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【Guide by pictures】Direction to Whity Umeda and Izumi-no-hiroba from JR Osaka Station.


The areas around Osaka Station and Umeda station are one of the representative downtown in Japan. There are dense of department stores, stations, hotels and underground shopping areas, which is very complicated.

Especially underground shopping area is called “Umeda dungeons” and it is literally complicated like a labyrinth.

Based on the above, I would like to show you how to get to Whity Umeda and Izuminohiroba from the Central Gate at JR Osaka Station by pictures.

Access to Whity Umeda from the Central Gate at JR Osaka Station.

1.This is where you would exit the Central Gate at JR Osaka Station. We will start from here.
2. Turn right and go straight towards South Central Gate.
3.Go straight and you will see escalators. Go down on the escalator.
4.After you get off the elevator, go straight.5.Keep walking straight and you will see the narrow road due to underground construction.
6. When you pass the narrow road and youwill see opened area. You can use Hanshin Department Store as a mark. Go straight on the left side of the buildings.7.You will see Hanshin Department Store on the right side. Keep going straight.8. You will be at the end of Hanshin Department Store.9. You will get to the opened space with many pillars. (I don’t recommend that you use advertisements on the pillars oranywhere as a mark because they will be changed often.10.This is the entrance of Whity Umeda. There is a shopping area on the right side called “Mikke” which has many stores: basically fashion and variety goods. On the left side, there are 2 shopping malls: North Mall and East Mall which has tons of stores. This time, go towards the right side.11.Let’s go to see the center of Whity Umeda.12.This is the center of Whity Umeda. You can go through “NORTH MALL”on the left and get to Hankyu Men’s Osaka and HEP FIVE and so on.Information is also here.

2.To go to the “Izumi-no-hiroba”.

Go straight towards “EAST MALL” and you will see “Izuminohiroba”.
The Izumi-no-hiroba, which was reopened on December 5, 2019, is also renovating the restaurants in the surrounding area!

泉の広場Go straight and you’ll arrive at the fountain square.
The symbol “Water Tree” that replaces the fountain is a new meeting spot.泉の広場The water tree, inspired by a large tree, has sparkling leaves swaying with LED lighting.Various colors can be seen by changing the color of the lighting in the time zone.
13. I’ll show you the map of Whity Umeda. The place of the above pictures is the red circle on the map. We came from the direction of the arrow.

3.Facility details

Name:Whity Umeda
Adress::Umedachikagai, Komatsubara-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0018
TEL: 06-6312-5511
Opening Hours:
Fashion, Variety, Food  from 10:00am~9:00pm
gourmet from 10:00am~10:00pm
NOMOKA 11:00am~11:00pm
From JR Osaka Station 5 minutes walk.



The “Izuminohiroba” has not been renewed for 50 years.The fountain that has been popular for many years was removed on May 6, 2019.There was also a jealous voice, so I will post the old spring square!

Before the removal, the fountain exhibition and diplomas were decorated.This fountain also heard the voices of “I used to meet here in old days” and “Nostalgic”.It was loved by everyone.

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