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【Thorough comparison】 When going from Osaka to Kyoto in JR, Hankyu, Keihan, which is the fast, cheap, convenient transportation method


There are several means of transportation when going from Osaka to Kyoto. JR, Hankyu, and Keihan among them.
But if you don’t usually use these trains, I think you do not know which trains are most convenient to use.

・Time required to Kyoto
・Convenience of transfer in Osaka
・Ease of use in Kyoto

And so on
In addition, we also compared the time and fare to Kiyomizu Temple, Fushimi Inari Taisha, Yasaka Shrine, and Arashiyama.
I would like to go sightseeing in Kyoto, but there are many who are thought to take a very long time to move.

If you don’t have time and want to know right away, you should first read “What is the most convenient transportation to Kyoto?” Then I think that i want you to know more detail in the this article.

※The amount as of December 2018.

1.How can you go to Kyoto the fastest?

It will be time to worry about which train to use. Here, JR compares time from Osaka Station to Kyoto Station, Hankyu from Umeda Station to Kawaramachi Station, and Keihan from Yodoyabashi Station to Gion Shijo Station near Kawaramachi Station of Hankyu.

Kintetsu is also getting into Kyoto, but Kintetsu will be around Nara rather than direct from Osaka to Kyoto. So I did not include it in this comparison.

The earliest is JR

The fastest way to Kyoto is JR. It is a new rapid and will arrive in just 29 minutes. It takes only 42 minutes to get there even many stops.

The second place is Hanky

The Hankyu time is 43 minutes (a few minutes depending on the departure time). It’s almost the same as JR’s but with 14 minutes the time difference with new rapid train.

The slowest is Keihan

The Keihan travel time is 48 minutes (depending on the departure time, etc.). A 45-minute non-stop express train between Kyobashi and Shichijo is also 45 minutes. JR’s rapid and Hankyu is a difference of several minutes.

Only 14min to Kyoto if you use shinkansen !

Anyway, if you want to go to Kyoto early, you should use the Shinkansen. It’s takes 14 minutes. The boarding station is Shin-Osaka, but it is the same Kyoto station that arrives.

There is a difference of over 30 minutes compared to Keihan.

2.Where can you go to Kyoto the cheapest?

When going from Osaka to Kyoto, it is not only the speed but also the anxious thing is the charge. Here, Hankyu compares the fares to Kyoto’s terminal Kawaramachi Station, JR to Kyoto Station, and Keihan to Gion Shijo Station, which is near Kawaramachi Station.

The cheapest is Hankyu

It’s 400yen from umeda to kawaramachi.

Second place is keihan

It’s 410yen from Yodoyabashi to gionshijou.

Most expensive is JR

JR is 560 yen from Osaka to Kyoto. In the case of JR, it is the same charge even from Shin-Osaka, which is a stop for Shinkansen.

Hankyu is the cheapest when it comes to rates. Kawaramachi Station, the end point of Hankyu’s Kyoto, faces Shijo-dori and is said to be the best downtown in Kyoto.

The next cheapest is Keihan. Gion Shijo Station in Keihan is about 5 minutes across Hanawa’s Kawaramachi Station and Kamogawa. This also faces Shijo Street.

Most expensive is JR. Kyoto Station is located far away from Kawaramachi Station in Hankyu and Gion Shijo Station in Keihan.

・Hankyu: 400 yen (Umeda-Kawaramachi)
・Keihan: 410 yen (Yodoyabashi-Gion Shijo)
・JR: 560 yen (Osaka-Kyoto)

And the charge for Shinkansen is 1,420 yen

If the travel time is another half of the new speed and half an hour faster than Keihan, the fare is also three times higher than Hankyu and Keihan.

3.Where is the easiest transfer?

Here we compare transfers from Osaka Metro (formerly Osaka Municipal Subway) Midosuji Line to JR Osaka Station, Hankyu Umeda Station and Keihan’s Yodoyabashi Station.

The reason I chose Midosuji Line is because it is convenient to access both JR Osaka Station and Hankyu Umeda Station, as well as access from Namba and Tennoji.

3-1. A north ticket gate is convenient from Midosuji Line Umeda Station to Hankyu Umeda Station

Access from Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Umeda Station to Hankyu Umeda Station is from Shin-Osaka or Senri Chuo. From Namba and Tennoji the front vehicle is convenient.

When you get off the train, you will find information of exit near JR Osaka Station and Hankyu Umeda Station. If it is from Shin-Osaka area, you should go up the stairs as it is, but if it is from Namba area, it will go out to the other side using the communication passage.

There is a ticket gate when you go up the stairs. To Hankyu Umeda Station, take the ticket gate and go to the right.

When you walk there is a guide called Hankyu Train Straight Line.

When you go a little, you will see the Hankyu Train diagonally to the left.

Going diagonally to the left, there is an escalator to the Hankyu Train Station.

There is the Hankyu umeda station after go up an escalator.
It’s takes about 5min from Umeda station of Osaka metro Midosuji line to Umeda station of Hankyu.

Kyoto area is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd stops.

On Saturdays, all holiday express trains depart from No1. To the first stop, enter the ticket gate and use the escalator on the far right.

Even if you accidentally go up to the 2nd and 3rd , if you walk to the exit (3rd floor south exit), all the plathome are connected. From there you can go to No1.

3-2. Access to JR Osaka Station from Midosuji Line Umeda Station

For JR Osaka Station, “Central South Ticket” or “Central North Gate” or “Central West Ticket” near the center of the plat-home will be convenient.

There is one exit for this ticket gate, so climb the stairs at “Exit 9”

Ascend the stairs and proceed in the direction of the arrow (straight ahead). As you climb up the stairs, it is difficult to see the straight road as shown in the picture, so be careful here.

You will soon see a ticket gate for JR Osaka Station. From Umeda Station of Osaka Metro to JR Osaka Station is about 5 minutes.
Kyoto area is 7-8 plat-home and 9-10 plat home.

JR Osaka Station is lined with many routes ,Kanjo line ,Kyoto line,Kobe Line, so it will be difficult to understand if you are not used to it. As I am not used to JR, I may wonder which plat-home I should go to.

I will use the 7-8 line to Kyoto area, but depending on the time zone, the train will also depart from the 9/10 line. Find out which plat-home you will depart from in the train departure guide and then head plat-home.

3-3. About 1 minute from Midosuji Line Yodoyabashi Station to Keihan Yodoyabashi Station!

Keihan is different from JR and Hankyu, and transfers at Yodoyabashi instead of Umeda. It may seem inconvenient because it is not Umeda, but Yodoyabashi Station is one station from Umeda. If it is from Namba and Tennoji, it will be one station in front.

If it is from the direction of Namba and Tennoji, it is convenient to transfer the vehicle at the back from the front vehicle, Shin Osaka and Umeda.

If it is from Namba and Tennoji, it will move in the direction that the train travels, and if it is from Shin-Osaka and Umeda, it will move in the direction that the train came. You will see the escalator soon, so get on the escalator.

When you get off the escalator, you will see a ticket gate in front.

When you get out of the ticket gate (North ticket gate),There is also guidance on the head, so it may be easy to understand.

You will soon see the passage on the right, so turn right.

There is a west wicket immediately, but there is no ticket office here. If you have ikoca (ICOCA) or pitapa (PiTaPa), you can enter here.

If you want to buy a ticket, walk a little more and there is a central ticket gate. There is a ticket booth next to it, please use this ticket. The elevator to the plat-home is also here.

The transfer from Osaka Metro to Keihan is easier to understand than JR and Hankyu, and the time is approximately one minute from Osaka Metro’s ticket gate to Keihan’s central ticket gate.

3-4. The easiest way to transfer from Midosuji Line is Keihan

There are times when transfer time is about 1 minute and the shortest compared to JR and Hankyu, but the simplicity that you can transfer only turn to the right once.

It is better to choose JR or Hankyu if you have business in Osaka or Umeda as well as going to Kyoto, but if you are only going to Kyoto, why not use Keihan for easy transfer .

4.What is the most convenient train to go to sightseeing spots in Kyoto?

There are many tourist spots in Kyoto, but the most popular are Shimizu Temple, which is also registered in the world cultural heritage famous for the stage of Shimizu, Fushimi Inari Taisha, a popular foreign tourist NO1, and famous for the Gion Festival. Yasaka Shrine, and 4 places of Arashiyama with many people visiting throughout the four seasons including the autumn leaves.

We will introduce you the most recommend directions for this tourist destination, so please refer to it.

4-1.Yasaka Shrine

Keihan and Hankyu are recommended for Yasaka Shrine.

In the case of Keihan

It is about a 5-minute walk from Gion Shijo Station in Keihan. From yodoyabashi Station, Gion Shijo Station can be reached without a transfer by express, and it takes about 5minutes on foot from there. it’s takes about 55min all.Take Exit 6 and turn left, you will soon see the West Tower of Yasaka Shrine.

In the case of Hankyu

Take a limited express from Umeda Station, and take 43 minutes to Kawaramachi Station at the end without a transfer, and it takes about 10 minutes on foot from there.its takes 55min all.

In the case of JR

It is the fastest to transfer to Nara Line at Kyoto Station and transfer to Keihan Train at Tofukuji Station to head to Gion Shijo Station. It takes 29 minutes to get to Kyoto Station by new express, 29 minutes to Tofukuji Station from Kyoto Station, 5 minutes to Tobioji Station from Gion Shijo Station, and it takes about 42 minutes to walk from there about 5 minutes, but transfer 2 times It will take about an hour.

4-2.Shimizu temple

Keihan train is the most convenient to Kiyomizu Temple.

In the case of Keihan

The nearest station is Shimizu Gojo Station in Keihan, about a 25-minute walk from the station. If you get off at Shimizu Gojo Station and get out at Exit 4, you can go to Kiyomizu-dera along Gojo Dori almost on a straight road.

It takes 54 minutes from Ashiyabashi to Shimizu Gojo Station (there are several minutes depending on the day of the week etc.), so the required time will be approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Shimizu Gojo Station is one station closer to Osaka than Gion Shijo Station, but the limited express does not stop at Shimizu Gojo Station, so it is necessary to transfer to Quasi Express or Express at Tambabashi Station or Shichijo Station on the way. So it takes longer than Gion Shijo.

The recommended route is fun when you visit Yasaka Shrine from Gion Shijo Station and then walk to Kiyomizu Temple. You may need to walk so you can get tired a little while walking.

In the case of Hankyu

If it is Hankyu, use a bus at Kawaramachi Station (Shijo Kawaramachi-Gojo Saka). And it is about 10 minutes on foot from the nearest bus stop.

43 minutes from Umeda to Kawaramachi, 10 minutes by bus, 10 minutes by foot. It will be a little one hour in total. However, bus waiting time, transfer time, road congestion etc. are not included in the calculation, so it will actually take a little more time.

In the case of JR

Take a bus from Kyoto Station. (Kyoto station square-Gojo slope). And it is about 10 minutes on foot from the nearest bus stop.

It takes 29 minutes from Osaka to Kyoto by new express, 15 minutes by bus, and 10 minutes on foot. It will be less than one hour in total. As Hankyu also, transfer time etc. is not included in the calculation, so it will take some more time.

4-3.Fushimiinari taisya

JR and Keihan are recommended for Fushimi Inari Taisha.

In the case of JR

Get off at JR Inari Station and it’s just a short walk away. From Osaka Station to Inari Station go to Kyoto at a new rapid speed and transfer to Nara Line and there are 2 stations. The time is about 40 minutes depending on the transfer time.

In the case of Keihan

The nearest station is Fushimi Inari Station. From Ashiyabashi Station to Fushimi Inari Station is 48 minutes and it takes about 5 minutes to walk from the station so it takes about 53 minutes to arrive. If you use Keihan, you will go to the main shrine through the approach to Fushimi Inari Taisha. There are a lot of shops and stalls along the way, so you can go and enjoy them. As JR gets off at Inari Station immediately, it will be approached, so there is a different enjoyment to using JR.

In the case of Hankyu

As we go on foot from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station to Gion Shijo Station of Keihan and transfer to Keihan and head to Fushimi Inari Station, it will be quite troublesome. From Umeda Station to Kawaramachi Station for 43 minutes, from Kawaramachi Station to Gion Shijo Station is about 10 minutes on foot. From Gion Shijo Station to Fushimi Inari Station for 9 minutes, it is about 1 hour 10 minutes from the station about 5 minutes on foot.


Hankyu is recommended to Arashiyama.

In the case of Hankyu

The nearest station is Hankyu Arashiyama Station. Togetsu Bridge, a typical landmark of Arashiyama, is about 5 minutes’ walk away. Take the limited express from Hankyu Umeda Station, and it takes about 35 minutes to Katsura Station, and transfer to the Arashiyama area for about 7 minutes. It takes about 55 minutes including transfer time and walking time.

In the case of JR

It takes about 29 minutes to get to Kyoto Station with new express train, and transfer to San-in Main Line at Kyoto Station to get to Kashi-Arashiyama Station about 16 minutes. From the station to Togetsubashi is about 10 minutes on foot. It is approximately one hour ten minutes including transfer time, walk time.

In the case of Keihan

Keihan does not have direct access to Arashiyama, so either transfer to Hankyu at Gion Shijo Station or transfer to Kyoto Municipal Subway at Sanjo Station, then transfer to Arashiden and head for Arashiyama. If you use Hankyu, it will be about 1 hour and 10 minutes, and if you use the subway and Arashiden, it will be about 1 hour 30 minutes.

5.What is the most convenient transportation to Kyoto?

We have compared transportation from Osaka to Kyoto by fare and time, but which is the most convenient.

5-1.The earliest is JR

By comparing the time to Kyoto, JR can go the fastest. JR compares rates from Osaka Station to Kyoto Station, Hankyu from Umeda Station to Kawaramachi Station, and Keihan from Yodoyabashi to Gion Shijo Station.

・ J R: about 29 minutes (new express)
・ Hankyu: about 43 minutes
・ Keihan: about 48 minutes (about 45 minutes for high speed express)

There is a Shinkansen for those who go to Kyoto earlier. Shinkansen is only 14 minutes from Shin Osaka to Kyoto. However, I think that there are few people who use the Shinkansen for those who go out to Kyoto, I removed it from this comparison.

5-2.The cheapest is Hankyu

If it is a charge, Hankyu can go No. 1 cheaply.

・ Hankyu:400 yen
・ Keihan:410 yen
・ J R:560 yen

5-3.The most good access is Keihan

It takes more time than JR, but it can be said that Keihan, which can be reached within walking distance to famous sightseeing spots such as Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine and Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, is convenient. Transfer to the bus, transfer to other companies’ lines, etc. is still troublesome and I would like to avoid it if possible.

Furthermore, if it was in Keihan, you could go to the National Museum on foot from Shichijo Station, but I could not put it in this comparison, but if I changed to Uji Line at Nakashojima Station, I would go to Uji famous for Byodo-in I can only go by Keihan.

However, JR / Hankyu will be convenient for Arashiyama area. As I mentioned earlier, when going to Kyoto, it is important to choose a train to use depending on the destination.

5-4. Transfers in Osaka are also Keihan No. 1

Keihan is the most convenient for transfers from Osaka Metro Midosuji Line. If you are JR or Hankyu, you need to go through the underground mall like a maze, but in Keihan, it takes only 1-2 minutes from the ticket gate to the ticket gate.
Movement is easy if we use premium car ※ We confirm this thorough commentary about Keihan special express!
In Keihan, there are vehicles that can  have a seat specified by JR or Hankyu.

From Yodoyabashi Station to Gion Shijo Station, it costs ¥ 410 for fare and ¥ 500 for premium cars, but you can move around freely without having to line up at the station.


I have compared transportation from Osaka to Kyoto, but if you look only at time is JR. If it sees by a charge is Hankyu.
However, the convenience of transfer in Osaka and the ease of access to sightseeing spots in Kyoto are the best in Keihan.
When you go out to Kyoto, you can spend a nice day choosing not only time and money but also ease of use.

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