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Flower Expo Memorial Park Tsurumi Ryokuchi Facilities and Access

tsurumi ryokuchi park

This time we visited Flower Expo Memorial Park at Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park! This park is a redevelopment of the former site of the International Garden and Greenery Exposition, commonly known as the Flower Expo, which was held in 1990. Did you know that it is still one of the most popular sightseeing and leisure spots in Osaka City? There are lots of things to see there, such as Sakuya Konohana Botanical Garden, Tsurumi Ryokuchi Swimming Pool, and Midori no Seseragi Barbecue Grill.

I have taken my children to play and BBQ there several times before, and although I thought it was just a big park with grassy lawn and a playground for children, I was wrong! I had no idea it was such a fun place to visit! So, here is the access information to Flower Expo Memorial Park Tsurumi Ryokuchi, a place where both children and adults can enjoy themselves, as well as some recommended spots in the park!

1. Access – There are plenty of parking lots, so you can drive there!

1-1. By train

The nearest station is Tsurumi Ryokuchi station on the Osaka Metro Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line. The entrance to the park is right in front of you when you get off the train.

From Osaka
JR Osaka Station → JR Kyobashi Station (transfer) Osaka Metro Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line Kyobashi Station → Tsurumi-ryokuchi Station

Tennoji direction
Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line Tennoji Station → Tanimachi 6-chome Station (transfer)

1-2. By car

The nearest exits are the Morishoji Ramp on the Hanshin Expressway Moriguchi Line or the Kadoma IC or Daito-Tsurumi IC on the Kinki Expressway. There are 6 parking lots in the park. Please see the official website for details on locations and fees.
Check the official homepage here!

2. Let’s take a look at the recommended spots in Flower Expo Memorial Park Tsurumi Ryokuchi!

tsurumi ryokuchi park※Click the map to expand

① When it comes to the Flower Expo, this is the place to be! Mountain area with scenery that changes with the seasons.
② Leisure area with BBQ and campsites for children.
③ Cultural facilities area where events and exhibitions are held
④ Sports area with sports facilities
For the sake of clarity, we will introduce the facilities by dividing them into these four areas on our own.

3. Mountain Area – Enjoy nature throughout the seasons here!

tsurumi ryokuchi park※Click the map to expand

The mountain area located in the northeast of the park looks completely different depending on the season. It’s sure to be a year-round treat!

3-1. Windmill hill

tsurumi ryokuchi parkVisitors can enjoy the windmills on the gentle hill and the seasonal flowers at the foot of the hill! This windmill looks like it was built with blueprints imported from Holland, so it looks just like the real thing. This is a photo spot that is sure to be a hit! But at the time of the interview, there were only a few marigolds here and there that were just about finished blooming (lol). (Sorry!) Here is the best time to see such flowers.

Tulips: around April
Hydrangeas: around June
Sunflowers: July to mid-August
Marigolds: June to August
Cosmos: October to mid-November

The official website is constantly updated with current flower information. Please see there for details.
Flower Expo Memorial Park Tsurumi Ryokuchi Official Website

3-2. Rose Garden

tsurumi ryokuchi parkThe entrance is located right next to where the windmill hill is climbed. Sorry, there were no flowers blooming when we visited! The best time to see the roses is:

Mid-May to Early June
Late October to Mid-November

3-3. The highest peak in Osaka City! Tsurumi Shinzan

tsurumi ryokuchi parkThe mountain was artificially created in April 1983. It is the highest mountain in Osaka City at 39 meters above sea level! Here is the view from Tsurumi Shinzan!tsurumi ryokuchi parkIt may be hard to tell from the photo, but you can clearly see Abeno Harukas all the way in Tennoji. It is indeed the highest mountain in Osaka City.

3-4. Park Golf Course

tsurumi ryokuchi parkPark golf was first played in Hokkaido in 1983. There are still very few park golf courses in the Kinki area, but you can try it here! It is easy to play, using a special club and ball on the grass. It is not that dangerous, so it can be enjoyed by everyone from small children to the elderly. Equipment is available for sale or rental, so you don’t need to bring anything.

3-5. Tea room Murasaki-tei

tsurumi ryokuchi parkThis teahouse, with its steel shingle roof and hipped roof, hosted guests from Japan and abroad during the Flower Expo. It is not normally open to the public, but can be with reservations in advance. It is an elegant place to spend time while viewing the Japanese garden.

4. Leisure Area – Here are popular leisure facilities such as barbecue & campsites!

tsurumi ryokuchi park※Click the map to expand

This area is located on the west side of the park and is a fun area for children and adults with a barbecue area and campground.

4-1. BBQ Area

tsurumi ryokuchi parkYou don’t need to bring anything to this barbecue place! Charcoal, grill nets, chopsticks, plates, and other supplies are available for sale, as well as equipment. They even collect garbage for you, so you don’t need to bring anything to and from the barbecue area! There is also a river running right next to the new area, which children will definitely enjoy! Reservations are required, but if there is space available, you can use the facilities on the same day, so you can take a break after a long day of playing and enjoy lunch.

4-2. Campgrounds

tsurumi ryokuchi parkTen sites are available. Hours of use are divided between day camp (10:30 am to 5:00 pm) and night camp (5:30 pm to 9:30 am), and campfire space is also available. Sounds like a real camping experience! Please see the official website for details.
Flower Expo Memorial Park Tsurumi Ryokuchi – BBQ details

4-3. Large lawn

tsurumi ryokuchi parkLook at this! On this pleasantly large, green lawn, you can enjoy picnics under shady treas, play ball, walk your pets, and enjoy a sense of freedom that you cannot usually experience within the city!

4-4. Children’s Forest and Playground

tsurumi ryokuchi parkThere are three playgrounds here for small children. One of them has playground equipment and a sandbox for younger children. There is also a place where slightly older children can play, and the equipment differs depending on the area. There are restrooms and stores nearby as well.

4-5. Tsurumi Ryokuchi Horseback Riding Park

tsurumi ryokuchi parkHere you can experience horseback riding in a spacious stable. Lessons for beginners to advanced riders are also available. The height limit is 120 cm or taller, but there are also experiences like this for small children.tsurumi ryokuchi parkThat is the towing horse course where you can ride a pony; there is an age limit of 4 years old or older, but children under 120 cm can enjoy this course.

5. Cultural Facilities Area – This is the most representative facility of the Expo!

tsurumi ryokuchi park※Click the map to expand

This area is located between the Central Exit and the Ryokuchi Bridge Exit, and is home to facilities unique to Flower Expo Memorial Park Tsurumi Ryokuchi, including the Flower Expo Memorial Hall, Tower of Life, and Sakuya Konohana Botanical Garden.

5-1. Sakuya Konohana Botanical Garden

tsurumi ryokuchi parkIt was built as the main pavilion of the Flower Expo and is one of the largest greenhouses in Japan. About 5,500 species of plants from around the world are cultivated and introduced here. At the time of the interview, the “Plants that Eat Insects” exhibition was being held, but please see the official information for details, as events change seasonally.
Flower Expo Memorial Park Tsurumi Ryokuchi Official – Event Information

5-2. Hanamizuki Hall & Osaka City Tsurumi Sports Center

tsurumi ryokuchi parkBoth of these facilities are reservation-only halls. The Hanamizuki Hall, pictured left, is approximately 3,000 square meters in size and can accommodate a large number of people. It can be used for events and functions with reservations. The Osaka Municipal Tsurumi Sports Center on the right is a sports facility for indoor sports such as table tennis and badminton.

5-3. Flower Expo Memorial Park Hall (Exhibition Hall)

tsurumi ryokuchi parkThis facility was used as the International Exhibition Hall at the time of the Flower Expo. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Flower Expo, a nickname was solicited and the hall was named Flower Expo Memorial Hall. International events and symposiums are held here, and recently a rakugo (comic storytelling) event called “The 3rd Flower and Greenery Exposition in Bunto” was held here. This facility can also be used for events and functions if reservations are made.

5-4. A very popular fountain for children to play for free

tsurumi ryokuchi parkEnter through the central exit and walk through the tree-lined avenue. This fountain is located in front of the Flower Expo Memorial Hall introduced earlier. This fountain is an oasis for children in the summer. At the time of the interview, there were families with children playing in the water, looking like they were having a lot of fun. Children will definitely have fun here. I recommend bringing a bathing suit just in case.

6. Sports Area – Work up a healthy sweat surrounded by nature!

tsurumi ryokuchi park※Click the map to enlarge

This is located across the road to the south. This area has sports facilities for individuals and groups.

6-1. Tsurumi Ryokuchi Ball Game Field

tsurumi ryokuchi parkIt is a ball field where various sports such as soccer, rugby, and lacrosse can be enjoyed. There is a stand that can accommodate approximately 3,700 people, and it is often used for student tournaments.

6-2. Tennis Courts

tsurumi ryokuchi parkThere are 12 sand-filled artificial grass courts, which can be used for both hard and soft courts. The clubhouse has a rest room, shower rooms, changing rooms, lockers, and other facilities.

6-3. Athletic Field

tsurumi ryokuchi parkIt is spacious enough to be used not only for sports such as soccer, rugby, and softball (no baseball), but also for sporting events. At the time of the interview, there were people preparing for a field day.

6-4. Fut Messe Tsurumi Ryokuchi

tsurumi ryokuchi parkThis facility is operated by the Fut Messe Group and has six international regulation-sized courts. It is also the only facility in Osaka City where you can play soccer (7-a-side).

6-5. Tsurumi Ryokuchi Pool

tsurumi ryokuchi parkThis heated pool is operated by the Mizuno Group as the designated manager and is open for swimming all year round. The outdoor area is also open to the public during the summer, making it a popular facility for children and adults alike.

※Click here for more details
Osaka Outings – Very popular! Information on the crowded conditions and facilities of the Tsurumi Ryokuchi Pool, which is open all year round

6-6. Tsurumi Ryokuchi Yumoto Mizuharu & B-fit Sports Club Tsurumi Ryokuchi

tsurumi ryokuchi park

Mizuharu has eight locations in the Kansai region, and is a hot spring facility promoting healing and relaxation. B-fit Sports Club Tsurumi Ryokuchi is equipped with about 80 of the latest machines. About 60 different types of lessons are available, including pilates, yoga, and aerobics, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Moreover, members can take an unlimited number of baths at the adjacent “Mizuharu” during the classified hours of use! A relaxing bath after working up a sweat… a very attractive membership benefit!

7. Bonus – Is there a hidden spot in the park?!

#1 – Commemorative Design Manhole

tsurumi ryokuchi parkThis is a manhole with “Hanazukin-chan,” the mascot character of the Flower Expo, designed on it. It would be interesting to look around for them, as they are located in various places.

#2 – Wedding in the midst of nature! Tsurumi Forest Guest House

After 20 years, the State Guest House that welcomed domestic and foreign dignitaries at the Flower Expo has…oh my! It has been transformed into a wedding space. An original party to enjoy in nature with a theme of greenery and flowers. This is memorable, isn’t it? A friend of mine had her wedding here a while ago, and here are some photos I took then!tsurumi ryokuchi parkThe church was made of wood from the pillars to the ceiling, with a large tree as the main symbol in front! It was a great ceremony that left a great impression on me, as I felt like I was being celebrated by the trees of nature. It was a stylish, quiet, and calm space, so I, as a guest, was able to spend a relaxing and happy time.

8. Summary

How was it? Especially in the mountain area, you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, so I thought I would like to take pictures of it in all seasons. The park is rich in nature, and the area you can enjoy will depend on the time of year and who you go with. We hope you will take a look at this page and enjoy your outing.

Facility name: Flower Expo Memorial Park Tsurumi Ryokuchi
Address: 2-163 Ryokuchi Park, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka
Inquiries about the park:
Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park Center 06-6911-8787
9:00 to 17:30 * The year-end and New Year holidays are holidays.

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