stairs to Abechika on your left, but do not go down them. Cross the crosswalk on the other side.tennoji zoo accessThe entrance to Tenshiba is on the other side of this crosswalk.tennoji zoo accessYou made it!

4. To Tenshiba from Osaka Abenobashi Station on the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line

Next is access from Osaka Abenobashi Station. It is a little farther than Tennoji Station, but not by much.tennoji zoo accessWhen you exit the ticket gate, turn right. Go down the stairs on the right side of the Kintetsu Department Store directly in front of you.tennoji zoo accessAs you go down the stairs, you will see Aoyama Flower Market ahead.tennoji zoo accessThere are stairs to the left of Aoyama Flower Market.tennoji zoo accessYou should see a sign for Exit #7. Go up these stairs.tennoji zoo accessGo up and you will find yourself in front of 551 Horai. 551 Horai is on your left, and the JR Central Ticket Gate is on your right. Now you can follow the directions from the above section: “Access from JR Line Tennoji Station to Tenshiba”.

5. Directions from Tenshiba to Tennoji Zoo

Finally, here are the directions from Tenshiba to Tennoji Zoo! We’re almost there so let’s speed walk! tennoji zoo accessContinue straight with Family Mart on the right and Tully’s on the left.tennoji zoo accessIt is a fairly wide road.tennoji zoo accessThe left side looks like this.tennoji zoo accessThere are upscale restaurants on the right-hand side.tennoji zoo accessOn the right side, there is a store like this. It would be great to stop for a drink. I can imagine drinking a beer on the terrace….NO! We’re almost there!
tennoji zoo accessAnd then the road splits in the middle! This time I could not take the left path, so I chose the right path in the photo. On the right side of the road is the Osaka Municipal Museum of Art.tennoji zoo accessThere are not only restaurants, but also a pet shop and an enclosed dog park.tennoji zoo accessSoft serve ice cream! There seem to be endless temptations on this path right?!tennoji zoo accessWhen you see the clock, turn left and you’ll come to the zoo entrance!tennoji zoo accessThere are so many people today!tennoji zoo accessHere we are at the Tennoji Zoo’s “Tenshiba Gate!”tennoji zoo accessBuy your tickets!tennoji zoo accessWelcome to Tennoji Zoo!tennoji zoo accessEnjoy a short walk and… first of all, you’ll get to meet a koala!tennoji zoo accessHere’s the koala pavilion! The koala is winking at me! He’s cute!tennoji zoo accessArk the koala is said to be relaxing outside somewhere.tennoji zoo accessDo you think we’ll find him? After entering through the Tenshiba Gate, let’s go meet Ark the Koala first!tennoji zoo accessBy the way, this is the entrance on the Shinsekai side. If you want to see Tsutenkaku Tower, eat kushikatsu in Shinsekai, and then go to the zoo… let’s enter from here!

6. Where are the car parking lots?

Some of you may think that taking the train is a bit difficult because you have small children and would like to go by car. Although there is no dedicated parking lot for the Tennoji Zoo, the zoo’s official website introduces the Tennoji Park Underground Parking Lot (500 spaces) and the Tennoji Park Chausuyama Entrance Parking Lot (70 spaces).

So don’t worry, it is not impossible to get there by car! However, on weekends and holidays, or on days when there are events in the area, it may be too crowded to park. In such cases, why not try using one of the hole-in-the-wall parking lots around Tennoji?
Tennoji Station area Cheap! Convenient! Recommended hole-in-the-wall parking lots by area

We hope you find this parking information useful! If you are willing to walk a bit but want to save on parking fees, there are also cheap parking lots with reasonable maximum rates.

7. And in some cases, admission is free! Locals should visit the Tennoji Zoo again!

Some of you who live in Osaka City may not have been there in a while.

Tennoji Zoo Ticket Prices:
500 yen for adults
200 yen for elementary and junior high school students
Free for preschool children

But… elementary and junior high school students who live or attend school in the city, as well as those 65 and older who live in the city, get in free! If you would like to visit the zoo regularly and relax, you can purchase an annual passport. The price for adults is 2,000 yen. The regular admission fee is 500 yen, so if you visit five times, you can use the zoo at a reduced rate. Why don’t you come and watch the animals with your children or grandchildren?

If you’re staying in Osaka, why not check out these great hotels in the Tennoji area?

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