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  3. 【Guide by pictures 】Directions to The Diamor Osaka from JR Osaka Station and guide to underground shopping area in Umeda.

【Guide by pictures 】Directions to The Diamor Osaka from JR Osaka Station and guide to underground shopping area in Umeda.


The areas around Osaka Station and Umeda station are one of the representative downtown in Japan. There are dense of department stores, stations, hotels and underground shopping areas, which is very complicated.

Especially underground shopping area is called “Umeda dungeons” and it is literally complicated like a labyrinth.

Also you can go to “The Marubiru” “In front of Osaka station 1st-4th building “and “The E-ma” from The Diamor Osaka.

Building name: The Diamor Osaka
Address:〒 530-0001 Kita-ku, Osaka-shi Umeda 1-chome front of Osaka Station diamond underground shopping area 1st
Opening hours:
Shopping 10:00~21:00
Gourmet 10:00~22:00
(different depending on the store)
Access: 3 minutes on foot from JR Osaka Station


Directions to The Diamor Osaka from the central gate at JR Osaka Station.

1.Departure from the central gate JR Osaka station. Get out ticket gate.

2. Right side , go to the central south exit.

3. You can find the escalator. After that get off the escalator.ホワイティ②

4.Go straight after you get off the escalator.ホワイティ③

5.After go straight There is a narrow street Because of underground construction.

6.After go through, You can find The Hanshin department store on the left and go straight.

7.There is a near The Hanshin department store.From here is The Diamor Osaka. Here is the destination.

8.A little further, It is like this place.

There are good restaurants at the area of around Osaka station and around Umeda. Here is the information.

【Lunch at Umeda】 We will show you the recommended cafés for lunch around Osaka Station · Umeda area.

This is also recommend.
【Dinner at Umeda】Introducing the recommend stores without fail.


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