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【 Osaka Okonomiyaki 】 Let’s eat in the home! Recommended 14 selecion of Okonomiyaki in Umeda.

umeda okonomiyaki39

Speaking of the specialty of osaka, this time, I will introduce Okonomiyaki(Japanese pancake) and Negiyaki(Green onions grilled) in Osaka Station and Umeda Area.”Kiji” and “Sakura” of the old-established, “Yamamoto” and “Fukutaro” famous for Green onions grilled. so please refer to the authentic taste.
You can choose from the places where you plan to go because it covers the shops that are located in major commercial facilities such as LUCUA osaka, Yodobashicamera umeda, Hankyu 3rd Street and Hankyu Department Store.
Please come and enjoy the famous powder dish of Osaka.

1.The old-fashioned popular shop of the new Umeda dining area under the Umeda overpass

【Okonomiyaki Sakura】
umeda okonomiyaki1This is an old-fashioned okonomiyaki shop in the new Umeda dining area. The Sakura has over 50 years of history and is famous for a mixed egg. The okonomiyaki that clothes the fried egg with pork, squid, shrimp and octopus in the ingredients is soft and juicy inside.
umeda okonomiyaki2You can finish with putting Okonomiyaki which burnt up on the fried egg , and clothing an egg and flipping it.
umeda okonomiyaki3It is located in the corner of the Shin Umeda Shokudo Gai like the labyrinth. Please note that in the weekend of a long line.

umeda okonomiyaki4Click to enlarge

The menu includes okonomiyaki, Negiyaki, Yakisoba, Teppanyaki and a single dish. Negiyaki is also very famous. Its soy sauce taste and the half&half of the sauce taste “Negiyaki Beef Tendon”are recommended.

Name:Okonomiyaki Sakura
Address:Shin-Umeda Shokudo-gai, 9-10 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:00-23:00(L.O.22:30)
Regular holidays:Open every day / New Year’s Day
Access:1 minute walk from Umeda Station on the Midosuji Line


2.Juicy Okonomiyaki in the Grand front

【Fukutaro Umeda Head office】
umeda okonomiyaki5The Fukutaro Okonomiyaki which is popular with the okonomiyaki and Negiyaki is very juicy inside.Instead of mixing the dough with cabbage and ingredients, it tastes juicy to bake the ingredients such as cabbage on top of the dough like Negiyaki. The batter, ingredients, sauce, and mayonnaise mix well, so I eat up all of them.
umeda okonomiyaki6The shop is located on the seventh floor of the Grand Front Osaka South building, so it is convenient to visit.
umeda okonomiyaki7Okonomiyaki is baked in entrance of a u-shaped counter, so the fragrance arouses appetite.
umeda okonomiyaki8

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There are also many kinds of Negiyaki. We want to eat it by sharing it with Okonomiyaki because its sauce is soy one.

Name:Fukutaro Umeda Head Office
Address:Osaka, Kita-ku, Ofuka-cho 4-20 Grand Front Osaka Minami-kan 7F
Opening time:11:00-23:00(L.O.22:00)
Regular holidays:Irregular
Access:1 minute walk from JR Osaka Station


3.Super Popular store! Selected shop with long line

【Kiji main store】
umeda okonomiyaki9It is the most pupular grill with the procession in the Shin Umeda Shokudou. It is also the famous store where the guest who heard the rumor from the whole country rushes.
umeda okonomiyaki10There is a stairway to the second floor, and the staff cooks the okonomiyaki on the counter iron Plate.
umeda okonomiyaki11This is modern baked. The sauce grill is put in a bowl and the dough is mixed and baked again on the iron plate. We can enjoy the modern baked which resembles Omusoba, the pulp of modern grilled noodles wrapped with eggs. Since the shop is popular, its taste is preeminent delicious.

Name:Kiji main store
Address:Shin-Umeda Shokudo-gai, 9-20 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:30-21:30(L.O.)
Regular holidays:Sundays
Access:3 minute walk from JR Osaka Station Midosuji Exit


4.Specialty “Kujyo-Negi” grilled Stores of the Hankyu Sanbangai

【Kyo-Yaki Negi-Bijin-Tei】
umeda okonomiyaki12This is a specialty store in Hankyu Sanbangai. The store is divided into a counter with a single iron Plate and a table seat partitioned into a booth.
umeda okonomiyaki13We ordered the most popular menu “Negi-suji Bijin”. There is a sauce and mayonnaise in the table, but we squeezed lemon and dipped soy sauce recommended by the staff with a brush and ate it. The soy sauce spilled on the iron Plate made the sound of “Jyu-wa” and the savory fragrance arouses appetite!
umeda okonomiyaki14There is a lot of Kujo green onions inside.The flavor of the leek and the taste of the Beef sinew that is matched with the soy sauce arouses appetite.
umeda okonomiyaki15You can choose other dishes.The Ume-Shiso is also recommended for those who are not good at Beef sinew.
umeda okonomiyaki16Of course, you can enjoy a variety of okonomiyaki and grilled noodles.

Name:Kyo-Yaki Negi-Bijin-Tei
Address:B2F, Hankyu Sanbangai, Shibata 1-1-3, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:00-22:00
Regular holidays:Irregular holiday (Be based on Hankyu Sanbangai)
Access:Near Hankyu Umeda Station (Hankyu Sanbangai)


5.Sonezaki Head Office, Rich menu and family-friendly shops

【Yukari Sonezaki Head office】
umeda okonomiyaki17A 60 year old okonomiyaki restaurant in Sonezaki that goes from Higashi Dori to Ohatsu-tenjin. There are four stores in the Umeda area and it is a well-known store. You can also charter the second floor, and use as a group.
umeda okonomiyaki18This is a recommended special mixed modanyaki. The ingredients are rich in pork, shrimp, squid and octopus. The special sauce is a little spicy and the mayonnaise and a little mustard are the best.
umeda okonomiyaki19Modanyaki has soba inside. We use egg noodles here, and chewy medium thick noodles are filling.
umeda okonomiyaki20
umeda okonomiyaki21

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There are a lot of other menus, especially, We recommend Tonpeiyaki or soft and fatty teppanyaki.

Other stores in Umeda
■Whity Umeda Store
Address:2-5 Umeda Underground Mall, Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Why Umeda North Mall 1
Opening hours:11:00-22:30(L.O.21:30)

■Hankyu Higashidori
Address:4-4 Komatsubara-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi(Hankyu Higashidori Shopping Street)
Business Hours:Monday to Friday 17:00-23:30(L.O.23:30)
Weekends and National Holidays 11:00-23:30(L.O.22:30)

■Fukoku Building
Address:Osaka Fukoku-Seimei Building 1F, 2-4 Komatsubara-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening hours:11:00-23:00(L.O.22:00)

Name:Yukari Sonezaki Head office
Address: 2-14-13 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:00-25:00(L.O.24:00)
Regular holidays:Irregular closing days
Access: 1 minute walk from Higashi Umeda Station on Tanimachi Line


6.It is a famous shop where we enjoy Returning “Bote”and Baking “Jyu”

【Bote-Jyu Hankyu Sun Plaza】
umeda okonomiyaki22There are four stores in the Umeda Area. This time we went to the Hankyu San Square store. It is a okonomiyaki shop in a nationwide store, but it started in Tamade, a little south of Osaka Minami area, soon after the war.
umeda okonomiyaki23We ordered  pork and egg. We eat with the sauce, mayonnaise and mustard on the top, and bonito over it. The smell of sauce and dried bonito is irresistible. It’s a very balanced and old-fashioned taste.
umeda okonomiyaki24The shop has only a small counter , but considering the other stores in Umeda are always crowded, so this is a little-known place.
umeda okonomiyaki25

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In addition to okonomiyaki, the menu is rich in modern baked and grilled noodles.
Other stores in Umeda
■Kappa Yokocho
Address:1-2-7, Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Hankyu Kappa-yokocho
Opening hours:11:00-22:00(L.O.22:00)

■Umeda Store
Address:B2F, Hankyu Sanbangai, 1-3-1 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening hours:11:00-22:00(L.O.22:00)

■HEP Navio
Address:7F, HEP Navio, 7-10 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening hours:11:00-22:30(L.O.21:30)

Name:Bote-Jyu Hankyu San Square Shop
Address:B1F, Hankyu Sun Plaza 8-47 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:00-22:00(L.O.21:30)
Regular holidays:Irregular closing days
Access:1 minute walk from Umeda Station on Midosuji Line, 1 minute walk from Hankyu Umeda Station


7.Popular Okonomiyaki Shops in Osaka Ikuno store in LUCUA

【Momotaro LUCUA Osaka store】
There is a shop in momodani, ikuno-ku, osaka, and a popular shop where a lot of famous people come to the store opened in LUCUA Osaka 10th Floor. The head office is moved from Momodani to the Shin-Fukae, but it is a okonomiyaki shop that can be lined with the same good taste.
umeda okonomiyaki26We ordered a famous “Imo Suzi Negi Tama”. The fragrance and texture of the onion cut into large pieces and the fluffy texture of the potato are superb. The melty soft-boiled egg and the flavor of the sinew were mixed with a slightly spicy sauce and it was great.
umeda okonomiyaki27Look! When you cut it, the soft-boiled egg will be gooey.
umeda okonomiyaki28

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There are many other menus.The Yakisoba are a popular menu.

Name:Momotaro LUCUA Osaka store
Address:10th floor, LUKA 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:00-23:00
Regular holidays:None
Access:5 minute walk from JR Osaka Station


8.Hearty Lunch deals! Shops in Nishi Umeda

【Messe-Kuma Ume-Sankoji Shop】
umeda okonomiyaki29JR Osaka Station Sakurabashi Ume-Sankoji which is located along the line from the entrance to the West. There is an okonomiyaki shop in it. It is well-known Okonomiyaki shop which has been introduced on the Television. It has an image of Okonomiyaki restaurant for lunch and Izakaya for dinner.
umeda okonomiyaki30This is a set of lunch menu “Kuma”
umeda okonomiyaki31You can enjoy Okonimiyaki
umeda okonomiyaki32Negi Yaki
umeda okonomiyaki33Even yakisoba is included in the set, and it is 1,080 yen (Tax included)! Great value for money! Super value! I’m on the men’s side!
umeda okonomiyaki34

Click to enlarge

This is the best lunch menu with reasonable price.You can also eat curry rice!
umeda okonomiyaki35

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This is the menu for dinner. Our famous Negi Oko was featured on TV, so please try it.
umeda okonomiyaki36

Click to enlarge

Other than okonomiyaki, there are many other menus. We want to have a little shot.

Name:Messe-Kuma Ume-Sankoji Shop
Address:3-2-136 umeda, kita-ku, Umesankouji, Osaka
Opening time:11:30-23:00
Regular holidays:None
Access:1 minute walk from JR Osaka Station Sakurabashi Exit


9.The shop which is famous in Tsuruhashi are located at the grand Front

【Tsuruhashi Okonomiyaki Omoni Grand Front shop】
umeda okonomiyaki37If you say Okonomiyaki in Tsuruhashi it is “Omoni”. You can enjoy it even in the Grand Front.
umeda okonomiyaki38Because it is a popular shop, You have to keep in mind lining up even on weekdays. If you visit around 11 am, you may be able to enter without Lining.
umeda okonomiyaki39The most popular menu is “Omoni yaki” for 1,250 yen. Pork, squid, shrimp, scallops and eggs are also inside and outside. As the okonomiyaki of the Omoni is a shredded cabbage, it has a feature of light and soft. The cabbage is very sweet and delicious.
umeda okonomiyaki40This is modern yaki with pork , 1,150 yen.It contains soba rather than omoni-yaki, so it is heavy and filling.
umeda okonomiyaki41umeda okonomiyaki42

Click to enlarge

Name:Tsuruhashi Okonomiyaki Omoni Grand Front shop
Address:7F, Grand Front South Building, Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:00-23:00(L.O. 22:00)
Regular holidays:All year round (Be similar to Grand Front)
Access:3 minute walk from JR Osaka Station


10.Soy sauce is the birthplace of grilled onion

【Yamamoto Negi-Yaki】
umeda okonomiyaki43“Yamamoto” is famous as the birthplace of the Negi-Yaki ,grilled Leek. Negiyaki, which started as a meal for staff, is now so popular that there is a long line.
umeda okonomiyaki44There are sixteen counter Seats.
umeda okonomiyaki45There is a table seat in the back.
umeda okonomiyaki46Deluxe Negiyaki is 1,400 yen. hey serve it with soy sauce and lemon. It’s well flavored, so I’ll eat it as it is. It uses a lot of green onions, so you can eat it very refreshingly.
umeda okonomiyaki47The lemon with the negiyaki is raw lemon. The flavor is very good.
umeda okonomiyaki48Okonomiyaki Seafood Deluxe, 1,200 yen. The flavor of green laver is very strong, and the seafood is chewy and delicious. Mayonnaise sauce is soaked in the dough.
umeda okonomiyaki49

Click to enlarge

Name:Negi-yaki Yamamoto Umeda EST Store
Address:Umeda EST E27 3-25 kakuda-cho kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:30-22:00(L.O.)
Regular holidays:Irregular closing days
Access:3 minute walk from Umeda Station on the Hankyu Line


11.Ordinary is boring! The creative Okonomiyaki is Delicious

【Okonomi-Yaki Kyo-Chabana Hankyu Umeda 】
umeda okonomiyaki50It’s a restaurant on the 12 F of Hankyu Department Store where you can eat new-style okonomiyaki.  There is the creative that is very suitable for a woman.
umeda okonomiyaki51There is counter seats, and the counter might be able to be seated sooner for one or two people.
umeda okonomiyaki52There are a lot of table seats of two people, We recommend it for a couple.
umeda okonomiyaki53Kyoto Chabana’s Famous tomato okonomiyaki ( Chamiton pork & mozzarella cheese) 1,350 yen. Hokkaido tomatoes are sweet and refreshing, and they are suitable for okonomiyaki! As it is hot, you need to be careful. The pork used is Chami pork, which is tender and delicious.The egg is juicy inside the okonomiyaki, and the mozzarella cheese is also mixed with the sauce to create a new sensation.
umeda okonomiyaki54White okonomiyaki (Beef sparerib BBQ sauce) 1,180 yen. It is okonomiyaki that white sauce took on top. The kalbi on top is soft, and the sweet sauce goes well with the white sauce.This okonomiyaki contains gooey cheese and seems to go well with wine, which girls like.
umeda okonomiyaki55umeda okonomiyaki56

Click to enlarge

Name:Okonomiyaki Kyo-Chabana The land of Blessed Hankyu Umeda 
Address:Hankyu Umeda Main Store 12F, 8-7 kakuda-cho, kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:00-22:00(L.O. 21:30)
Regular holidays:Irregular closing days (It is based on the Hankyu Umeda main store)
Access:3 minutes walk from JR Osaka Station, 3 minutes walk from Umeda Station on Midosuji Line


12.When you want to enjoy a standard Okonomiyaki

【Okonomiyaki&Kushiyaki-Ryori Goroppe Shokudo】
umeda okonomiyaki57It is located at the “Ekichika shopping mall Crost” outside the ticket gate of JR Osaka Station.
umeda okonomiyaki58The landmark is this signboard. It’s in the first basement.
umeda okonomiyaki59The counter is in the middle of the shop. Even a single woman can easily enter.There is a table seat around.
umeda okonomiyaki60The Okonomiyaki Set Meal is 741 yen (excluding tax). It has pork-egg, rice and miso soup. It is possible to change rice to a salad, and it is better for a woman.The homemade Pinkmayo tastes plain. Okonomiyaki is a simple, standard okonomiyaki.You can enjoy the change of the taste in the middle because you also can use spicy sauce.
umeda okonomiyaki61

Click to enlarge

Name:Okonomiyaki&Kushiyaki-Ryori Goroppe Shokudo
Address:B1F, CLOSUT, 3-1-1 Umeda, kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:00-23:30(L.O.22:45)
Regular holidays:None
Access:1 minute walk from JR Osaka Station Sakurabashi Exit


13.Great view! 60 years of Okonomiyaki from Tsuruhashi to Nationwide

【Tsuruhashi Fugetsu Hankyu 32 Bangai】
umeda okonomiyaki62It is the famous shop “Tsuruhashi” of 60 years of establishment in Hankyu 32nd Street. Okonomiyaki with a lot of cabbage to cook in front of us by the staff.
umeda okonomiyaki63This is a recommended Beef Streak and Moon Egg and Onion. It is okonomiyaki which put the fried egg with plenty of leek.
umeda okonomiyaki64This is very fresh. so we do not want to crack the egg…
umeda okonomiyaki65They cook in front of your eyes. Neat and good!
umeda okonomiyaki66The scenery is also excellent. It’s Perfect for dating.
umeda okonomiyaki67

Click to enlarge

This is a menu of okonomiyaki and fried noodles. There are also a lot of other dishes.

Name:Tsuruhashi Fugetsu Hankyu 32 Bangai
Address:Hankyu Grand Building 29F, 8-47 kakuda-cho, kita-ku, Osaka
Opening time:11:00-23:30(L.O.22:00)
Regular holidays:Irregular closing days (Be based on Hankyu Grand Building)
Access: 1 minute walk from Umeda Station on Osaka Metro Midosuji Line


14.Old-established Okonomiyaki Shop to feel the Showa

umeda okonomiyaki68It is a shop founded in Showa 23 in the East Street shopping district. The restaurant features an old-fashioned retro atmosphere.
umeda okonomiyaki69The shop, the chair, the Iron plate, the poster which we can feel their history!
umeda okonomiyaki70We can get the bowl which the material is in. and can enjoy baking for ourselves.
umeda okonomiyaki71Although we can cook it for ourselves, the staff can help us to cook.
May be happy if you ask the him who has a face like the god of fortune to bake!? Please see the technique to bake!

He can mix it with the air.!! He’s got to be used to it.
umeda okonomiyaki72Mixed-baked 1,200 Yen. If you eat cabbage in large or small random cutting, you can enjoy the sweet and crunchy texture of cabbage. It matches with a sweet sauce.
umeda okonomiyaki73

Click to enlarge

Address:1-17 Komatsubara-chou, kita-ku, Osaka(Hankyu Higashidori Shopping Street)
Opening time:12:00-15:00 / 18:00-22:30
Regular holidays:Irregular closing days
Access:3-minute walk from Higashi Umeda Station on the Tanimachi Line



Have you decide which shop you want to go? Okonomiyaki has various tastes and ways of baking depending on the Region. Since Osaka has a powder culture, there are more famous and delicious shops in Osaka compared in the whole country.Please refer to this article and try it by all Means. Our recommendation is “Momotaro”, “Sakura” and “Kiji”.They serve high-leveled dishes. Thank you for reading to the end!

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